Thank Kami for Yogurt by sugar0o who lurks

Thank Kami for Yogurt

AN: Started writing this back in the summer time. I want to thank my beta, Creature of Shadow! b/c i was seriously too lazy to beta it myself :[ such a lazy r0o i am! oh well enjoy!

Thank Kami for Yogurt

Now when Kagome was just a little girl, a small tot, a wee-ling, she loved yogurt. Bright colorful, any crazy flavor it came in, it didn’t matter she loved it. And then as all children grow, she began to rebel. Suddenly, she couldn’t, or wouldn’t, eat anything green for a while. No, that one didn’t last long, but afterwards everything had to have ketchup with it, on it, or possibly in it. But again, like all childish things, this ended too. The one that got her for a while, was that she didn’t like fruit to just be randomly stopped in animation in her foods. Like fruitcake, and a weird obsession with fruit jello where everything is just kinda stuck in the food. She hated that. This ‘phase’ of her eating style, as her mother had called it, had started around the age of seven.

With this ‘phase,’ she began the odd growth period where her gag reflex was hyper sensitive, and soon she didn’t even eat things like jello or her beloved yogurt. It really wasn’t that she didn’t like it, because really she did! But the feel of it in her mouth at all just made her want to throw up. It wasn’t pretty, so she simply stopped eating it. Now all of this leads her to how much she’d grown. Since the age of seven, she towered over her former seven year old height. She was now an amazing 5foot 6 inches tall, or in metric she was about 167 cm’s tall. --She only knew these things because her father was American. After her parents had gotten a divorce, he’d gone back to the states.-- As it was, she was just a bit shorter then both Miroku and Inuyasha. She smiled at the thought.

At seventeen going on eighteen, she had filled out like a woman, not a girl. She was taller then Sango, not to mention the walking clay husk Kikyo, and she was in fact the tallest girl in their group. She got many looks from all kinds of males, be they demon or hanyou, and of course humans too. Not that any of the males in her group liked that, no, they didn’t seem to like it at all. Though Kagome did find it funny. As it were, their group was large now. Kouga and his two followers, Ginta and Hakakku, were ever present. Though not officially pack members, they did show up enough to count as such.

 No, it wasn’t really to do much like help or try to woo Kagome, as Ayame had finally gotten her male. It seemed all she really had to do was give up the chase, pick someone else and Kouga was all over her. Mostly, the two wolves came because they followed Kouga everywhere. Kouga just liked to say ‘Hi,’ and bug the living shit out of Inuyasha.

For this, Kagome didn’t mind their ‘poppin’s’ at all.

Sesshomaru and his group were with them now though, and this was an amazingly amusing thing over all. Now at fifteen, Kagome would admit she was rather naïve about a lot of things in life, especially life in the feudal era. She really did look at everything through her own eyes and how she thought things should be done. Really, she still did these things, but she did them with a bit more reserve. Killing demons and burying people did kind of put a damper on the ‘happy-go-lucky’ mentality she once sported as if it were her coat to wear. No, she was more mature now, and really she got along with the larger than life daiyoukai and his pack just fine.

His beast of burden, Ah-Un was almost like a loyal, scaly larger than possible dog. No, he didn’t fetch but he was protective of his little human girl that his master kept, and he would put his life on the line for her. Plus, if you gave him a treat, you could get him to do tricks. Of coarse, she and Rin had gotten a scowl from the demon lord for that one. But when they showed him that the demon could ‘sit’ on command, which resulted in Jaken being sat on and Inuyasha eating dirt. Both females could clearly see the amusement in his eyes, so all was well on that front. Speaking of the little toad, he was rather easy to get along with as well. Honestly, scare the shit out of him and he was all compliant. All he had to know was that you could back it up and he was as good as gravy.

And Rin was a doll! Kagome honestly felt like she had a younger sister in that tiny girl, and in all honesty she was in some way hoping that when the shard hunt was over she could sneak her in her overly large backpack and take her home. Though she didn’t think Sesshomaru would like that much, and she didn’t think “She followed me home, can we keep her?” would work with her mother either. So that plan was a bust, for now anyway. But really Kagome loved her. This addition to the group was all well balanced out until you came to the big daiyoukai. Now, even though she’d grown up, she was really very tall for a female of her own era, let alone back in time. The top of her head now came to Sesshomaru’s chin.

Sesshomaru himself was another matter. Before he had only been Inuyasha’s big scary and mostly mean older brother. More than this, she had been totally in love with Inuyasha, and would have fallen on a sword for him had he but asked. Those days were long gone though, she had after all grown up. At some point during this hunt for shards, it had come to her that she wanted someone that thought a walking, reanimated dead person was better then her. Stopping to really think about her value system, she realized that Inuyasha was an idiot. Yes he’d had a bad childhood which was not his fault, yes he had trust issues. But, if he really liked the smell of a slightly rotting female that couldn’t even give him offspring any time in the future and had to steal the souls of other’s to survive, he was not the male for Kagome Li Higurashi.

