Anti- Valentine Drabbles by Beautifully Wicked


:He Promised:


Prompt: Chocolate




Kagome woke up and looked at the lonely expanse of bed beside her. He promised he’d always be there for her, but now, on the day that they’re love was supposed to be expressed; he was gone. There were no chocolates that were usually left at the table, there were no white and red roses on her night stand. And silently she was thankful.

A cry was heard from the nursery and she rushed to her twins’ sides, only to find her gorgeous mate tending to his son as their little girl slept peacefully in her crib. This was infinitely better as he looked at her and smiled that smile reserved just for her.





Prompt: Roses




Sesshoumaru had left around midday to go an important meeting. The pups were sleeping and Kagome was getting ready to take a nap. But when she opened the door to their master bedroom a bouquet of red and white roses in a vase sat on her dresser and a soft smile graced her lips. She picked up the roses and saw the card sticking out. She looked at it and smiled.

Rose petals is all you’ll be seeing tonight. Father is picking up the pups and I am taking you dancing. And once we return those roses shall be reduced to petals on our bed. I can’t wait for tonight; can you?


She couldn’t wait either.



Prompt: Cupid




All of this I love you’s, and Be Mine, was all crap.  Once you’ve been in a serious relationship for several years you know that person you’re with cares for you. There’s no need for all the dramatics of Valentines Day. Yet, here was the proof that his mate loved him. The proof of her love was in the form of his six month old twins.  There was no cupid, no paper hearts, and no expensive jewelry. Just his twins and for Sesshoumaru that’s all that mattered.



Prompt: Red




Once Toga left with her pups in tow Kagome hurried upstairs to put on her super slinky red dress. She couldn’t wait for tonight knowing her mate would soon be on his way, and ready to go. She rushed through her shower and threw on the red dress, applied her make up, and curled her long raven locks.

Sesshoumaru had just opened the door to his bedroom when he saw his beautiful mate. Who seemed delectably edible tonight. The red dress went to her knees and the slit ended at her hip. He nearly groaned at the gorgeous expanse of leg that he saw. A shiver raced down his spine as his eyes turned crimson. Kagome looked up to see the state her mate was in and smile, “We’re staying in aren’t we?” Sesshoumaru nodded and closed the door. It was going to be a fun night indeed.


::Bad Romance::


Prompt: Romance




Kagome’s new addiction was Lady Gaga, and that stupid song “Bad Romance”. Sesshoumaru hated it, and for the last week when he came home it was playing. It was all he could take. He went to the stereo system took out the CD, a “HEY!” came from his mate’s lips, before he crushed the stupid CD.

Kagome just looked at her mate with awe, and then “Bad Romance” was blaring from her cell phone. Sesshoumaru’s eyebrow twitched. Would this torture never end!