Dominance by sugar0o who lurks




Part I: Establishing Dominance.


Sesshomaru had probably never in his life been requested via Myoga to come to Inuyasha’s aid, at the direct request of the hanyou himself no less. It was by far the oddest thing that had happened between the two of them in over a century. He had known his brother’s wench had come back from the future, to be with her supposed beloved, but he’d always had his doubts.

While gone for more then three years, rumors and speculations had reached his ears on more then one occasion regarding his father’s mistake otherwise known as Inuyasha. He’d heard and learned more then he’d ever wanted to about his brother in these last few years. His brother’s wench, the miko, certainly had picked a rough, ‘wet tailed’ pup to get on with. He'd already had to pay off a few families to keep his own families honor regarding the mutt's follies.

He detested cleaning up the hanyou’s messes. He was only glad that they had all been human families, and that the births of at least two of his brother's bastard pups were nothing but human traits. He was certain that his father's great blood would still react in hanyou attributes but both the pups he was aware of had black or brown hair and brown eyes. Later he’d learned that the whelp had taken them on his human nights, during his emotional weakness for the loss of his wench.

The lord sighed heavily thinking about all that had happened.

The battle with Naraku had forced the great demon lord to acknowledge his kin once and for all. Certainly he was powerful but the pup was still just that; a pup, and a fool. His spies had more than once brought back reports of his goings on because it went against demon laws. He huffed at the thought, as he continued on his way, still wondering what this could all be about. Even if Inuyasha wasn’t either beta or omega of his pack, he was now in fact pack, and his request could not be denied.

Sesshomaru couldn’t help but wonder, as he ran fast against the wind, what his brother could need from him, but oh he hoped to hold it over the hanyou’s head for the rest of his life. The scents of the forest calmed him even if the stench of his brother was all over it. Still he wondered what Inuyasha had need of him for. He wondered if his miko had found out about his brother’s bastard sons yet, and perhaps she was on a purification rampage. He’d give in and laugh out loud if that were the case. His brother’s wench was grand for one thing and that was the subjugation and punishment of his mutt of a brother.

“Flea. What does the half-breed want?” asked Sesshomaru again, waiting for Myoga to tell him what was going on in full detail rather then that his brother simply needed his help. It had been enough to get him to come, just telling him that there was something that Inuyasha was admitting he could not do that his elder brother could. So out of curiosity he had come, but now he wanted to know specifics.

“Y-yes milord. You know of the miko, Lady Kagome yes?” questioned the elder youkai.

“Hn,” he cryptically replied. Knowing that the flea knew he was to continue.

“Yes, well, some weeks back, she and the young Master Inuyasha mated just once. She became violently sick afterwards; screaming, her bones creaking and popping, her skin bruising, her features changing, and just days ago she began to lose her purity in aura, before she began to emit a demonic aura,” stated the flea.

“Indeed.” ‘Curious.’ he thought, wondering what was going on with his brother's bitch.

“Yes, very much so. From tasting her blood I could no longer taste her spiritual powers but instead demonic were in the place of them, and the taste of her humanity is lessening as well. In fact I was not able to get a chance to taste her before I came looking for you, but from what this old flea could see she no longer seems human. She woke three days ago from a sleep that lasted for six suns, with blood red eyes, snarling at everyone.”

“Lady Kagome’s speaking the language of the ‘inu.’ From everything I see it seems somehow she’s turning into an actual inuyoukai, rather then just her life matching your younger brother’s own.”

Now Sesshomaru was very interested, though he did not show it. The female had always caused him to query her, and yet she had been human and there for not to his standards no mater how powerful a miko she was, or her hand in Naraku’s defeat. The idea that she was becoming one of his own was appealing indeed. Female inus were becoming harder and harder to come by, and he was in need of both a mate and heir. Slowly an idea snaked its way into his brain causing the inu to smile, and by all those who knew him, his smiles meant nothing good could come. Speeding up, the Daiyoukai soon came to his brother’s village where he was greeted by the monk.

“Greetings, Lord Sesshomaru, and thank you for coming. Has the situation been explained to you or do you need to know more?” Miroku asked not wanting to waste the dai’s time. The youkai in question looked over the male thinking that it was wise of him to ask, not wanting to repeat what had been said to him already.

“Where is the female?” he asked in a monotone voice. The monk nodded as well as he pointed off a bit east of Edo. The dai wasted no time leaving him and following his brothers scent. Before soon he could hear a great deal of snarls and growls, in a feminine tone. Coming upon the scene, he was in awe to see the female, Kagome, in all her glory. Her hair was far longer then it had been the last time he’d seen her months ago when she had dared to call him ‘brother,’ and her eyes were pure scarlet, no pupil even being able to be seen.

Upon her cheeks were twin crests in bright vibrant orange, as the kimono she wore was torn haphazardly he could see that the same crests were on her ankles as well, and from the fact that she seemed to be an inu bitch, he knew they’d be on her hips as well as her forearms.

She was glorious. Deciding that his plan would work out just the way he wanted it to, he took his eyes, that were slowly tinting pink, from the female to his brother who would charge at her only to be thrown back by the same female. The female, he could easily see, was toying with the pup. He nearly smirked at the situation, for he was certain he knew the reason behind it. That reason made him certainly please. He'd have all he wanted today, for he no longer needed his brother’s sword, the only thing that would make the boy miserable now that they had the unsteady truce was dealing with the female.

“Inuyasha. Can’t control your bitch?” he taunted, hearing a snarl from the female, as well as her throaty growl of a reply.

“Not his bitch! NEVER,” she nearly growled out, causing Sesshomaru to raise a brow, happy that he’d confirmed his thoughts. Taking his eyes off the female when Inuyasha replied, he watched as his brother’s ears pint themselves to the boy's head.

“Look, brother, I know we’ve never been on good terms before, but I need you to help me calm her down. I can’t even understand what she’s saying and I’ve been fighting her for three days now. She still won't calm down. I don’t know what‘s wrong,” Inuyasha said.

“This one will not submit to him! He is weak and unworthy,”
she all but screamed, still speaking in snarls and growls. Again Sesshomaru looked at the female and then back to his brother, inwardly though he was very pleased.

“And just what do you want this Sesshomaru to do, brother?” Sesshomaru humored him leading the conversation, knowing fully what was going to come, and happily waiting for it.

“DAMNIT SESSHOAMRU! JUST CALM HER DOWN! Your…Your stronger then me, and so is she,” Inuyasha said gruffly and quietly dodging as the female threw energy at him, though he barely managed to get out of the way in time. Inuyasha watched as a smile crept over his brother's face and he quickly looked away from the dai back to the female waiting to pounce him and claw him open, his mate. He didn’t know what was going on, or why she’d attacked him. She'd been so sick, they’d thought she would die, and when she woke, she was like this. His heart hurt and yet he didn’t understand what was going on.

Sesshomaru smiled to himself as his brother had played right into his newly hatched plan, “And what’s in it for me, Inuyasha. I see no reason for me to get involved with your affairs. Your bitch, your problem,” he stated nonchelontly as he turned and began to walk away, counting in his head from, '' before his brother called him back.

“Fuck, Sesshomaru! I’ll give you anything you want!” screamed the frustrated hanyou, before he heard a gasp from behind his brother‘s human pack-mate, Inuyasha having looked over to see Miroku, had followed hastily with, “Anything but Tetssaiga!” Inuyasha added as an after thought, smirking to himself knowing he’d just spited his brother’s attempt at his sword.

“On your honor hanyou, or your life? You vow to give this Sesshomaru anything he wants, save our father‘s fang?” questioned the dai. “I will take your life in an instant should you feel to deceive this Sesshomaru, brother.”

“Yes,” answered the hanyou.

“Inuyasha, I do not think it wise to promise your brother anything he wants,” stated the monk as he walked into the clearing from the tree line. The hanyou cocked his head to the side wondering what else he had that his brother could want. He didn’t own much so there wasn’t really anything he’d miss if Sesshomaru took it, and yet the feeling of dread washed over him, as his beast snarled deep within him, as if ice had just washed over his veins.

“So be it. I will calm the female and then I will take my prize, and leave.” stated Sesshomaru, causing more unease in the hanyou as he nodded to the dai.

“Bitch. You will submit to this one.”
snarled Sesshomaru as he spoke for the first time to Kagome, who had been watching and listening to the conversation around them. He watched as she rose a single delicate brow at him before she spoke in guttered growls, both low and throaty.

“And why should I? I woke and was bonded to that weak male, who hasn’t even been able to claim me at half my power. I feel less coming from you as it is. What makes you think this Kagome would think to submit to the likes of you?” she stated in growls and yaps of her own.