Oh, her tachi had thought for weeks that something was wrong when she’d stopped fussing over the hanyou. He personally wouldn’t leave her be, nor would any other member of the pack. She’d tried for the longest time for them to see it her way, but it had taken her shouting her opinion at the top of her lungs that the hanyou had to have been dropped on his head, and that perhaps being sat so much wasn’t helping. Because regardless of power, if Kagome a human, could smell the stench of death and grave soil on Inuyasha after one of his visits with Kikyo and he didn’t seem to mind it, he wasn’t worth it to her to even try for. And like that she had truly grown up. Sesshomaru had been traveling by during her outburst and had come to see what all the fuss was over, and he’d even said that it was about time she realized as such.

Being seen by such a male as Sesshomaru, really did do wonders for her morality. The same morality that the hanyou had pretty much torn in two and then some, was suddenly on the comeback. She had even taken a vacation from shard hunting, and had put the dog in his place without even thinking about it, telling him that honestly with how everything was going, Naraku had all the shards the group did not already possess and all they were waiting on was the battle. She’d gone on further to tell him that if he was in such a damn hurry to find them, then he should take his walking animated, soul stealing clay husk and go find them for himself. He had been shocked. She stood up for herself often, called him jerk, even cried, but he’d never seen her like that before.

Going home, she reevaluated everything. Yes the shard hunt was important to her, but at the same time, so was her future with her family at home, where she was born. She wanted to stay in the past, but she knew realistically that it wouldn’t work out. Her mouth and independence at some point or another would get her killed. So she really thought long and hard about life, love, and everything that had been going on since she’d fallen down the well in the first place. She came to a conclusion that she needed to get back down to basics, the basics of Kagome. She looked at her room first, and in one afternoon she’d taken down all the ‘pop’ posters, and cleaned out all the kiddy stuff, and even got rid of the horrid pink bedspread. She’d asked her mother if they had anything extra that she could change things about with.

Luck had seemed on her side. Her father, though not really in their life, had always sent money to help out since the divorce. In his country, it was called ‘Child Support’. But since they lived in Japan and he didn’t live there, her father really didn’t have to do this, but he had. As such, there was a large amount of money just sitting around that Mrs. Higurashi usually had for things of this nature. Her dad was well off, and so the shrine and everything was taken care of. Really, Kagome wasn’t even sure why her parents weren’t together still. It was obvious that they loved one another, so maybe they had just needed a break. She had brought the subject up with the both of them separately and was pleased a few days later to find that they were talking a bit more on the phone, and over the net.

After her room was redone, she looked at her cloths. Now she wasn’t going to ask her mother if she could get a full new wardrobe, really she wasn’t, but her mother seemed to sense a changing tide within her daughter as if a wave a maturity had suddenly come upon her and taken over. So it wasn’t so surprising that the elder Higurashi female had take her only daughter out for a small shopping spree, and gotten clothing to match her new resolve. It was nothing fancy really but it was just more her, the her that she had grown into.

Kagome was pleased. The only thing left had been her hair. Now, considering everyone had thought nearly three years before that she looked like Kikyo, now she most definitely didn’t. At first, the similarities were there, even she saw it when the husk began to walk again. Now all that too was different.

Kagome was taller, leaner, curvier then the previous guardian of the jewel. Kikyo’s hair was a coal black, while Kagome’s was an onyx. Not to mention Kiyko’s hair was rather straight and, no pun intended, lifeless, while Kagome’s was sometimes untamable yet playfully wavy. Then there were their eyes. How anyone could say they were the same was beyond her. Kikyo’s eyes were cold as stone, a grey that was impossible to pierce, and slightly cruel looking. They held no warmth, no remorse for anything she did or would do. They were like everything about her, even her voice. Lifeless. Kagome’s eyes were a warm blue, they could still pierce, but when they did there was compassion, or anger. You could read Kagome through her eyes, and she knew this. It was a weakness, so many told her, but she would always retort that she would rather be weak and happy then strong and miserable.

Back to the point though, she had even gotten her hair done. Now honestly it was rather long before hand. At fifteen, her hair had come down to the middle of her back. In her time that was nearly obnoxiously long, in the feudal era it was rather short. In her time traveling it left little time for herself to do something even as simple as getting her hair cut, and she was not so much in the need for change that she would take a sword or knife to it herself. So, when she’d gone to the salon to get some changes made, and come out with a style that came down to her lower back but had tiered layers giving hit body and volume that worked very well with her lifestyle. And it was very easy to do. She’d even gotten compliments before going back, and when she finally did, she got jaw dropping stares all around.

