Strike a Pose by Aimee Blue


Chapter two: Repayments

Megumi sat on the low slung leather couch and watched the rest of her somewhat dysfunctional family.

Inuyasha was sat in the egg swivel chair; Rin was sat on the fluffy rug on her stomach. Sesshoumaru was sat on one side of the boat shaped couch whilst Kikyo was sat on the other side with Kagome in her lap. Kagome laughed as Sesshoumaru glared at her when her feet were placed into his lap. He grabbed her ankles and twisted them off his lap. A surprised Kagome twirled off her twins lap and landed on the same rug as Rin in an undignified heap.

“Moon man doesn’t like me” she confided to Rin and then dived onto the sofa again. This time she sat on top of Sesshoumaru.

He tried to throw the young Miko from his lap and she dug her nails into his black jean clad legs.

The assembled group watched the two in amusement until Megumi intervened.

“Quit it you two” she said rolling her eyes

“So you wanted to talk to us?” Sesshoumaru asked whilst still serrupticiously trying to rid his lap of Kagome who was clinging to him like a cat on a high rise wall.

“I wanted to ask how you are going to begin to repay your debts” Megumi said smirking “and I think you should work for me”

“What?” Kikyo raised a perfectly manicured eyebrow

“I think they’ll be very good at it” Megumi smiled

“Good at what?” Inuyasha was never known for his outstanding patience “are you speaking in code just to annoy me?”

“I am head of HG designs” said Megumi “my company makes clothes for all ages and is very specific, each piece of clothing is completely unique and will never have a duplicate. As such we get a lot of high end buyers who want our clothes, because no movie star wants to turn up in the same dress as someone else”

“How can we possibly help with clothes designing?” Sesshoumaru was perplexed and still trying to shove a stubborn Kagome off his lap, she was grinning kind of evilly and seemed to be enjoying the fight.

“You can’t” Megumi was blunt “but you could help with the modelling”

“I refuse” Sesshoumaru said blankly

“No way” Inuyasha said in shock

“Can you use a sewing machine?” Megumi asked eyebrows raised.

Both heads shook in the negative.

“Can you sketch?”

Again both heads shook in the negative.

“Then you will become models” she stated

Sesshoumaru stood up angrily and Kagome rolled off his lap and fell in an ungainly heap on the floor for the second time that night.

“No” he growled, he was very serious

Megumi frowned up at him feeling a little uneasy at the very annoyed Yokai. “We make unusual clothes and our models are also unusually beautiful” she said “Kikyo and Rin also model”

“I’m a professional model” Kikyo nodded whilst Rin grinned from Kagome’s lap on the floor, revealing the gap between her two front teeth.

“Kagome does designs and can sometimes be coerced into modelling and you two would be perfect for my new men’s range” she said

“But Sesshoumaru doesn’t smile” Inuyasha said, his furrowed brows revealed his perplexing thoughts “how do you take good photo’s of someone who lost the ability to smile aged six?”

“He doesn’t need to smile” said Kikyo calmly “he needs to look haughty and aloof”

They all looked at Sesshoumaru who glowered haughtily back at them.

Kagome and Rin dissolved into a giggling fit “He was born to be a model” Kagome managed to out before collapsing into giggles once more.

“Indeed” Sesshoumaru said scowling down at the girl before tossing his hair and walking from the lounge up the stairs. They heard the door to his room close.

“You pissed him off” Inuyasha told Kagome

“So?” her eyes twinkled mischievously “it’s fun”

Kagome, Kikyo and Rin were all taking a bath together. Rin had begged them and there wasn’t a living thing that could resist those chocolate eyes when they pleaded with you. She could twist anyone’s will and adults were putty in her tiny hands. The bath was actually a very large marble Jacuzzi and Kikyo was currently enjoying letting the jets pummel her stiff back. Modelling took a lot out of a person and staying in the same position for so long had encouraged back pain.

Kagome had Rin on her lap and was washing her hair with Rin’s strawberry scented shampoo. Rin smiled happily as Kagome’s fingers massaged her sensitive scalp.

“Kikyo, is there anything going on with you and Naraku?” Kagome asked slyly

“Now what makes you say that little sister?” Kikyo asked as she disappeared into the water until only her nose and eyes were visible; her hair drifted around her like a black cloud.

“Cause you didn’t even have a shoot today and yet you still went to go and see the photographer?” Kagome raised a brow

Kikyo laughed and bubbles rose to the surface of the water. She surfaced and breathed before answering “Yeah well we just met and had coffee but I think he’s going to ask me out” she said in her usual indifferent manner.

“What will fair Kikyo’s answer be?” Kagome grinned and ducked out of the way as Kikyo splashed at her

“I’m not sure, I mean if you asked me before today I’d have said yes” Kikyo said thoughtfully

“Which means that a certain Hanyou has caught your eye” Kagome read her twins mind as was usual. Kikyo rarely gave anything away and as such Kagome had a lot of practise in reading locked books.

“Bite me” Kikyo said and then shrieked as Kagome dethroned Rin from her lip and proceeded to chase her sister around the tub threatening to actually take her command literally and bite her.

“What the hell are they doing in there?” Inuyasha remarked to the room in general as his sensitive hearing picked up a shriek followed by a lot of giggling.

Sesshoumaru threw a book at his brother “Keep your mind out of the gutter Hanyou”

Inuyasha blushed darkly and glared at Sesshoumaru “I wasn’t” he defended himself

“Yeah right” Sesshoumaru rolled his eyes

So were you

Shut up

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