“You will submit to me. I understand you don’t know of my power for you have never felt it, but you will submit,” answered Sesshomaru as he advanced upon her, watching as Kagome crouched low in an instinctual fighting stance, flaring his aura out so the bitch would know he meant it.

“I will submit only if you can force me to, lay down your swords. Fangs and claws only! Untested male.”
she purred heatedly.

“So be it.” he replied disarming himself. As soon as they were set aside, the bitch lunged at him, taking him by surprise, Miroku and Inuyasha were gaping at the mouth at the veracity in which Kagome and Sesshomaru fought. What they had seen for three days was nothing to what the Dai and the Tai were capable of, blurs of shining onyx and white silver, marked some of their only movement visible by either of their pair of eyes. Soon snarls and growls escalated and the pair of fighters found themselves thrown back from one another crouching low and ready to spring back at one another.

Attacking again, she rushed him as he caught her and flung her towards the trees intending to crack her back against them and knock her out, not at all thinking that she would turn her back like a neko and spring off the tree and back towards him. Her claws raked his shoulder and back, as she flew towards him, catching his wrist and sending her small jabbing foot into his ribs, knocking the breath from him. He countered, still in motion, by grabbing her other wrist and throwing her into the ground, slamming her back into the ground below them.

Miroku watched in awe. Never before had he seen Kagome move like this, so defensively, nor Sesshomaru fight so hard before. It quickly became apparent to him that Inuyasha was never as good a fighter as his brother and that at any time the elder brother could have killed the younger. He heard a small gasp beside him and looked to see Myoga on his shoulder watching as well. “My, My,” the old flea mumbled, making the monk wonder as he listened still to the two inu’s snarling and growling at one another.

“Myoga-san, might I inquire as to what they are talking about?” asked the married ex-monk, glad that his wife was away at the moment so she did not have to witness this madness.

“Though this old one is a flea, it has been some time since I was in the complete understanding of the inu language, the few words that I do understand are ‘Dominance’ and ‘Submit.’ If I didn’t know better I would think Milord was thinking to take her on as a mate,” stated the wise flea, and earning a threatening growl from the dai.

“FLEA!” Sesshoumaru growled in warning, causing the old retainer to shiver violently.

Miroku knotted his brow, speaking more quietly while hiding his lips from the dai as if it would help. The monk spoke, “Could he even do that? Lady Kagome is already mated to Inuyasha.” this statement getting a snarl from both fighting inu.

“I will kill that weak hanyou before I lay with him!” she snarled though the human could not understand her.

“Things can be changed easily,”
roared the dai at the same time she spoke, making it so Myoga could not interpret the conversation. Myoga wisely, though, chose not to tell the monk that because Sesshomaru was slightly murderous when he wanted something and for once the flea knew better then to talk. The current Inutaishou, Sesshomaru, could place a mark over the hanyou’s and override ownership if the lady submitted in a battle such as this, and Myoga did not wish to die this day telling them that. He had the feeling that if he did say as much this would be his last day living. More so Myoga really liked living.

Miroku seemed to pick up on this and decided to prompt for answers. “Myoga-san?” he asked, looking worriedly at Inuyasha who was still watching the fight as best he could, his ears pinned to his head leaving Miroku to wonder if he’d realized what he might have openly given Sesshomaru leave to take from him.

“We shall see monk,” stated the old flea not wanting to voice any more then he already had. He settled in to watch the fight, noticing again that both fighters had been thrown from one another. An acidic green whip formed and flew out as an acid yellow one met it, snaring it into a tangle, and Sesshomaru growled in annoyance. She was turning out to be far better then he had thought she’d be. Even though her beast had just been born, it seemed that it was rather strong and adamant about not being mated to the halfbreed. ‘All the better for himself‘, he thought, but the bitch was willful, and he was getting tired of this fight.

So in thought was he that he’d missed the bitch begin to transform before him. Knowing that she was on her last leg as she had already been fighting for days before this and hoping to take him out with the larger form, Kagome stood proud, snarling. Before him stood a gleaming obsidian, pointy eared, beauty. He growled possessively low in his throat at the sight of her. She was absolutely beautiful for breeding, and breed he would. This bitch would be his shortly.

Taking after her, the dai transformed. It was the first time his brother would see his now daunting size of a Daiyoukai; smaller then his father for he had not lived so long yet, but still much larger then he‘d been before when they had last seen one another when the Tetssaiga was pulled forth once more. The bitch was tiny in comparison to him. He lunged first, his size shocking her so. Whining as she felt his jaws clamp to her neck, she could feel them digging into her neck, his maw sinking into thick skin, holding her as his weight settled atop of her yet from behind.

Kagome, try as she might, was unable to get him to release her and no longer had the will to do so. Settling his weight evenly on top of her so she couldn’t move at all, he growled out to her, “Do you submit to my dominance, bitch?” She whimpered, being in so much pain, before he heard her small reply.

“Y-yes.” her growl sounded pained, the large male on top of her quickly licked the wound as he heard his brother’s curse. He growled out softly, gently to his new bitch.

“Go back to your human form.”
he said as she and he both began to shrink and regained their human form. Below him on her hands and knees he could see her hair was so long now, her ears fae and pointed like his own, tiny sharp claws adorned her fingers, a fluffy onyx mokomoko hanging from her form. She was dainty but she was gaining control.

His brother began to approach him. Still scarlet eyes looked before he snarled at him, “LEAVE!” Inuyasha visibly stiffened before his hand felt the tip of Tetssaiga’s hilt. Pulling his father’s fang, he brandished it at the dai that was still mounted atop the panting Kagome. ‘At least they both had their clothing on‘, Inuyasha’s mind screamed, looking at his mate beneath his brother.

“Why the hell would I do that, ass hole. She’s calmed down now giv’erback!” he screamed, as he bared his fangs at his elder brother. Watching in horror as Sesshomaru smiled sadistically, dangerously, with a mirth while showing off one of his fangs, and causing both Inuyasha and Miroku to back up some. Sesshomaru remained in place above the former miko; listening as her breath calmed but feeling her limbs quiver a bit as her powers settled.

“This one claims the miko as his prize. You did say ‘anything‘, little brother,” taunted the dai.

“No!” whispered the hanyou before everything seemed to settle in his brain. “YOU CAN’T! SHE’S HUMAN! YOU HATE HUMANS AND HANYOUS!!” bellowed Inuyasha, throwing Miroku’s hand off his shoulder as the monk attempted to pull him back. “Besides, bastard, she’s MY MATE! YOU CANT HAVE HER!!!” he finished screaming.

“Ah. But she’s no longer human, and she’s submitted to my dominance, not your own. She is this Sesshomaru’s bitch now. Besides you did say I could have anything, and it is she that I‘m asking for.” taunted Sesshomaru as he got to his feet and pulled the stuttering almost fully coherent Kagome into his embrace, her taut back to his toned chest. Sesshomaru was watching in glee as his brother couldn’t form words before the hanyou outburst again.

“She’s mine. I already mated her. Are you so dishonorable that you’ll take another’s mate?” countered the hanyou, hoping that he could play Sesshoumaru’s ‘honor card‘, but was slightly unnerved to watch as Sesshomaru smiled more.

“Huh? Lord Inuyasha? You have a misunderstanding.” stated Myoga.

“Yes Myoga, correct the idiot hanyou.” said Sesshomaru showing his mirth at his brother’s loss.

“What is he talking about Myoga?” growled out Inuyasha, his hands clenching hard even white knuckles to his sword's hilt. The flea sighed. He had explained this to his hanyou charge long ago, when he had first come into an age of his first rut. now over one hundred years before, but it seemed that the hanyou had forgotten, or had purposefully not listened to him. Knowing he could not take his time for the tempers in this family were notorious, the old flea spoke.

“Master Inuyasha, please try to listen and understand, as I have told you of this long ago, and many times since. Inuyoukai do typically mate for life and are most often monogamous creatures. Rarely do they stray. But if a mate, particularly a female, feels that her male cannot protect her or any young that they might produce, she has the right to re-mate, and take a stronger male if one is available. Typically she must battle this male, and submit to him in such a battle, showing that he has Dominance over her, and is strong enough to protect her and their own.“

“The stronger male’s mark overrides the previous mating bond and breaks it, binding her to the new male, her new mate. This is exactly what Lord Sesshomaru has already started, as Lady Kagome would not submit to you, but did so to Lord Sesshomaru. She has now moved from your lower pack, to his higher pack, and since there is no Alpha female that I’m aware of ,she has just become it. Beyond all of this, you stated he could take anything as his prize for calming Lady Kagome down, except Tetssaiga.”