All in all this brought us back to where she was in the first place. Such a change and reevaluation had made her rethink her loathing of the gag reflex and she had tried yogurt while at home for her ‘Yasha-free-Vaca.’ Vanilla Yoplait was positively a sin in a weird shaped container. Now, again before she had really loved the stuff in the most oddest of forms and flavors, just as she had loved the weird green and purple ketchup when they had been out on the market. But now a bit more grown up and mature to boot, she was really in love with the most simple flavor of vanilla. It was a bland looking white and only 170 grams of pure bliss in, again, a weird shaped container. And most importantly, it was Kagome’s small piece of heaven. She had found that she was rather addicted it, as much or possibly more then she was pocky. Which was really saying something, because she was sure she could feed a third world country with her pocky habit.

Mostly she found that she loved it still, and of course she’d brought some back with her when she went to the past. Two weeks was really nice with no hanyou interruptions. It had been decided, though Inuyasha had vehemently said ‘No’, not that anyone listened to him, that everyone would take the break. Sango and Miroku as well as Kirara had taken the time to visit Old Mushin, and Sango’s village. This was to make sure the old man was okay not to mention, to see that the village was still taken care of, even though it had no inhabitant, and to give them some time to themselves. The pair skated around it too much, but they really did love one another. Everyone could see it, but they always fought so much, almost like and old married couple. Kagome had smiled as she watched them go off.

Sesshomaru and his group with the addition of Shippo had gone back to the Western territories to check things out, as well as make sure that paperwork wasn’t gaining up on him. He had in conversation, of course only after figuring out that she was well educated as much or more then himself, said that though he was lord, and liked all that came with it, one of its few draw backs was paperwork. Kagome could only laugh a bit, trying to grasp what might come across the desk of Sesshomaru, the Killing Perfection. Either way, the tachi as a whole was split up. This of course, left Inuyasha with his precious walking husk.

Kagome told herself she really should stop calling her that, but it was true. She wasn’t a claypot, because Kagome was sure that a plant could not grow from her, but she was very tempted to see if she could sneak in a seed of some kind and figure out if something would grow. Too often, she wanted to see if Shippo could help. She was not the boy’s mother, so she felt logically it was completely okay to corrupt him in such ways. After all, if Kikyo didn’t want to be picked at she should have stayed dead.

Smirking a bit, then feeling bad for thinking such things. The woman really couldn’t help that she was brought back, but she was the one who stayed, so Kagome really had nothing to worry about. But she did hope that the Kami didn’t hold Kikyo’s karma against her, it would be so unfair, and if they did…

Kagome would get her revenge against her former self some how.

Back to her yogurt. It was a sin! And she loved it. Kagome came back this very afternoon and had been waiting for everyone to come back. Sesshomaru and his followers were there, and she was there, and that was about it. Inuyasha and Kikyo had gone somewhere, and were said to be returning sometime soon, but though they were not here as of yet, Kagome was not at all worried. After everything was said and done, Kagome would only tell Kikyo that if she did managed to sucker Inuyasha into going to hell with her, she had better not take Tetsaiga. In all honesty, the sword had long ago told her that she was its mistress. If she would not, or could not wield it, someone could with her permission, wield it for her. It was kind of her ace in the hole for Inuyasha’s survival. The Sword would not let its mistress’ knight be pulled into hell. Though neither Inuyasha or Kikyo knew that, and she wasn’t planning to tell them any time soon either.

The miko caught up with Rin and Shippo on everything she had missed in two weeks time, as well as all the “playtime” they had shared with Jaken, the poor imp. Really she did think the kids were a bit too “playful” with the thing, but then again, he did called them foul names, and sometimes shot fire at them when none of the adults were around. All in all, she figured turnabout was fair play.

And speaking of play, there was her lovely Yoplait! She’d almost forgotten, and thank goodness for dry ice! After seeing to the children, and getting a nod from the daiyoukai that was seated near her but not that close, Kagome dug out her treat only to find that she had forgotten her spoon. Now logically, a mature Kagome should go back and get one, but really she didn’t want to hear Inuyasha’s bitching if he got here and she wasn’t. So with that in mind, when all else fails, improvise.

She pulled the peel away lid of a top off the tube but not all the way. She really didn’t want someone to dig it up much later and find something dated recently, as it would be from her time, that had a carbon date of five hundred years, so she kept the lid still on the lip if only a bit. At first she just used her tongue, small delicate licks as far as she could get, making slight happy, cooing noises, completely oblivious to anything around her but her sin in a tube. But of course as luck, or fate perhaps made it so, her tongue could only go so far, even though she had an obnoxiously long tongue. Something that she was told was like that one guy from the band ‘KISS.’ She’d never heard of them, but then she didn’t listen to that kind of music, nor did she wish to think about all the things someone with a long tongue could do.

She traveled with Miroku, she’d heard them all once he’d seen it.

