Maid with Care by Aimee Blue

One Man's Treasure

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One Man’s Treasure...

Kagome smiled uncomfortably as her latest customer clasped her hand. He was her regular kind of customer; an otaku with a Hawaiian t-shirt with the word ‘aloha’ written across it.

“Would you like to order?” she asked, desperately trying to escape without seeming rude.

“I don’t really want to order!” he proclaimed, pulling her closer and cupping her face, “I just want to spend time with my ideal maid!”

Suddenly, she was whisked away from the customer by Sesshoumaru who tucked her under his arm.

“She is hardly ideal,” he scoffed, straightening his glasses, “but refrain from handling my workers.”


Prompt: Aloha (Just Because D/D night on Dokuga)

Words: 100