“You did not specify how to calm her down or by what methods and your only clarification on this deal was that your half-brother could not have your sword. You never specified that he could not take your mate. If you back out of this or try to fight him to take or win her back, he has every right to kill you and take the sword as it is a family heirloom, as well as the lady as his prize,” finished the old knowledgeable flea with a sad defeated sigh. Kagome had come back to herself fully for the first time in days while Myoga spoke, part of her was thrilled at the opportunity, another part was terrified, and yet even more of her was worried about her hanyou.

Kagome was in tears by this point and finally could take no more because she felt the stress of it all upon her after days of fighting and hearing all of this. If she was to leave her hanyou husband then she would be abandoning him just as every other important woman in his life had before. She could say that she felt terrified to do that to him, but at the same time what kind of life would they lead in the end? A life where her beast constantly wanted to kill her mate?

“But I love Inuyasha,” she protested weakly, trying to convince herself of this as much as those around her. Sesshomaru’s arm tightened around her as he began a melodic thrum in his chest to soothe her. Its desired effects working as she tried to process her overwhelming emotions at the moment, it was just all so much. Myoga just sighed again before speaking once more at length.

“I truly am sorry, Lady Kagome, but your beast or inner youkai is a representation of your subconscious. It, she would have submitted to Inuyasha if she felt the desire to do so. Whether you consciously admit it or not, your subconscious knows that you are stronger then he is. As an inuyoukai, she will not allow you to be with Lord Inuyasha. She has submitted to Lord Sesshomaru though.”

“As a human, this situation was plausible and workable that you might hold more power then your mate because you do not have the instinct to find such a strong or stronger partner, but as an inu, your inner-self could not let you stay tied to someone weaker then yourself. If something were to happen to you, your inner-self knows that Lord Inuyasha might not be able to provide shelter and care for your young should you ever have gotten the chance to have some. Thus you would submit only to one who was able to do this. The first opportunity to do so came from Lord Sesshomaru.” The old flea rubbed his head, listening to the monk gasp silently.

“Do you have any possessions you wish to retrieve before we head back to my domain?” questioned Sesshomaru to Kagome against her ear, his hot breath making her shudder, ignoring the rest, as he let the information set into his female.

“N-no,” she sniffled, not really believing what had just occurred, but at the same time, she couldn’t lie to herself. Somewhere deep inside she had never truly felt whole and complete with Inuyasha. If it was not the issue with Kikyo, then there was the jewel itself, and if not that, there was the way Inuyasha treated her. At fifteen she couldn’t see anything other then the man she so desperately loved and then she was given three years away from him.

Yes, he had changed some, though not enough, but she had changed a great deal too, and then she got him back. Things had not been truly like they should have been and she could not stop the nagging feeling that there was more she did not know about as well. Secrets that Inuyasha and her friends were keeping from her, secrets that would leave her desperate and heartbroken, because she could no longer run back to the future. The well was closed.

She’d been so excited coming back that she hadn’t even thought to remember what her eight month stint in this era had been like, hadn’t ever thought about the fact that she did not want to be treated as her hanyou love treated her, that she deserved better. She’d just been so happy to be able to come back, that the rest hadn’t mattered. One might be ecstatic over something like this chance to regain what she had lost but, as time passed on, she had hidden her true feelings from everyone. What worked when she was fifteen certainly hadn’t worked for her at nearly nineteen.

Then the issue was that she could no longer return to her home having come back to this era. With that she had stayed because it was what she felt she had to do, but now, her fate had been given to another destiny, set from the hanyou’s own mouth. No she didn’t love the Western lord one bit, but she was certain they had more in common then she and her hanyou friend had. Her beast had even been adamant about not being with Inuyasha as soon as it had been birthed into realization.

Kagome was certain that had she and Inuyasha spent their lives together, they would have been miserable in the end, and all her life she would have wished for something different, something she could be certain to not be mistaken for someone else, for she would always have her doubts about him. Always wonder if he only saw Kikyo. 

She followed the inu lord, only glancing once back at her broken husband and first love, her friend and brother consoling him, before she turned and followed her future out of the clearing. “How will this work? I don’t love you, nor do I truly know you, or anything really about you other then your you are the lord of the Western lands. I can‘t even be sure of your first name,” she couldn’t help but ask quietly as Sesshomaru started walking away from the sulking hanyou, the large male looking down with at her with interest in his eyes.

“So long as you are obedient and know who’s dominant, we shouldn’t have any problems, Kagome. I can be very agreeable when I‘m pleased.” he said with a slightly lower and husky voice. She looked at him with wide eyes, and wondered what she had gotten herself into now, and as much as the thoughts scared her, it comforted her as well.

Nodding, she stepped towards him as he put his hand out to pull her close to him, his nimbus forming beneath their feet. She clung to the large white silver male as he made his way West, his prize in his arms, and plans of how to dominate her body until she was both hoarse and pupped forming in his mind.

As he made his way towards the dying sun in the sky, towards his home, retainer, lands, and all, he couldn’t help but look at his prize. He’d always wanted her in some small way, never admitting this to even himself, and when finally presented the opportunity of having her in a way that was pleasing to him in all ways, he’d jumped at it.

So many times he’d seen the loyalties this small onna had given so freely, the love and care she gave as well, and had wished just once that he could be the one to receive such affections, never before had he been so jealous of his brother. Not even the great fang had given Sesshomaru such a hot burst of jealously coursing through him as this onna had been able to unknowingly cause.

As he looked at the top of her onyx crown of hair, he knew he’d been given a prize, a gift from the gods. No he wouldn’t be her first, but it meant he wouldn’t have to hurt her when he took her. No he didn’t love her, nor she him, but they could talk, becomes friends, and perhaps love would bloom, and even if it didn’t then he would at least always have an ally in his home, a person that could bring him peace when the world was at war around them.

Now that he had her, he’d never let her go. When he got home he planned already to have bedded her, pupped her, and planned to keep her there naked and barefoot for some time to come. He’d gain his illusive mate, stopping the succubus’ from chasing after him. He’d get his heir and have a companion that was worthy of himself. All he had to do now was teach her who was dominate and all would work out fine.


Part II: Showing Dominance.


It took longer then she would have thought for them to travel to wherever it was they were going. She  wasn’t really sure but she wasn’t asking questions either. Though usually not in her nature to submit so easily to the will of another, there were many things that coaxed her into doing that with Sesshomaru.

For one thing, they both held honor, loyalty, and duty as a large virtues in lifel something to uphold and live to attain. Another was that she simply couldn’t deny herself that she did, in some powerful way, want him. Those years away had reformed what male perfection was and Sesshomaru was surprisingly close to what she thought it should be.

She couldn’t explain why but she trusted him -- the new being in her subconscious trusted him. It was odd but all the same pleasing. They stalked through the forest they’d landed in that night as the sun kissed the horizon and sizzled into breathing new night.

She was awed by their silent nature, her enhanced senses; making everything overly loud, smelly in a not all together unpleasant way, and far more crisp was her world then it had been before. Whatever she was expecting, she hadn’t truly thought that they’d be going to a cave, though.

She didn’t voice anything about it as she followed him inside, her eyes automatically adjusting to the darkness, before she felt herself following him passed a barrier. The slight sizzle burned but not in a sense of pain. She couldn’t really explain it but her anticipation for what was to come was growing the farther she followed him.

When they were far into the mouth of what seemed like a tunnel, there began to be a slight glow to the walls. Large teal fuzzy caterpillars lined the walls after some point acting like soft glowing lamps to light their way. Kagome held her breath a bit in awe not noticing that they had come upon a small cavern.

He stopped to look at her, taking in her clothing, her beauty, her height all of it; She was far more attractive to him now. He could not deny that even if he wanted to for she left him stiff between the legs. But at the moment she scented far too much like his brother for his liking. It would take a bit of time before his own scent overrode her current one, so he set right off to do that.

Taking her hand sharply, he pulled her towards himself, shredding her clothing from her body and not caring at all for any modesty she might have. She was his now and no other would ever see this body again. It was slightly detestable that Inuyasha had already had her. If it weren’t for her power and the fact that she was an inuyoukai now, he’d never touch her, want her, or have her unless it was simply to make the mutt miserable. Their truce was young yet, and it was still hard to break a habit of hating him in only a little over three years.