Kagome then had to use her finger. The tapered and delicate index finger dove into the creamy white substance, it was cold and made her smile just at the thought of it. Even though Kagome looked up, she was not seeing with eyes of a normal person. Her world was in sugary vanilla delight with the slightest bit of tartness to it, that made the place behind her jaw ach just a bit. She was in heaven once more. It didn’t take long for her to lose herself in the past time, her long tongue swirling around her finger and licking as well as sucking to get her delicious treat into her own mouth. She moaned, and sighed, nearly purred once or twice as she ate still just in her own little world, not taking notice of those around her or who was coming into the clearing as she ate. She smiled as she sucked on her finger, her puckered lips grinning as if she’d caught the best taste in the world, and to her she had.

Briefly Kagome’s brows synched together in thought, wondering if perhaps chocolate, or even more devilishly yummy, strawberry pocky would taste good with her yogurt. But alas, she was not willing to waste either delight to see if she liked the tastes together. Over with her random thought and back to her 6 oz meal in a tube, Kagome continued to eat with her finger. Licking playfully the white creamy substance, letting it hit her lips and licking it off, she really was enjoying being childish and playing with her food. It took her some time, but she was almost done when she heard Sango call her name as if she were doing something wrong. Almost as if she should feel that she had gotten caught with her hand in the cookie jar, an odd analogy that most people had never really had happen to them, but Kagome had.

Shippo wasn’t just devious because he was a fox after all. She taught that boy a lot really!

Looking up at the older, shorter woman from her place at the base of a tree, she really did have to see what was wrong. Looking to her left, then her right almost as if she were crossing a street, the miko could not see what it was she was doing wrong that might cause the slayer ire towards her, which in itself was odd. Too caught up in trying to see what she’d done wrong, the miko failed to see the small glop of yogurt falling from her finger to the swell of her breast. She was luckily wearing a pair of shorts, a low but concealing camisole, and an open button down top. It was summer and she had no reason to be wearing her school uniform. The small dollop hit her breast just above the line of her cleavage and without much thought other then saving the yogurt before it became un-savable, the miko leaned her face down as much as she could, her long pink tongue came out and licked the yogurt from her person.

It was then that a few things happened. The first was the sound of Miroku’s moan. Now whether it was from what he’d been fixated on, namely Kagome and her unconsciously erotic eating habit, or the fact that Sango’s Hiraikotsu had making contact with his skull, most were unsure. The slayer had an uncanny speed when it came to punishments. The next was the slight growl that was heard, though she wasn’t sure whom it came from as Kouga had just arrived, and looked dazed, while Sesshomaru had been there he did not look dazed but the miko could have sworn for a moment she’d seen the slightest bit of scarlet in his eyes. Lastly was the screaming sound of Inuyasha’s wail of something that nearly covered up Kikyo’s huff of indignation. Honestly Kagome had no idea what she had done to be the center of most of the gazes in the camp, but she was finished with her yogurt and that honestly made her sad.

She had easily tuned out the silly, but loud hanyou. Something she was able to do since she had a little brother who was seven years younger. She had her ‘phases’ as did Souta, so tuning out the immaturity was really easy to do, she just usually hadn’t done it with the inuhanyou ever before. He seemed to be more annoyed by this then anything, but Kagome had really thought it through, and she really wouldn’t put up with his posturing and positioning. Considering he wasn’t her alpha, nor was he a family member, and he certainly wasn’t her beau either, considering he had obviously made his choice and it was not Kagome, so really he didn’t have a damn say in anything that she did.

Tuning out Miroku was easy too, while he did have interesting things to say sometimes, there was just a bit too much hentai in that man. She really kind of pitied Sango, she knew the Slayer would get introduced to some things that no female in this era had ever before, being that man’s wife. At least the slayer was safe for now.

Kouga was another matter.

As soon as she was done eating the wolf had her in his clutches, really, it was nice to be wanted by someone, but he was a mated demon, and Kagome let him know that she wasn’t pleased at all by being in his grasp. On a small level, she kind of felt bad for releasing a large flash of her powers while he held her but some animals just didn’t learn until you got rough with them. A firm scowl on her face and a few reminders that he was in fact mated and not to her, had his tail secured between his legs, and him running home away from the erotic but angry miko with really short shorts on that made even her green skirt look like it hid more. Kagome was not at all happy at that point until Sango came over and asked if she could have one of those, ‘yo-gert’ things. Kagome had arched a brow when the slayer had blushed and finally she had been told just what was going on. Kagome had blushed herself beat red when she realized just what she was doing.

The rest of the day past with the hanyou’s grumbles, the children’s laughter, the silent but creepy husk’s indifferent but annoyed huffs along with Sango and Kagome’s giggles about what had happened. Neither female paying any attention to the line order which for once had changed up a bit. Normally since Sesshomaru had been with the group he led, with Kagome near him. She was after all even if she didn’t want to admit it, the jewel compass. She hated the term ‘Shard detector,’ so much to the hanyou’s annoyance before the shift in Kagome’s willingness to deal with him, she had remained close to the one with the most powerful sense of smell.

