Uncorked by Aimee Blue

Chapter 1

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Prompt 1: Fireworks
Kagome felt the bark of the tree press against her back through the thin delicate silk of her yukata and looked away, cheeks tinted red in embarrassment.
“Someone will see,” she hissed.
The swish of his silken haori gave away his predatory movement. Silver hair fell over his shoulder in a silky curtain as he pinioned her in between his arms and leaned in.
“No they won’t,” he murmured, warm breath ghosting over the heated skin of Kagome’s neck.
The deafening crashes of the firework display drew the attention of the festival goers and Sesshoumaru stole a swift kiss, unhindered.

Prompt 2: Champagne
In the midst of the pressing bodies of the festival goers he had lost her. The tide of people sweeping her away before he could reclaim her hand. Growling under his breath, the demon sought out the woman in the crowd, his nose wrinkling at the stench of the pressing crowds. Perhaps it would be less offensive to rely on his eyes instead.
Glancing around, his golden eyes softened when he caught sight of her champagne coloured yukata, illuminated in the darkness. Stood to one side on the hilltop, she was watching one of the festival games with unbridled joy.

Prompt 3: Kiss
Kagome was blushing maddeningly, it was so darned tempting. At present they were simply holding hands as they perused the festival stands. He knew she was remembering the kiss he’d stolen earlier; she was transparent about it, licking her lips and darting sidelong glances at him.
“Such a beautiful mask!” she cooed. It was a Kitsune mask, her pleading eyes were all it took to get him to buy it.
“Yay!” she cheered, eyes peeping up at him through the mask.
“Hnn...” he murmured, tipping the mask to steal another devilishly chaste kiss. At her dazed look, he smirked. “Payment.”

Prompt 4: Tradition
As was traditional, on the first day of the New Year they went to the shrine together and prayed. Kagome asked for a year filled with happiness and love, Sesshoumaru prayed for another year with Kagome beside him. Afterwards, no amount of bargaining would get him to reveal his prayer.
Kagome was enticing in her silken kimono and Sesshoumaru hid her jealously as she chose her fortune.
“Ah!” Kagome mourned, “Very bad fortune!”
Sesshoumaru carefully exchanged his slip of paper with hers. “Here.”
Kagome giggled helplessly. The notion was sweet, but the reality was that Sesshoumaru’s fortune was ‘bad fortune’.

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