A blush stole Kagome’s cheeks. Though part of her desperately wanted to cover herself from his piercing gaze, another part didn’t want to dare move in front of her alpha. That part wanted to display all they had for him and him alone. Clinging to the bolder feeling than the need to be shy, Kagome lowered her gaze, but lifted her chin to bare her neck and did not dare to look in his direction directly.

Had she, she would have noticed his erection pushing hard against his armored body plate. Dropping her hand, he turned away from her and murmur a quiet but firm, “Come.” And she wanted to, hearing that baritone voice lick against her brain and daring to make her feel heat within her being.

Following him deeper into the cave, the cool air hitting her breast and tingling her bare skin so that her nipples hardened under the breath of the gentle breeze. Noticing the air heating and the scent of sulfur, Kagome looked up to see a hot springs. Lining the walls were jars of flowers, and oils for her skin; everything that a girl could want.

She couldn’t help herself when she gasped and smiled brightly, not noticing the arched brow Sesshomaru had sent her way. “It’s lovely,” she whispered. To which he nodded before telling her.

“Bathe.” Silently he was pleased. Most humans did not have good grooming habits. He’d known she was one of the few that regularly bathed, but had always assumed it was because of her shard hunting, having often been covered in her enemies blood, or guts from those that died in a bloody manor. Never had he thought she simply liked to be clean. This pleased him. Nodding to her, he went to the wall and pulled a glass jar of oils, and another jar of flowers before handing them to her, and leaving her to her bath.

Kagome took the jars, placing the oil near the hot spring, while she took the jar of flowers and spread them in the pools surface, not many but just a few petals. Placing the jar aside for she hadn’t seen where Sesshomaru pulled them from, she stepped into the pool. Not having anything she normally would have, Kagome could only spread the water over her being, before using her nails to scrub her skin.

She was not fool enough to not know that Sesshomaru would want her to get as much of Inuyasha’s scent off of her as possible. She knew that each inu was possessive, and she was just his newest possession. Though she hoped for more, she wouldn’t hold her breath. Years before the idea would have upset her greatly and yet now she could still find comfort in the fact that she was his. It was truly bizarre.

Sesshomaru was seated away from her but in full view of the hot springs. He could see her but she could not see him as he sat in the shadows. If she tried, she would probably be able to scent him but that was all. Though with all the sulfur in the air and the water around her, he wasn’t even sure she’d be able to do that.

Watching her was proving to be very erotic. His hamakas were getting tighter in his crotch – not that he minded all that much, though. His control was legendary, there were hardly any inu in Nippon, as they had all migrated from Qin, and watching this female was a sight to behold. Looking at her, he could appreciate her beauty even more. She would make a fantastic breeder, he already knew her to be a loving mother to her kit, and she be his loving bitch in no time.

Looking at her as she poured water upon herself, as it trickled down her supple body, he’d never known that simply watching could bring about such a reaction. Yet it seemed to come from watching only her, for never before had a female of any kind had such an effect upon him. He watched as she spread the flower petals out, happy that she didn’t use too many for he didn’t want to sniff at a flower all night, and even as she submerged herself within the pool, leaving nothing but a inky mass of black where her hair floated on the surface.

Watching as she surfaced again, Sesshoumaru notcied the petals sticking in her tress as she continued to bathe. That inky black tress swirled and rippled in the wake of her movements as she washed her self, not noticing that the movements of her hands were turning the demon lord on so. He was happy once more that she was scrubbing, annoyed that she had no sponge or towel to use rather then her hands.

Sesshomaru guessed that it would take until her next heat to fully remove his brother’s scent from her. Her change had already taken care of the majority of it; the bath and lack of clothing the hanyou had touched taking care of half of what was left. The rest was in her body. He narrowed his eyes at the thought. The lingering scent would be covered by his own very soon, but still the older scent would cling to her until she was pupped and carried only his own scent.

The scent would remain there until he took her, and the more he took her the more the old male's scent would be replaced. He was not certain when her next heat was, at best it would be in days, at worst over the next three moon cycles. Either way, either option was fine with him. He could stay hold up here for as long as he needed.

For far too long he’d denied the need to both rut and pup a bitch, and now that he had his, he wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to do so. Especially not with this one. Later he might take another. He wasn’t sure about that. In all honestly it was not his style to take on too many females at once. Even his concubines were few in number.

He was not a lord that dallied upon the female form, he adored it to a point, but he did not need it often, and provided this one worked out, he would have little need to take another. In fact the ones he had were only because they were gifts, used once and some never again.

Sesshomaru figured that so long as she was content he would have no need for another. She would need to follow the rules, but he also knew that, even though her beast forced her to submit to him, she was still going to be like wild fire. There would always be a time when she would not back down and that was perfectly fine with him. As a human it was more than annoying, and her ability to remain alive was nothing less then amazing to him, considering he’d attempted to kill her at least twice.

He’d gotten enough recon from both his own inquires and spies to know that she was educated. Well educated in fact. She was also well spoken when she wished it so, powerful, beautiful, kind, and many more things a lord would wish for his breeder and bitch. Her smaller annoyances, like her back talking, could be dealt with.

No he would not harm her but she would learn her place even if he had to fuck every lesson into her with the harshest of means. Such lessons were not above him. It was looked down upon to beat or hit one's mate. And conventional punishments such as confinements and sexual pleasure or ‘sexual torture,’ however one looked at it, would more then likely not work on her, but he‘d try those first.

His bitch would require a firm hand, yes, but it would be more then worth it once she was trained correctly, and once he dominated her fully, all beings would envy him and what was his. Truly he looked forward to it.

Kagome, meanwhile, was plucking errant petals from her mane, slightly annoyed but otherwise unnoticing of the demon lord or his inner monologue about her future. Had she heard it, she surly would have been angry, but the fact was she did not. Finally pleased that she’d gotten the majority of the flower petals from her hair she pulled herself out of the pool and sat on its smooth rock edge.

She could easily see that the stones here had once been river stones because of their smooth surface and she was thankful that she didn’t have to seat herself against something slightly jagged. Picking up the oils that he’d pulled down, she opened it's lid and sniffed lightly, not really knowing how the heat would have changed the scent but liking it nonetheless.

The oil had heated nicely, not nearly the sterile cold that it had been while on the shelf but not a lukewarm that did not leave Kagome with goose bumps to have to deal with it. She opened her palm and poured just a bit into her open hand. Placing the bottle down, she began to rub and massage the oil mixture into her skin. The heat of the strings allowing for a healthy glistening sheen to surface upon her as steam beaded into water on her now oiled skin. Of coarse through all of this she had maintained her nudity, not feeling horribly modest as she was still not fully aware of the demon lord's presence near her.

Sesshomaru watched, barely suppressing a moan as he wanted to take her now but allowed her to finish. She would smell much better and feel nice too when she was done. He watched through hooded lashes as her tiny clawed hands ran down her arms, the muscle toned and flexing a bit as she went. Before she began to rub and message the oils into her neck and shoulders, then moving down to the flat expansion of her chest above the large swell of her breasts.

Her fingers lingered there before sighing happily, and moving to those perfectly large but manageable globes of flesh that he longed to take in his mouth and suckle as though he was a new born babe. He watched as the former miko tweaked her own nipples, running her claws under the sensitive flesh below them. It was a great turn on it seemed for the both of them, as her eyes had closed and she’d leaned her head back for a moment exposing her throat to him. His eyes nearly bled scarlet.

Slowly, tortuously so, Kagome got more oil, before rubbing it into her stomach, and lower back, arching herself as she did so, causing her breasts to jut out because of it. Her nipples became even more painfully hard as a slight breeze came across them. Her claws digging into her pert flesh on her hind in, causing a sharp intake of air, the slight pinpricks from her claws calling forth her now inu blood, the scent of which was intoxicating to the large inu in the shadows.

Kagome continued without thought as she began again to rub and massage the oils into her skin; this time starting with her feet and slowly making her way upwards. She massaged through her toes and up her feet to her calves. Rubbing deeply and allowing a small moan to come forth as she began to deeply rub into her thighs, and moaning full out as she massaged it to the fleshy mound of her sex. So taken with her own actions she hadn’t even realized she was nearly masturbating in front of her inu lord, until she heard his vicious snarl at being denied by herself in favor of her own pleasures, rather then allowing him to see to it.

Sesshomaru had watched it all, hearing her small whimpers and sighs as she worked her own body massaging the oil into her skin thoroughly and sensually, and finally could not take it when her fingers dipped into her what seemed to be glistening folds. She was taking away from his pleasure, giving only to herself, but then she didn’t know it wasn’t her job to do that, that only he had the right to bring her to completion, and so when he snarled she had been shocked, and toppled right back into the heated water.