As it was, besides Rin, Kagome had found that she was the only human that Sesshomaru could stand the smell of. When he had joined the group, it had been one of the things he insisted upon. While those from these time didn’t like that they HAD to bathe every day or at very least every other day because they stunk, they did it, because they needed his help. It was going on three years this search and they didn’t want to waste all of their lives on it. Already Miroku wasn’t really able to use his wind tunnel any longer and soon, too soon for anyone that cared for him, he too would be sucked into the family curse. But as far as it went today, the hentai monk and the daiyoukai pulled up the rear of the group while the hanyou and his husk bitch led the way, as if they actually knew where they were going.

Now the situation with the daiyoukai and the monk in the back really didn’t send any warning bells off in either female’s head, for one they were used to the hentai being back there, after so long it was just simpler to just let him be rather then make a fuss about it. As for the daiyoukai, he was just far too quiet for either of them to notice him, and as always he kept his powers on such a lock down that it was impossible for the human’s to feel him. Even Kagome only felt his aura a little, so it was very easy to forget they were back there. On the other hand, neither male was missing the view from where they were. Now it was again normal for Miroku, in all honesty he only had eyes for Sango, no matter what, even with Kagome showing off even more leg then normal. It was still his slayer that he was watching. In fact earlier with Kagome and her tongue, even though he was looking at the miko, he only saw the slayer.

The daiyoukai was another matter.

He could try to lie to himself and tell himself that he felt nothing for the miko, and on some levels that would be very true. But since joining her group, because it obviously did not belong to the whelp of a hanyou, he’d come to respect her. She was young and from another more peaceful time, where education was more valuable than the sword. He couldn’t fathom such a place, but at the same time, he understood so much more about her then he had ever before. He found her conversation engaging, which truly disarmed him from what he had expected. For too long he had seen only a small part of her, the love sick puppy that followed his brother everywhere he went, that cried for the smallest of things. He had never known that she was a scholar, or that she was knowledgeable in ways of the world that were just common in her time, but rarely known here. He couldn’t lie, she aroused the one thing no other female had ever before, his brain. And he hated and loved her for it. Nearly damned her for being human because of that fact.

To say that she had turned on another part of his body before they traveled would have been and understatement. Truly he’d never looked at the miko in such a way before, yes he loved her brain and that she could hold a conversation,  and that she was not as rude as he had once thought her to be. Mostly that she was so very considerate but at the same time, sexually… was just not one of the things that came into mind when he thought of the miko. For one, at least before she had just seemed too young both physically and mentally, yes, in human age… in this time, she had seemed too old, she should have a pup in the womb and on suckling her teat as far as human’s go, but he was a demon.

He was almost five hundred years old himself, he didn’t need an heir but his body and beast were starting to look for a mate so that they could have one at some time in the future. Though the hunt for either would not be until the hunt for Naraku and thusly the jewel shards were over. But when the miko had come back, her hair was different she wasn’t wearing the same clothing she normally had, granted that it did show more, she seemed mature. As if some how over the two weeks she was gone, she had literally grown up even if she was still only seventeen. Her display of eating was far from adult maturity, but it had been incredibly sexy. He hadn’t known a human could have a tongue so long, it was almost inu-like, nor had he thought the miko could curl said appendage around so much. Not to mention the sounds she was making and the delight that he could scent upon her own normal scent. It was beyond erotic, and he couldn’t lie no matter what he wanted to say or think, the miko had suddenly made herself very, very attractive to him. The images his beast had laid in his head had forced him to take notice of the onna. He couldn’t even call her little, now that he noticed it.

As a human, no matter what he really didn’t pay attention, he did to Rin but in some way she had made herself his pup, so it was only natural that he pay attention to her. He listened to the miko, spoke to her, but before she came back changed. He almost wished she would go back to the way she was before. But Kami help him when she had licked her own breast he couldn’t help but growl out. He was only lucky at the time that the ookami had shown up, so he hadn’t been found out. But now, as he watched her lusciously long legs move about, and her round from walking for years hind end, which again he was noticing for the first time, swished in just a way that made it bounce… he could certainly feel the more primal side of him waking up. It was only through years of control and luck really that he lasted through the night until they camped. He was first to leave, not something so uncommon, as usually he went to scout the area. Doing as the norm, he took his time doing that, but his mind was also on the miko.

