Do you know how to dance? by sugar0o who lurks

Do you know how to Dance?

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Chapter 1:

He sat at home waiting, it was beneath him to wait on any being let alone a human female, how he had gotten himself into this situation he'd never know. She had to have been some type of seductress, and her scent was very pleasing when they met, her body was for a human acceptable and on their first 'date' she had allowed him to bed her. He was not at all surprised to find he was not her first, the scent of other males was deeply embedded into her being and had lingered there, but he didn't care. She had turned out to be a great rut at the time, her loose ways allowing for his girthy member to slide effortlessly into her while still feeling the not so tight sheath around him, he found himself if nothing else oddly possessive of his 'chew toy', well not really possessive in the way an inu would protect a mate, more so he just didn't want to share. He shook his head at the bad analogy and his pet name for the wench, being a damn dog demon sometimes, "Demandable chew toy." he murmured to himself. Sighing he got up when he heard a knock at the door.

In his home he'd had the lights off while sitting in the dark waiting for the bitch so he could give her a piece of his mind before fucking her so hard she wouldn't be able to walk let alone leave for a week, damn the sexual frustration , he thought angrily. He didn't need them to see and she wasn't there so what was the point, beyond that it normally meant he didn't have people knocking at his door at, he checked his watch, 9:30 pm at night, for surely a being with common since would stay away from this particular home.

Opening the door with such venom and fierceness as though he might be running from fire, he was just about to bellow something rude to whom ever it was standing there when he saw her. The scent that he had smelled on his 'chew toy' when he'd first met her in that bar so many months ago, the miko, her sister, Kagome, stood before him. Now his 'chew toy', Kikyo , he had to remind himself constantly lest he actually call her that to her face one day, was shallow, vain, lustful, hell she was a walking sin in almost everyway. Her sister on the other hand was the opposite, her being exuded coolness, a soft composure even when her aura was murderous, oh and he couldn't forget about that always humming thrum of power just below her skin.

Her scent, when he finally realized it didn't belong to his 'chew toy' was divine, he wonder how these two could be almost identical but be so different. Then he remembered himself and Inuyasha --which explained exactly how two like beings could be so different--, her current boyfriend if he remembered the half-whit half demons rant correctly, hadn't he said that his bitch wouldn't put out , Sesshomaru had laughed in his face telling him about what a great rut his 'chew toy' was. He remembered the hanyou had turned red in the face, tucked tail and run, oh how he loved to goad his little half brother into feeling like crap. It wasn't that he really hated Inuyasha, it was more so what he symbolized, what his being cost Sesshomaru that made the siblings loath one another, much to their fathers dismay.

He eyed the onyx haired onna from top to bottom and then back up again, she wore a solid black trench coat, obviously because the night was cool so there was nothing to really throw him off there. Her hair was down for once, where as she usually had it up in a loose bun at the nape of her skull, secretly he had always wondered how long that black tress was, as it turned out it hung to the small of her back in long thick curly waves, rippling almost. Another thing off about the onna other then the fact that she was here in the first place, were her legs and her shoes. Her legs he had never once seen, they had always been covered by jeans or pants, she was a professional, and worked at his father's company a few floors below him actually. Her shoes too were off from her normally clad in tennis, flats, or low heels, she had on black pumps, stilettos to be exact.

He noticed her small waist and was once again realizing that he'd only seen her in t-shirts, blouses, or dress shirts, that all hid her tiny and curvaceous figure, coming up further he noticed that even through the trench coat she was well endowed. Finally he wondered what she was doing here, and voiced his question, "What are you doing here?" he asked even though he'd just asked himself the same thing. Her composure ever as cool as his own, smoky blue grey eyes locked with vibrant amber, she said nothing as she handed him a digital camera, and walked passed him into his home, uninvited, he growled to himself. She didn't turn on the lights as her powers flared to life in her eyes, allowing her to see just as well as he. She sat on his blood crimson blood sofa and watched as he flipped the camera on, the small buzz of the lens moving in and out before he started flipping through the images.

The small 4.0" x 2.75" screen gave way to a myriad of imagines of his younger half brother with his 'chew toy' whom by scent he had once assumed was with the female currently sitting on his sofa, as though she had not just ruined his night , he thought dejectedly. There in full color images was his 'chew toy', her legs wrapped around the hips of his almost hated now anyway, half brother, steam rising up, in the shower against a wall. The images moved like a movie though they were still, and almost as if to answer his question, "Its not quiet professional but it takes about ten still shots per second, its got excellent shutter speed. " she said nonchalantly. As he continued through them images of the pair together, then them noticing the camera, their shocked faces, his 'chew toy's' angry and then satisfied face, the horrified face of his half-sibling as he tried to turn to stop her.