Sesshomaru didn’t even waste time, yanking her out of the water and bringing her towards his angry person. Her heaving wet breasts pressed against his armor less silken form, her nipples hard pressing into him, he growled out low and heady with his wanton voice, “Only this one will pleasure you, bitch. No other has the right to. Not even yourself. You would do well to remember that, unless I tell you otherwise. Is that understood? You. Are. Mine.”

Kagome nearly growled out in lust as well as anger. Sesshomaru could scent both and she knew it. She chose to scowl at him darkly but submitted to him nonetheless. It would be pointless to rile the great inu up and she knew this but it did not mean she was at all pleased with having to submit to him, which did reflect in her scent as well. Sesshomaru though was smirking. He could scent her ire around her just as much as he could scent her arousal, and knew no matter what she did she was always going to be so feisty.

Part of Sesshomaru loved that she was so defiant, so feisty. She posed a challenge. Usually females just gave him what he wanted, and though this one would be no different, she still found ways to defy him. Another part of him wanted to rut her into perfect submission like the bitch she was, and it irked him that she even had such a will upon her. He narrowed his eyes at her and she returned the favor. It both delighted him and angered him.

Finding now to be the perfect time to teach her who was the dominate one in their new relationship, Sesshomaru hoisted her tiny weight upon his shoulder, not at all caring as she squealed in surprise or that he was now almost soaked. He smirked as he slapped her ass hard, relishing at the sight of her flushed red skin, tossing her on to the pallet of furs, her wet hair falling all over her nude form and sticking, making her look rather more then just tempting. Sesshomaru growled lustfully like the predator he was. He would enjoy this more than most conquest he had in his life, more than any female he’d ever had before.

She was nude before him, and though he’d seen her body to some degree while she undressed and bathed, it was the first time getting a good look at her in all her glory. The lighting in this rutting den was both cool teal from the glow of the demonic silk worms, and warm amber from the healthy fire he had blazing not too far from them. The cave, carved out from both the acids of his ancestors, and the added maintenance from the worms was a place that his family came to have complete and total seclusion with their mates.

He planned to keep her here for some time. Until she was pupped, in fact. Her body was mature enough. Really he just had to wait as females of his kind went into heat once a season. So at least he’d end up waiting a few days, at worst three months. Either way the area was heavily protected and had large game so that he could hunt and not need to be so far from his female at any time. Both he and his beast were utterly happy about this. He found himself now able to admit, at least to himself, that even as a human he had somewhat wanted her. Now he was just waiting for the change in her scent to that heavy fertile spiciness he could not wait to smell upon her.

As much as he longed to pup her, he could wait a bit for that. For now, thought, he would show her, her place beneath him. Without much of a word, for there was no reason for there to be, he looked down at her, his face not showing anything as per usual, as he slipped his kimono and juben off, allowing them to cascade down his toned pale arms. He smirked just faintly as he watched her eyes constrict a bit while her heart rate began to rise forcing her breasts to heave a bit more. Her cheeks flushed, her scent sparked with arousal and her mouth parted just slightly, truly if he didn’t know her better he’d swear she was a temptress.

Kagome had seen her fair of sexy men in her life time. After all, she came from the modern era five hundred years into the future where sex sold everything. Not to mention that, even though she had issues with her husband, Inuyasha was well defined as well. Though he held no candle to Sesshomaru. She could easily see that years upon years of fighting with heavy swords and whatever else he did had done his body good, ‘perhaps he drank a lot of milk‘, she mused as she couldn’t help but long to touch him.

The futuristic woman in her was the kind of creature that took what she wanted and Kagome had something in mind that she wasn‘t sure the demon lord would like at first. Kagome knew he‘d like it in the end, though. Running with this new feeling because well she usually always followed her instinct, Kagome rose to her hands and knees before him, the picture she unknowingly created turning him on greatly as he watched her. Her luminous eyes, orbs of solid blue looking up at him lustfully, he watched as she easily padded towards him.

Rising to just her knees before him, Kagome’s delicate hands found the knot in the sash that held up his hamakas and untied it. She watched with bated breath as his cock sprang forth, nearly slapping her chin for she was so close. Sesshomaru, though annoyed she was once again going over her boundaries, wondered what she was preparing to do. No female had ever attempted this form of seduction with him. Most were after their own release, their own pleasure, and though he wouldn’t mind feeling her touch upon his person there, he was not sure why she’d be knelt before him as such.

Kagome’s eyes were large, taking in the sight of him. She instantly felt herself become more aroused and wet for this male before her. She unconsciously licked her lips as though she’d be devouring him soon, which was exactly her plan.

Sesshomaru watched as his female licked her lips wondering what her plan was until he felt her tongue on his member slowly and lusciously followed by the feel of her flush full lips swollen tightly to the head of his cock. Slowly his eyes slid closed, allowing her to do this to him, which was unheard of. No demon would willingly place his member in the mouth of a predator and yet here he was doing just that because he was curious and it felt fantastic! Never before had he felt something so slick and hot that was not the sheath of a female before. He wanted to drive himself into her, and that was exactly what he did. His tapered clawed fingers locked at the base of her neck and grabbed harshly into her hair as she moaned opening her throat to him and his thrusts.

His girth rubbed hard against her fangs, sending small shivers of pain and pleasure through his being as he began to fuck her face, dominating her here as well. She moaned once more and the head of his cock dipped below into her throat deeply, her lips thinned and stretched to accommodate him. He hissed at the feeling. He loved it, but as much as he did, he didn’t want to take her like this. He didn’t want to find his end this way and he was not sure that he couldn’t keep himself from knotting within the confines of her mouth. Something like that would not go well at all and he did not want a panicky female on his hands.

Pulling out of her and slightly throwing her against the pallet of furs once more his cock twitched that the cold feel of her saliva wet in the air around his heated flesh the slight breeze cooling him. He could scent her heavy arousal as well knowing that the small amount of time he’d been within her mouth she had greatly turned herself on. She pushed herself up just a bit. Her hair wildly tossed already, she looked beautiful. Kicking the loose pants from his being, as his boots were already removed, he lowered himself to the pallet as well, noticing her annoyed pout that she’d been taken from her treat.

He smirked hungrily at her, watching in amusement as her eyes widened, before he grabbed her ankles and pulled her out. Still on his knees, he easily flipped her on her belly and rose her hips to meet his own. His thick girth rubbed against her backside, as she moaned and growled out. There was no foreplay for his bitch. She was hot, wet and ready and he wanted nothing more then to take her and make her his own and begin to change her scent. His thick girthy member pressed into her slowly, stretching her in ways her husband had never before; her beast snarling that she could even think of the hanyou at a time like this.

She moaned deep and low feeling him fill her so. It felt fantastic; wonderfully tight and hard, painful and yet oh so pleasurable. Though he wanted to just out right fuck her, and oh he would, he did not at this moment. No matter what, she was his; his woman, his bitch. She would be his mate as the hanyou had never been able to take her as such, for she was far too much female for him.  She would me his only, his own, mother of his heir and pups. This was not a time to take her like a savage. Yes, he would dominate her body, showing her, her place in his world, beneath him, and obeying him, but he would not take her ruthlessly.

Savageness had no place between them now, and only when she asked for it would he give her such. He was certain that before long she would request it so. Though he was dominate between them even and especially here, he would still oblige her requests. It just might take a bit of begging on her part. A sick yet pleased grin spread across his face as his bitch thrust hard back into him, sheathing him within her completely, forcing a both angry and pleased growl to rip from his throat. She was going to act up no mater what, and he knew it so with that in mind he sought to bind her.

Mokomoko was a part of him. Though not physically attached and not at all a tail, it was as much an arm or extension of himself as his limbs were. Its creation was a sign that he was a taiyoukai, powerful among his own right. Even now all of Nippon had few true Tai’s, while he himself was now even elevated beyond that stations as he was truly a daiyoukai, surpassing that of even his father when he gained the sword Bakusaiga. Mokomoko, though rarely used for any purpose other than to look pretty and hold energy, was a very resourceful and tactical weapon.

Few thought the pelt, fur was capable of anything, and if forced to be weaponless, he still had his claws, his poisons, as well as his whip. Yet most forget the mokomoko itself. The normally average length and very voluptuous pelt was capable of spreading itself thin and creating an extraordinary lengthiness to itself. Doing so now as Kagome once more attempted to thrust back to gain all of his girth, he had the appendage wrap around his bitches waist, before it curled once around each of her thighs, then her ankles and finally pulling it's tip around her wrists.