In reality, even if he denied it, it was true she was the alpha bitch. She had grown in power, and was strong. Not to mention she was the one that took care of everyone, and saw to their needs, fought when she needed to, protected more often then not, could put any one of them, even himself in their place. Yes, she was undeniably the alpha bitch. Add to that, he was the alpha male, which Inuyasha had tried to fight him for this role but he would never take orders from the hanyou. It just would not happen. Ever. The dai had won that fight hands down, so that left him with the idea that really the miko was his bitch. That was unsettling but at the same time, again she usually aroused his brain and today she had aroused his cock. And by the Kami, he had wanted nothing more than in that moment to pluck the miko up, take off into the forest and show her what her tongue was to be used for. In fact his beast had been supplying him with images and thoughts all afternoon. She was lucky, as it was, she hadn’t been pounced yet. He needed release, and he was going to get it. The miko has caused this and now that he rationalized that she was in fact his, he was going to have his bitch.

He made his way back to the odd ‘pack’ and sat down, giving away nothing of what he planned. He knew his bitch would bathe, there was a hot springs near by, but he would not take her there. Though it would be nice in a way, the sulfur and moisture would not only take away the scents she gave off but it would dull his own senses, which would not be wise should something be foolish enough to attack him at that time. As the night wore on, as he had predicted his bitch had headed off to bathe, and granted there was a two day maximum for bathing with the humans, some how they had all managed to avoid doing so today. He did not mind for once or was he going to enforce it. Grabbing one of his miko’s odd bedrolls, he stalked off not bothering to go the other way. Ignoring the growl his brother sent off, the pup already knew his rights as alpha, it was why he had made such a fuss. Too bad the pup had no real chance of taking the role from him in the first place. Setting off he caught up with her quickly, had gotten undressed and pulled her from the spring easily. He went away from camp just enough for them to be in his hearing but not the other way around. The bedroll pulled out already because he was just that fast, he silenced her scream with his hand.

Listening to her heart beat wildly, he scented her terrifying fear turning into raging fury, which he would not lie, smelled divine on her. He knew all too well why male youkai liked to rile her up, she smelled fantastic when she was pissed off. Looking at the mikos wide yet angry eyes, he kept his hand over her mouth. She could really scream for Inuyasha all she wanted, the whelp would not come. He knew the alpha’s were together now. She herself may not know what was going on, she may not know youkai laws, rights and such but really she should get herself educated in such things. Tonight he would educate her in his rights as alpha, particularly as it pertained to her, her body, and its proper position under him. Pressing his much larger weight over her he caged her body beneath is own bare, heated youkai skin, to warm wet heated miko skin. Their hips aligned, he still kept her mouth covered enough to keep her scream muffled as he braced his weight on the elbow of the arm that had her mouth.

His other hand began to work her body as he ground himself against her. His cock was not soft, but he wasn’t hard fully yet either. Her folds were wet from the water but soon, no matter what she would say now or later, her body was reacting to his torture, and she would be wet for an interlay different reason. Now he knew the body would react and that the mind might not. He did not want her to feel as if she were being raped tonight, for he did plan to have another night such as this, and many more after it as he saw fit. If she did feel that way, then she would fear him and that would be a shame for she had never feared him before and he wouldn’t lie he would be upset if his bitch feared him. He took the time to use his mouth.

He wasn’t really a kisser, though it wasn’t that it was a lowly human custom, he knew the mouth could hold great pleasures, but most of his kind --demons-- and especially humans did not take the time to keep their mouths clean. As an inuyoukai, they as a breed did so, and few others did; the breath of another could be repulsive, but he was in luck with his miko, she was very hygienic. Though he wasn’t totally happy with the flavor of mint because it was so very strong, it was better then anything she had ever eaten and then some, which was how most humans smelled when they opened their mouths. Really it was wonder they didn’t understand why youkai found them so offensive. They stank. Literally…almost all the time in fact.

His heated full lips began to pull over her neck, her pulse racing below her skin making his length harden at its pace. She was breathing heavily probably from a combination of his actions and his weight. He pulled himself up just a bit, but not enough to allow her room to flail about as he knew she would be prone to doing. He wanted her and he would have her, but he didn’t want her fighting him.

Moving his free hand around her body his clawed fingers came to her tawny nipple, the areola constricted tight making the nipple’s nub hard and large. If she were a mother, it would be perfect to suckle from, and he would be doing just that in enough time this eve. He lightly brushed that free hand up and down her side as she slowly but surely began to ease, as she had stiffened as much as she could being pulled from the water. He could scent that she was still frightened, but it was not that sharp terror of the unknown as it had been before. Deciding that he wanted to use both hands, the dai worked his mouth up her neck and over her jaw line so that he could take her mouth with his own.

Again the mint flavor was overwhelming, almost, but in a more pleasant way then most human’s mouths smelt. Not that he would know how those others had tasted, but he was certain it was far better. As his mouth took possession of her own, he had noted that his bitch was about to wail about something as her mouth opened her brows drew together. There was no telling what she was about to say as his tongue darted forth and devoured her own. His very long tongue warred with her own oddly long tongue in a battle over whose cavern would and could be plundered, while both his hands took her body to new heights. He had been grinding himself into her flesh. Her now weeping core, since he had positioned her and she was nearly gushing from his treatment of her. If this was how all human females reacted to such advances, he might be able to understand why his father had chosen one as his second bitch. Pushing the thought aside, the daiyoukai fondled her body.

