I Am At War by shanelle

Prolong ( A Look Into The Heart)

I am At War By Shanelle


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Prolong ; A look Into The Heart


The little miko was unlike any other of this time. She wore strange clothes, and spoke in a slightly different tongue then he. They both spoke Japanese, but her's was more refined, polished sound of the future. His was of the past, laced with his own blood tongue. The Inu demon of the land, a cultural, dark sound.


And yet, they were communicating better than any other pair in the land.


They were bond to each other, though neither hardly new. There blood was bond in more ways than one. There lives were entwined, and neither one of them could do anything about it.


A stubborn Inu Lord who fought with his inner beast. Denying it what it truly wanted. The pain of a struggling beast who wanted to be released to claim what it thought was his.


A miko who refused to mate without love. A spell that binds her true form, the blood that wants to flow through her veins. But the moon, hr moon, could see. Not, the side she showed to the world. The part of her that was dark, locked away craving the released it deserved. Only higher demons such as he, could sense it, And sense it he did.



The pain that was locked inside, the walls he built to protect and lock away his heart. The pain that no one could truly see, that is until she came around. Those electric blue eye's seemed to stare into his soul. Melting away the ice that surrounded his heart.

Refusing to let her in, pushing her away but always staying close.

The pain in seeing her run into the arms of his brother. Red clouds his eyes as ripping his brother apart filled his eyes. "No I the the Lord of the West will not subcome to the beauty of  this female it ont happen!?"



Her Moon & His Hope






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