So shocked was his bitch that the mokomoko had easily adjusted her tiny weight so that her arms were now pulled down by her sides, her legs were spread wide and she herself was unable to move. Part of him could not stop himself from getting up and bringing her and a lit torch into an anti-chamber that he knew she had yet to notice yet. Bright, shiny polished steel refracted the tiny light of the torch as Sesshomaru set more piers within the new chamber ablaze, forcing a somewhat bright yet dark amber light into the room and bathing them in both light and warmth.

Kagome by now had gotten over her shock and was beginning to vocalize her annoyance in growls as well as struggle to get away from him. Yet the mokomoko only tightened the more she attempted to remove herself from the bind of the appendage. “Continue to move, my little bitch, and mokomoko will only grow more tightly upon your person,” his husky dark voice said, sending delight and pleasure up her spine. Slowly she willed herself, as well as her instincts, to slow and calm. Finally achieving this, Kagome was able to take in their surroundings, her glowing orbs taking in all around her as her senses expanded a bit.

The anti-chamber was bare to her own eyes, yet there was at least one large ottoman looking seat in the center of the room, and then slowly as she looked she could see the polished steel in front of her. Looking at it she nearly blushed, the way the appendage held her she was open for display, her wet womanhood exposed to his view via the polished surface, the binds of the appendage though fluffy, still holding her taut as she finally noticed him watching her watching them. Instantly she wanted to close her eyes as she felt the pelt shift, impaling her wet heat hard onto the massive member.

Kagome could only breathe in deeply as the massive length rubbed against both her womb and spine forcing her back to erect perfectly in air. She dropped her head back upon his shoulder exposing her long gentle neck as her head fell back, her hair cascading and tickling his abs. He rose her slowly off of himself again with the mokomoko before impaling her once more just as fiercely as before, forcing a startled yet happy moan from her being. He could feel her wet velvety tightness wrapped around him and couldn’t help but watch in the polished steel across from him as he sank within her depths once more, his member glistening as he pulled her off once more.

She was convulsing around him. Though he’d had sexual favors before, nothing had ever felt like this for he did not take virgins or so newly made females and she had only been taken the once before this. Females like his bitch were ones that he could not take with reckless wanton abandonment as he would normally. They required a ‘soft hand‘ when dealing with them, and as she would find out soon, his ‘soft hands’ would only be for her in his chambers, their den, or anywhere he took her body. Furthermore anything considered “soft” about him would only be for her and their pups in their rearing, with the exception of their training. Though even that would be scarce.

His bitch was nearly unbearably tight, to the point where the pain was so much that it bordered on too much, but the pleasure of it was magnificent and easily outweighed the pain. Easily he had her moaning and growling for him. In a rush she’d already cum once, while he had yet to do so. Mokomoko began to impale her that much faster.

Her heated liquid sex had gushed from her hole, coating him in her essence, as his balls slapped tightly against her. He had clenched his teeth hard then, knowing that as her fluttering muscles tightened he wanted so much to spill his seed. Yet he kept that at bay. His clawed fingers found her clit as he worked her orgasm over and causing it to continue far long past her first and into her second,before finally following with his own. The milky seed sticky upon them, leaking out of her as he had not knotted within her, their shared essence slowly falling down his sack.

Sesshomaru was nowhere near complete with her or their night, a male adult inu fully matured such as himself could go for hours, releasing and filling his female again and again, for as long as he could move in fact. With his stamina, he was certain his poor little bitch wouldn’t even be walking tomorrow. He reveled in her deep breaths as she greedily took in air, her body convulsing still as her muscles slowly loosened, into a near bone like jelly as he pulled her back a bit from the edge of the ottoman like surface they were upon. Its cushion top padded them like a futon so that he wouldn’t have to be upon the cool hard ground with his female, a turn off he was certain.

Having yet to pull out of the heaven he’d found between his females legs, he easily maneuvered her so she lay on her left side just as he did now. Pulling her right leg over his own she lay open for him to see perfectly in the shined steel, the amber glow of the fire making her skin look sun kissed. The look she held on her face was one of pure lust and desire as he hardened once more within her being. Their current position allowed him to see the obvious bulge of his cock within her being. Pressing against the flat plain of her belly, that would within time be swollen heavy with his pup, he surged forward once more making it protrude that much more. Thinking of his bitch heavy with pups brought his beast forward even though she was not scenting right. Of course, that did not stop his beast from trying.

Leaning over her, she used his shoulder and bicep as a pillow as his hand pulled her face and neck back to expose her neck to him once more. His other hand held her possessively into him just above the head of the bulge he created within her in the first place. The feeling was forcing his miko to make the most pleasing of noises. Her needy whines, soft growls, and heady moans were enough to make him want to come once more but he knew he’d have to work a bit more before that happened. At this he was a bit pleased, knowing he would well outlast her, but he would work to complete himself before she was passed into unconsciousness. He smirked into her neck as he lavished it with his oral attention. His new goal to set their night.

It had been about a month since she’d willingly left with Sesshomaru and nearly every moment was the same. He was buried deep within her pounding into her, or sometimes driving into her with a gentleness she had never thought him to have. They did spend time talking briefly, speaking of many things, of fools and kings, and yet she couldn’t find herself bored with him ever.

Everything was open, even when she felt he did not wish to answer her, he did, and she answered in the same. Though it had been a conversation about Inuyasha that had set him off. While he was not violent with her, nor did he rape her, he was not gentle with her as he took her next, apparently still brooding about it, and some how even as punishment, she loved it.

Exhausted, Kagome had gone to sleep that night curled and sated next to her mate, and though she could tell he was not happy yet, his aura wasn’t nearly as dark as it had been after his brother’s name was pressed upon his thought. She nuzzled into him as she drifted off to sleep, already on the schedule he’d set her for in the first few days after her arrival. Basically, wake up, fuck, eat, bathe, fuck, fuck, nap, fuck, fuck some more, light conversation, light dinner, fuck until she passed out, which was exactly what she was doing.

Sesshomaru hadn’t liked the conversation that led to them talking about his brother. Even though he was not impartial to seconds when it came to females, no matter how delectable they were he’d never wanted one, let alone his brother's. It was male pride that issued the ill feelings he had towards the boy as it regarded his mate. The simple idea that Kagome had not only been seen but felt by the hanyou was deplorable.

