House of Eternal Moon by House_Of_Eternal_Moon


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A loud scream tore through the hallways of the manor, making servants pause before continuing on with their duties. The long awaited day for the second heir to the Northern Lands was to be born. It would be a glorious day in the end. Along the hallway where the screams originated from, a man was pacing back and forth. He was anxious to meet his new child. He was also worried for his mate. This pregnancy had been a lot harder on her than their first. She was confined to the bed a lot. None of his healers had any clue why.

A final scream rang out before the wails of a newborn filled the man’s ears. The man stopped pacing and stared at the door that was keeping him away from his new child and his mate. With demons lately, especially inu youkai, it was rare for more than one child to be born. Again, no one was sure why. That’s why he took a chance with his mate, and mated a hanyou. His good friend and Lord of the West was the only one to stand by him, while the other lords turned away. However, now, they will all see how weak and pathetic they were, as he now had two children.

Finally the door opened and a midwife stepped out. “You may see her now, My Lord. But be warned, My Lady is very weak, and may not make it through the night. If she does, she will need her rest,” the woman said, bowing in the presence of her lord. Nodding his understanding, he quickly made his way into the room, to see his mate, propped up by many pillows, holding his newest pup.

“My Lord,” she said weakly, “Come meet your new daughter.”

Crossing the room, he gently took the small infant from his mate’s arms. His eyes took her in, she seemed small for a newborn, and she was looking up at him with deep sapphire eyes. Like her brother, she already had her marks, and was full blooded. “She’s perfect, mate. We shall call her Kagome, as you had requested if it was a girl.”

The man watched his mate smile, before closing her eyes and her breathing slow, as she drifted off to sleep. Hoping she would make it, he turned his eyes to his daughter, and couldn’t help but feel something was off. She was hardly making any noise, and her eyes already seemed too wise. Watching as his daughter closed her eyes to drift to sleep as well, the lord hoped his family would stay safe.


A squeal of laughter rang out through the halls as two people raced through them. “Catch me if you can Ichiro-san!” A voice called out. The Northern Castle had been quiet for a long time, mourning the loss of their lady, but their Princess had just been brought home from being away for almost 100 years, with her brother. On this day, the servants and people of the castle where happy.

“Kagome,” Ichiro called out, “We talked about how to behave. Come back!”

“You’ve to catch me first,” Kagome replied, looking over her shoulder, and not paying attention ran into her father. “Oomf.” Came out of her mouth, as she hit the floor. Looking to see what she hit she noticed her father, so bowed low to him. “Outo-sama.”

“Ichiro, I thought you were to keep her under control if you came back to the castle,” their father asked, as his son rounded the corner and bowed his head to him.

“My apologies, my lord. She was excited to see the palace for the first time, and excited to see you.”

“Father,” called out Kagome, causing him to glance down at her. At the chill in his glance, Kagome winced. “I’m sorry, Father,” she whispered, hanging her head. “Please don’t be mad at Ichi-chan. He did try to keep me in check.”  

Kagome kept her head down, as her father walked past her without saying a word. Being 51 years didn’t stop the stinging of tears, at being ignored by her father once again. She knew he was upset that her mother was gone, but she still needed to feel his love. Feeling a hand on her head, she looked up to see Ichiro. Giving him a watery smile, she followed sedately as he led her to her new room. She’d been told that her mother was a beautiful woman, and that she looked a lot like her, with her blue eyes, pale complexion, and white hair, but that didn’t explain why her father didn’t like her.

Watching Ichiro close the door behind her, she walked to the bed and sat down, trying to hold back the tears. She wouldn’t show such weakness.


Ichiro knocked upon his father’s study, and awaited the confirmation to enter, before opening and closing the door. For fifty years after his mother passed away, he was locked away with his sister and only a wet nurse and then nanny for her, helping her grow up, while his father distanced himself from her, and started to despise her. It wasn’t her fault their mother died. And he was tired of seeing his sister cry because of the actions of their father.

“What is it Ichiro, I have work to do.”

“You need to stop this nonsense with Kagome. I will not stand to see you continuing to ignore her and make her feel miserable.”

“You do not have the right to order me around as such, pup.”

“I may not have the right, yet. But I do know one thing. Mother would be disappointed in you. And I will not allow Kagome to stay here if you keep this up. I will take her, and I will leave.” Ichiro stated, before turning around and leaving, slamming the door shut behind him.

It was that night the world changed, as Kagome hit her hundredth year, and a light enveloped her in her room, before she was stolen away by her brother, and the castle was laid siege upon, and the Northern Lord slain. For the next hundred years, the North knew nothing but the cruelty of its new Lord, and wondered what happened to their Prince and Princess.

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