Kagome, for her part, felt terrified when she’d been yanked from the hot spring in the nude. It was not often that she bathed fully in the nude but, the sulfur tended to stick in the suit and made it un-wearable when it dried if not washed. Not to mention, while Sesshomaru made sure they bathed often, her suit was getting a bit more wear then it had been in previous years. Then, when she had figured out that her ‘attacker’ had been Sesshomaru himself, well she’d been down right pissed, then mortified. She was going to let him know what she thought when he’d captured her mouth with his own. Now she wasn’t really an expert on kissing. She’d gotten very few from anyone before, and from theologize sex. The few she had gotten from Inuyasha were pecks, more then anything, like the kind you give your grandmother. This kiss was heated, scorching her with his desires and Kami help her when she’d finally realized his desire when he pulled his weight up a bit to let her breath, he had settled his hips atop her own.

Her open folds brushed against his rigid length and Kami help her, she was being seduced and liked it. She didn’t think this would be anything more then a one time act, he didn’t love her, didn’t always like her even, but as she kissed her brain was only able to come up with a few things. She was alpha…she knew that, and so was he, to him this was acceptable, for her to fight it would be bad. Inuyasha wouldn’t come, and as much as she wanted to deny it, she wanted it, just as much as she wanted her yogurt. Yes, this afternoon she’s been consumed by eating it, but she’d been thinking about its applications, and how she wished that what she’d been licking it from was not a finger at all. She really did have an over active imagination and it had settled then on Sesshomaru. After all, he was the only free male that she was often around aside from Ginta and Hakakku, and well, they were followers. She just couldn’t see them as sexy.

But when she’d run through the mental list of everyone that had ever crossed paths, and there had been many that were so very gorgeous, the one that stayed in her mind had been the Lord of the West. In her minds eye, she could just see him as she knelt before him, dolloping yogurt on to his long stiff member only to use her tongue as she had on her finger to remove it. A treat for both him and herself. And all afternoon the image had stayed in her mind, unable to get rid of it.

Now he was planted between her thighs and as much as she didn’t want to be a one night stand, she most certainly wanted this. As if he seemed to know her very resolve he shifted and began to enter her. There was no foreplay, for none was truly needed. He was hard and she was dripping wet. Perhaps he should have prepared her, but neither truly cared.

Kagome arched up as the steel length, so thick and unyielding began to burrow into her deep, not hitting a hymen because of her active life style, but the first object, more so appendage, to do so none the less. The dai knew she would not have one, but reveled in the way her muscles tried very hard to force him out, while trying to pull him in. They fluttered as if to try and stop his invasion, and he breathed in heavily at the scent she let out, as well as it mixing with his own. He knew after this, considering how tight she was, that he would more then likely shift her hips a bit wider, she would be in a great deal of pain later, and he would have to make up for that in pleasure now. He would carry her later, keeping her close to his person. But she would have to get used to the feeling, after all she was his bitch, and he did plan to take her often. It was only a shame that she was in fact human, as much as she aroused his brain and now his body he would hate to grow overly attached, only to loose her to mortality.

She bucked her hips as he had stayed still too long, knocking him out of his thoughts. His golden scarlet trimmed eyes sought her own out, he could see the acceptance as well as something else he dared not try to name in her eyes. He began to move a torturously slow rhythm that left her wanting more and moaning low. He refused her advances to speed up this act. No, he was not all in his right mind at the moment. His beast was more at the forefront then it usually was, but he could not deny the merits of facing his partner, and watching the torturous pleasure as it devoured her face with each jabbing slow thrust that seemed to hit its mark on every pass. He was not conceited to thing he was the best, but he fed off her vocalness, and used information from previous ruts before this. Demoness’ were not so different from humans as an over all, but it did seem that human females had something on a demoness. They seemed to have more pleasure receptors, more nerves and as such responded more to what he was doing.

A demoness would have clawed him by now for playing with her, but every deep thrust into Kagome had him bottoming out, had her breathing so deeply that she seemed to forget to breathe until she would gasp as he pulled out again. He loved the sight of her responding to him, and kept going as such until he finally heard her moan out his name. The throaty plea was not lost on him, and kicked something dark and primal into gear. As he began to speed up, not reaching speeds of a true demon fucking his bitch, but giving her a good, forceful rhythm that allowed the sloppy wet slapping sound of their skin to meet more and more. He buried his face in her neck and clamped his jaws on her, careful not to mar her skin or mark her, yet at the same time deadly enough to keep her still as he soon began to piston into her.