Even if they had only spoken briefly of her old packs comings and goings, it was enough to seriously upset him. As he’d fucked her tonight he hadn’t really been as gentle as he should to his mate and as such she now paid the price with her waking hours. Deciding that perhaps he could get some sleep while his mate did, he pulled the onna to his chest possessively and fell into fitful sleep.

~~~He was walking through the forest, the sun blazing and bright in the afternoon hours of the day, a light breeze playing against his face, and pulling his hair up just a bit. In that breeze the scent of his brother and a human came to him. Not certain what was going on, b/c the rest of his little brother’s pack was not mingled with the whelps, he went to go see. Hiding his aura and coming up from downwind so the boy wouldn’t smell him, Sesshomaru stalked after him. Coming to the edge of a clearing what he saw made his eyes bleed scarlet. Her hands tied together in front of her was his bitch, Kagome in the inu receiving position, on her elbows and knees, her back bowed out to that her ass was in the air.

Behind her was his brother, possessively curling around his bitch and looking right at him as one of his clawed hands went around and took a hold of her well endowed breasts and squeezed hard making the scent of tears from his bitch filter into the air. His brother only smirked at him as he rammed himself into his bitch, and started moving, all the while looking at himself. With a violence only Sesshomaru could muster, he plowed into the clearing grabbed the boy by his throat and threw him into the closest large tree snarling “MINE!”~~~

“MINE!” Sesshomaru had hissed upon waking not more then a moment later, while pulling his bitch in slumber into the position. Only Kagome’s ass in the air, he leaned in and licked sinuously up from her clit to the depths of her pussy and in just once coating her in as much lubrication as he could stand before sheathing himself. Plunging into her core woke her upwith a started moan, as his penitration was hot, hard, and forceful, and still she was tired from his earlier treatment of her. With her limitied awakeness, her slow resopnce from te surprise, still he didn’t not wait for her to adjust to his concuring of her body once more.

He fucked her, brutally, with jealous abandonment to claim her in a way that irrevocably made her his, which she was. His claws bit into her hips as he pulled her back into him at the same time driving himself into her tight and now sopping wet core. She cried for him, the pleasure and pain too much that all she could do was whimper out. The sounds turning him on more, forcing him to swell to greater sizes, and yet still he would not relent. Her body was nearly curled to the ground, save her hide end matched up with his as he bent over her, and dug his elongated fangs into her neck once more; her blood both pooling in his mouth and falling to the ground. She had been asleep when he’d done this the first time, and he reveled in her pain and pleasure from it now.

Her pussy convulsed continuously around his sheathed girth as she came and couldn’t seem to stop doing so, and yet it did not matter. Her tears did not matter. She was his and always would, that was what mattered. Finally after who knows how long of the brutal sex, he slammed into her hard, and asked with a growling voice, “Who owns you ,onna?” His voice dark and nearly cruel with rage and passion.

“Y-you do.” was her quiet and nearly stumbling reply, though obviously from his harsh thrust it was not what he wanted, the possessive growl that followed making her choke out, “You own me, Sesshomaru.” she stated still not even sure what had caused this bountiful romp. And as if saying it made it real, he came long and hard, pulling out he coated her in his essence, spurting on her thighs her pussy, her ass, her back, in her hair.

It was hot and dirty and she smelled just like him, his bitch collapsed afterwards on her stomach and didn’t even bother trying to stay awake, as he pulled her to him sticky and all and licked her neck and ear. She was covered in her blood and his cum and she smelt divine. She was his, and no one would take her away from him, him. He had dominated her and she’d submitted like a perfect bitch she was. He was content then and actually smiled as he buried his nose into the crook of her neck and fell a sleep with her in his possessive hold.


Part III: Being Dominated


They had rutted for weeks before he scented her on coming heat. Unable to stop himself he’d fattened her up with the meat of deer, livers of boar, and much more. He knew she wasn’t used to it, but her body was craving the extra nutrients these foods would provide the young it was getting ready to make. Instincts made it easy to do, as Sesshomaru could not lie even to himself. As old as he was, he wanted young. He, himself, had been born to his father when his father was at least fifty years younger than he. Instincts screamed at him that it was time for an heir, pack, things he had denied himself as he’d taken over the previous Western Lord's place –  too young to protect anything but himself at the time. Even politically, his mother still held the title of the Western Lady as he had been too young still to run an entire land.

They would not be leaving this den for some time, he knew, though she didn’t. He would not let his bitch or his pups see the light of day for some time to come. His bitch with pup would be vulnerable and the fires of hell would feel calm and cool to the wrath he would visit upon any that attempted to harm her or theirs. It was more simple to keep her hidden away with the pups for a time to come. He watched as she ate everything provided for her. He knew she was not accustomed to even wanting or eating so much yet she was and he delighted in the knowledge of what it meant.

Kagome was a bit taken back by everything. At first she had not wanted much, her human failings telling her not to eat so much, but, as he'd literally forced her to take the raw meat, she had found it to be wonderful. The first bit of warm deer blood awakened something within her that she couldn’t even guess was and it wanted these things, appreciated that Sesshomaru was even bringing them to her. If she could call it anything, she’d call it instinct. As she seemingly gluttonized herself on the meats and livers, she could feel herself being lost in the fires of something else.

Too late did she notice the red haze upon her vision, as her conscious began to be shared with the baser side of herself, the side that had rejected the hanyou and followed easily the large male, her male.

The burning heat of her desire consumed her easily and with no time she found herself slowly standing, allowing her kimono to billow down towards the ground. Not having a habit of dressing like her old self or a proper lady as she had been living within this den for more then a month without having seen the light of day or night. Quickly the silver white male, too, was on his feet; his own eyes bleeding scarlet in reaction to the growing aroma of both her heat and her desire. Slowly Kagome backed up, a small fanged smile playing her face as her male advanced. Instinct always won out.

Kagome turned and tore away from him, the chase on, though she knew not to head outdoors. The den, as she’d found out, had a complicated set of tunnels and caverns of all shapes and sizes, even one or two deeply buried in the ground that would accommodate their true forms. That was where she was headed. Hot on her heels was her male. Effortlessly she let go of her clothing, his own fluttering not far behind him as hers already met the den floor. The chase didn’t last long and as soon as they reached the right place, their forms shifted.

He was on her post haste. His thick member finding her entrance as his jaws clamped down painfully upon the scruff of her neck. Blood was easy to smell and it spurred him on, being so close to the source. He entered her as a dog would, hot and heavy with his fore legs clamping around her shoulders and center, as he connected with her sex. Hard ruthless fucking is what he was doing and, even though in this form they could not moan out, her long and low growls sounded almost feline like. Oddly enough, it made him want to fuck her more.

He had no idea how long they spent like this, locked behind her, within her, before he knotted for the first time, only to force her beneath him to lay. At least an hour passed as his sex pumped steadily a stream of his hot seed within her core before he loosened from her. Yet he did not let her up nor did he himself move from her, his heavy weight settled above her still as they some how found rest this way. Not long again passed before he was awake once more and mounting her again. All through her heat these were his actions. By the time her heat had faded, his logical side returned, and their forms shifted, days had passed.

Tired and on the brink of exhaustion, he and his mate fell asleep together curled together, his larger form shadowing her smaller form, his clawed hands possessing her even in their sleep. Sesshomaru finally stirred hours later ,feeling more rested then he had in a very long time; the scent of his mate and his pup heady in the air and for once he did not stop his proud grin. No one, not even his mate, was there to see it and there was something to be said about rutting his female into being pupped. Stretching his nude form out, he easily scooped his mate up and brought her to the area that they normally slept in. He did not wish for her to bathe just yet, as he rather liked the scent of his own essence embedded and could finally no longer scent his half brother upon her.

Smugly he held on to the once miko, stroking her face and neck lightly as she thrummed and leaned into his touch. He couldn’t say that he loved her, for that was a human emotion, but she was pack, they were pack. They were pack. And they would be growing soon.


Part IV: Acceptance


Inuyasha sat in the high branches of Goshinboku. The gods tree had been his place of meditation, rest, ire, and love. It was, in fact, a central part of his life. He had met both his first love and second by this tree. Though the pain of losing Kagome had been hard and he had not faired well entirely, it had not eaten him away as the lloss of Kikyo had. One thing Kagome had never understood was that for him waking up had only been moments after being shot in the chest in the first place. Getting over his first love with her near younger replica in looks was, to say the least, difficult.

As time had passed though and with Kagome away like any male he’d sated his bodily lusts in those around him. Never in Edo. No, he was not fool enough to do that. But he had pups, human pups, that had been sired on his nights of weakness. Kagome had never known of them before she left with Sesshomaru and for that he was glad. He did not acknowledge these pups, for they had been created with women he’d taken while drunk and human. Though when he came across some of his pups he’d known them by scent. They did not have his demonic nature and for that he was grateful.

The three years away from her had been horrible; as the half demon had finally come to the understanding that he wanted her, wanted her to be his, to possess her. Yet when she returned she had been different. He hadn’t told the others, though he was certain they could see it, there was a sad understanding in her eyes, that had not been there when they fought the final battle. The brash loud girl he’d fought along side of had matured into the graceful woman that came back to be with him. His relationship though was not the same as it had been before hand. When she returned she’d been so sure of herself, and his insults and teasing barbs just rolled off of her. She was calm and collected. She was different.

When they had mated, the one and only time, she had been far from heat, so there was no pup created and she’d be come violently sick during the act itself, with what he could only assume now the youki within her. It was still very much a mystery to them all really and years later now, they still didn’t know. He and the monk had been the last to see Kagome alive nearly eight years ago. Sesshomaru had stopped visiting his own ward, and word had traveled far and wide that the Western Lord had taken a mate and bore pups. He had yet to meet this female officially or these pups, but he did not look forward to it.

Inuyasha was certain they were Kagome and her own pups, pups that she and her inner demon had not wanted to bare for him. He felt jealousy and resentment towards her, and yet at the same time he feared Sesshomaru finding out his own issues now. In the years since Kagome’s second great departure from his life he’d found comfort in young Rin. At first it was nothing more then the fact that she reminded him of Kagome’s youthful self before the well took her and changed her. The her that he was not angry at. As she grew older and into herself there was much about her that reminded him of his miko, and yet unlike Kagome she needed his protection from the world, while the older girl, …woman, his wife even, had not for a long time.

It was the year of Rin’s first blood that he realized perhaps things had gone too far between Rin and himself, and the year after that that he realized he wanted her with the same wanton needs he’d had with both Kikyo and Kagome. Regardless of everything though, of his thoughts on how much the females in his life shared in common he never said as much to her or anyone. The inuhanyou would not repeat what happened with Kagome. He would not put Rin in Kagome’s shadow as he had placed Kagome in Kikyo‘s. Now four years after Rin’s first blood, at the young age of sixteen to his two hundred plus, she was heavy with his own pup, married and mated to him irrevocably as Kagome had never been.

Inuyasha sighed as he thought about it all. While he’d been more then pissed that Sesshomaru had taken Kagome from him, he did not want to think of the reaction the daiyoukai would have to him taking Rin as his own. Though a small bitter part of him had said to hell with his older brother, it was an eye for and eye; --this part did tend to rear its head any time he thought of it all--, even mated and married to Rin he had never been able to stop himself from wondering what had happened to Kagome. She put up little fight when the larger inu had taken her and there had been no fear in her scent either. He didn’t want to think of it, he wanted to be once more with his current mate.

With that in mind the hanyou left the Gods tree and headed for his hut to be once more with his wife, who in a pregnant fit the night before had seen fit to throw him out, for what reasons he wasn’t even sure of, but at least he was glad that she couldn’t ‘sit’ him. Making his way back to his hut where his wife was she greeted him outside, and yet really she wasn’t looking towards him but to the sky itself, the morning overcast hiding what she seemed to be feeling. Yet it didn’t take long for him to scent out Sesshomaru and others.

Turning out to meet them, it seemed that even the Ex-monk, his wife the slayer, and their three young had come out to greet the Western Lord. In the sky descended the larger then life male, the last time those here had seen him he’d taken their friend from then. They wondered what he wanted or what he’d take this time. Sesshomaru for his own part had yet to change into his human form as his crimson orbs eyed both his once ward, and his own half brother. Watching warily as the boy made no move for his sword, he barked out low and commanding.

Within moments a massive figure descended from the sky her obsidian coat shining and glossy even through its fluff made her fuzzy, yet it was not the large dog that came forth that made Inuyasha’s jaw slack and drop, but the four small fuzzy pups that followed her. Just as graceful as his brother the dark female landed, much smaller then his brother, he knew her right off, it was Kagome. Watching with amazement there were twin obsidian pups and twin silver whites, the lot of them looked like a mix between Sesshomaru and Kagome’s true forms, flopping ears as well as pointed, curly hair and fuzzy straight, they were beautiful like their parents.

Crossing his hands against his chest, Inuyasha watched as the pups landed three out of four rather gracefully if not a bit clumsy, yet the last was seemingly a klutz as it landed and hit the ground rolling only to be stopped by its mother’s paw. He watched as Kagome barked softly to Sesshomaru and then all of them, the Royal Western family began shifting back into their demonic yet human forms. Kagome stood behind her mate, his own brother Sesshomaru who did not even look as though he were the same youkai he’d known all his life.

Sesshomaru looked like their father, what he remembered from the brief moment they’d seen him when dispersing the fang of hell, Sounga. Double shoulder guards like that of his father, as well as new armored breast plate, that was like and unlike their father’s. Even hand and forearm guards the likes of which were beautiful but again reminded him of their father. Even more so Sesshomaru seemed larger then he remembered. His hair pulled into a high pony tail nearly on top of his head, he looked more dangerous and more regal. On his hip was Tensaiga, as well as Bakusaiga, and on his back a third sword that he had no idea the name of; truly he looked like everything the Western look should.

Behind him in flowing yards of pristine white silk was Kagome, wearing his brother's colors, in many layers fading from the white to the crimson red at the bottom, her own obi black with a black pattern on it to divert the eyes from the solid color. Behind her were the four pups, three looking at him from behind their mother’s skirt, and the forth boldly looking at him as though he was the most important being on the earth, upon his brow a dark indigo moon like that of his father, his haughty attitude a trait that both Kagome and Sesshomaru must love.

Part of the hanyou wanted to sneer as he watched Kagome come forth baring her vulnerable neck to the obvious alpha male in her life before she came forth bringing her pups with her. Part of him wanted to yell, holler, and make her regret that she ever left, but at the same time of him saw the emotion in her eyes. Things had changed. Her eyes held both a cool detachment as well as a wildness about them that all full youkai seemed to have. She was his brother’s bitch irrevocably, and she must love it for not once had she ever, in all the years he’d known her, submitted to another.

Sighing deeply and making no way to stop it, he watched as she approached, pulling the pups from behind her with her tail, or at least what he assumed was her tail. Scooting the pups forwards Kagome smiled a fanged small smile but it was genuine as she began to speak, her voice seemingly deeper and smoother then before. “This pups, is your uncle Inuyasha,” she said to them, before going back, “Inuyasha, This Kagome would like for you to meet My Lord’s and her pups. Eldest and heir Kagayakashiinu,” she said extending her hand to the male tiny double for Sesshomaru.

“Miyako, our eldest daughter,” she said allowing the next pup to be presented, a smaller Kagome look alike finding him then. “Yoshiroinu, our youngest male pup,” she gestured to the black haired golden eye male pup, as she said finally, “And, Gin, our youngest female,” indicating the silver white headed female pup with blue eyes like her own. The hanyou took a moment to memorize the smells storing them in the recesses in his mind, before finally bestowing a fanged smirk upon them.

Smiling as well, the former miko looked behind her hanyou brother-in-law and former husband to the swollen bellied Rin, she smiled impishly at the woman child before bidding her daughters to follow her, noticing soon after that her mate had bid their sons to follow as well, obviously needing to talk male with Inuyasha about their goings on. She made no move to stop him or attempt to fight on the hanyou’s side, she’d left that position long ago, and had her own to worry about now. Smiling to Rin as the younger female made her way into the hut, Kagome and Rin left the males to ‘talk it out.’

Sesshomaru for his part would never have assumed his young ward would have ever gone with Inuyasha on anything knowing they had never been so very close. He could not say though that he was upset that she was now mated to his own brother though. She would now live longer, as well now she truly was pack. If anything he was more upset that he had not been consulted for the match. Although even this he was not to completely upset about either; after pupping Kagome things had changed within him for the better.

He’d never thought of himself as a father and truly hadn’t thought anything would change until he held his own pups in his hands and to his breast. There was more wonder it seemed in the world then he could even dare to think of looking at the small creations. A protective fierceness the likes of which he’d never known had formed for his bitch and his pups as she had come to rely on him greatly during the last months before birth and even afterwards. The idea and reality of pack had forced him to be the male his father had always hoped he’d be. Though he was not a very playful father, nor was he openly emotional he had learned to love his bitch and his pups, and show them in his own ways.

Coming here today had been part of something his bitch had been attempting for a time. She had reasoned that his brother, no matter his blood relations, was pack and that he needed to know his own nephews and nieces. He hadn’t been too happy about it really, but then there was the added bonus of being able to find out about his ward, someone he’d neglected a bit more then he had hoped. With the birthing of his pups and the changes within him, it wasn’t that he didn’t have time for her, it was that he had learned he needed to move on a bit from her.

Rin’s role in his life was over as it had once been, and yet he still felt like the girls father a bit, and seeing her now heavy with his own niece or nephew both delighted him and angered him. He wouldn’t fight his half-brother though, no, he was not that stupid, despite the fact that he was the dominant one in his relationship with his bitch, she was terrifying when she wanted to be; something he’d been assured from other inu’s in his home was very normal.

Terrifying,….but normal, his little mate still was really the same girl she’d always been. She was just now a demoness, and finally she’d learned who was boss, but really there were times when despite what he told himself, he knew she was the one in control. He remembered many a time over the last eight years that he’d found himself hiding from her wrath, and telling the servants in their home that ‘they had not seen him.’ The great dai nearly balked at the idea then, but knew when it was time to retreat in certain battles. Sometimes the female just won, no questions asked.

Frowning outwardly at the very thought that a female could hold so much power over him yet he adored her and so he let it be. Noticing that his frown was making his brother’s stance stiffen a bit, the just barely out of pup-hood adolescence he noted mentally, the dai warily shook his head a bit, and offered the hanyou an olive branch not wanting to piss his mate off. Terrifying, but normal, he reminded himself. “Tell me, Inuyasha, how came you and Rin together?”

To say his brother was shocked was an understatement and somehow delighted in the fact that he held such power over the young male still. For Inuyasha’s part, he was shocked beyond reason that his brother hadn’t attempted to decapitate him, but then his brother was never someone that anyone could assume anything of really, with that in mind the hanyou answered. The two falling into a light conversation as their females talked over life, and loves, the day waned on. When the Western pack left it was with reassurances, and promises to see one another soon. The dominate alpha pair delighted to know their pack would grow again soon.

The end.

*Kagayakashiinu - glorious dog
*Miyako - beautiful night child
*Yoshiroinu - blessed son dog
*Gin - silver

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