Her core was already weeping, sore from his administrations, his oppressive demon cock spreading her wide, and leaving her in shimmering, gooey miko bits as he paved his way into her. She could feel her body shifting around him, making room for him as he plowed into her more and more, speeding up to the point that she had no hope at all of keeping up with him. Her mind was numbing over to the pleasure that was filling her, her body unable to tell her if this feeling were pleasure or pain because like love and hate, the line was too thin to be accurately understood at this moment. She came hard, her walls collapsing and grasping him relentlessly. Yet still he went on his fangs bared at her, as well as his eyes closed, his hair flying around him as he continued to move in her, not giving the miko time to come down, only feeling the pleasure they were both in.

He bottomed out still. Seating himself farther within her, wanting to feel those clasping, fluttering, vice like gripping walls more towards the base of his cock as he forced his way deeper into the miko causing her to moan out, more in pleasure but still with a bit of pain. He saw the outline of the head of his cock pressed against her belly, and snarled. Sesshomaru had shifted her hips ever so much, allowing him to go deeper into her. How impossible he thought it, until the moment he realized exactly what he had just done. The head of his cock was pinched ridiculously, not so much that it hurt, but almost, and still as he strove to drive forwards, once again bottoming out into softer flesh his mind realized what he’d done. One so few had he ever managed this feat that he was almost shocked before his beast took over fully. The head of his cock was wedged chokingly in the miko’s womb at this point, and he had snarled because of it.

He had only ever done this a few times, and then they had all been demoness’ and he had been stupidly young, lucky that the females had been so weak that they had not survived the coupling at that point. To be where he was pressed so intimately inside of her, the head of his cock able to lay the seed for the future in her fertile womb was breathtaking and left him more speechless then usual. It was a moment of clarity. That he had even attempted to bury himself so deeply within her, meant that he wanted to be in that kind of relationship with her. Subconscious or not, he knew in this moment, right before he began to pull out again that she was his, and he would never let her go.

Clarity on the situation, and the fact that he had loved the sensation drove him harder, faster, stronger, into her, making him relentless in his need to feel that overwhelming pinch again, wanting to pass her cervix and bury himself deep again in her womb, feeling the head of his own cock through her belly pressing up into his own. He could not help himself as the mental toll took its pay from him, he began to piston anew, rocketing into her with wild relentless abandonment. The teasing she had done, his own unacknowledged wantonness of her. It was all too much. He grabbed the miko’s legs from their locked position around his hips before he pushed them both above his shoulders and barreled into her, plowing her as if he intended to sew within her his seed. He realized, blatantly, with feral delight that he did. Reaching down, he pulled the miko’s hair back with one hand as he latched on to her neck once more.

His teeth digging into her flesh, as her life’s blood swelled in his mouth. Swallowing, as he allowed his saliva and poisons to mix into the punctures he had made, his aura dominating hers as if she were a bitch, because she was one, HIS bitch. His hips rocked so wildly. The sounds of slapping, still so wet, even more now with the many times that Kagome had cum, never even been able to come down since her first. She was lost in a fire that was Sesshomaru’s passion, as was he. He could feel her walls still clamping, unable to stop, fluttering in need, want, kept hot, and fleshed out with wantonness. Yet at the same time, he could feel his own need coming as well. He forced his youkai on her, in her, so that he covered every bit of her being, every strand of hair. As he wrenched his mouth away from her neck, allowing a deafening roar to sound from his throat as he once again managed to gain access to her core, flooding it with his seed, a knot already forming so that nothing would be wasted. Scarlet eyes looked down at his miko as she came once again on his knot, her hips rocking a bit his own doing the same.

He grinned ferally as his thumb mashed down on her clit and began to light her up anew. Strangled gasps was all she could give at this point, other then throaty low moans. It wasn’t long before her body could take no more, and the miko finally passed out. Her core still being flooded with his cream, not as thick as yogurt he amended but not that far off. He smirked at the thought and brought her body towards him, delighting as the scent of their joined fluids reached his nose. He was not a fool. He had known long ago that mating a human didn’t mean they would stay a human. For the most part most human’s wouldn’t survive the transformation, though he was certain his miko would. For another, there were few humans that were really worth the hassle. For an inu though, it wasn’t nearly so bad. He knew her human body worked in its own way, that her ripeness would take his seed, but it would take a few days for it to be fully seated within her. Until it, was his cock was going to end up locked in her.

When she had finally conceived all the cum that would have flooded, and probably killed her had they not mated, will end up changing her from the inside out. She had already started to absorb the cum into her womb making it suitable for his heir, it would spread through her body for the next few days. When he was done, able to leave her welcoming body she would be a demoness. He was certain that things would be changing from here on out, the hunt for the jewel shards would be harder, his idiot brother would be stupider, and he himself would be more possessive then anything, but by the by he didn’t care. She was his bitch, and by the time they got back to camp it would be more obvious then anything, and anyone. Silent he thanked whatever Kami came up with yogurt.

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