"How did you get these pictures?" he asked as he held up her camera.

"It's a hobby of mine," she said looked at the camera. "I love taking pictures, to capture a moment in life." She sighed at the sight of his brow raising. "I came home and saw a wonderful line of cloths heading for the bedrooms, my master bedroom and another, his, share bathrooms. I walked in camera in hand ready to show him these great shots of got of an old priest at a shrine, black and white stills. I didn't notice that some of the closed were feminine, until I got to the shower and saw them, I opened the door and watched for a second before I clicked the shot a few times. It was like looking at a car crash, morbidly fascinating and yet all you want to do is look away, you can't because it reminds one that eventually all things die." she paused again as he shock his head to agree, it was how he felt eons before when bloodshed was as simple as a flick of his wrist. "She was happy that she was ruining my relationship. He and I met in college, I suppose I should be angry, but I had and still have other things in mind." nonchalantly he flipped passed the pictures of his 'chew toy' to see the black and white images, it was a shrine, and many of them were very captivating. One in particular showing an old priest, whose wrinkled face looked like dried cracked desert earth. The old man was smiling gently at a young boy who looked to be about six, they were playing a game of cards. In comparison it was an amazing analogy of human life and how short yet long it was.

"And so you came here?" he asked raising a brow. "What exactly did you have in mind?"

"Well, there are two old sayings Mr. Taishou that reflect my current mood and standing, 'Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned.' and my personal favorite, 'To error is human, to seek revenge, is divine.'" she stated as she smirked at him. He couldn't help but notice how her voice was seductive as she spoke, truly that night long ago when he found his 'chew toy' he should have found this woman instead. It was alarming to think that she was here and now, sitting like a sexed up dominatrix, her legs crossed revealing a little of her taught thigh, her lips plumped and pouty, her eyes smoky, and well her motives, he could easily see them but he wanted to know.

"Just what did you have in mind?" he asked her again while looking over her body.

"Do you dance?" she asked in a voice that was a sultry and sinful sounding as a lover in the throws of climax. He raised his brow at her in question.

"There's a small club downtown, its mostly locals that dance, not that 'shake your booty crap', but real dancing. He knows its usually the first place I go to cool off. I want to make him see red, and your at the top of the list of people he hates. So its perfect. Beside dancing with me is like sex in motion on a hard wooden floor in high heels, if I do say so myself." she said as he could smell her arousal building slowly, her dull teeth biting lightly on that plump lower lip.

"How will dancing make him see red, and how would it benefit me?" he asked though he really didn't care. If he got to have her body pressed up against his then he'd do it just because, let alone to get a rise out of his half-sibling, then it was worth it.

"Perhaps a demonstration is in order, and you never answered my question though, do you dance? It'll be much easier if you can." she intoned as she stood and began to take off her black knee length trench coat. He watched as the coat was pulled from her very curvy form, her legs he finally noticed went on for what seemed like miles, her skin was sun kissed as if she were a daughter of Ikarus. The high heels pushed her form up making her stand at attention, the pert nipples upon her breast begging for attention as they hardened due to the chill of his home, he was a demon, he didn't need the heat. The dress she wore would be scandalous if he didn't know she meant to go dancing, it hugged her figure like a second skin, leaving little to the imagination, save the color of those gumdrop nipples he was now aching to have in his mouth, and if she was bare or carpeted in her nether regions.

It was a halter dress, in his color, white. A small pattern of sakura blossoms on the longer end of the skirt that hung he now noticed right above the hem of her trench coat, while the higher side on her left hip but towards the front of her thigh came dangerously close to exposing her 'feminine charms.' His mouth went dry as he took the sight of her in, she turned from him to fold the coat neatly, he assumed so it had no foreign wrinkles in the material, and noticed the only thing holding the dress in place were two well placed knots.

One of these knots was at the top, sitting on her neck and shoulders, just below the mess of onyx mane, the second sat low on her back just above what he could finely make out were two very nice round fleshy globes. As she turned though what caught his attention was her back, her longer then modern tress had swayed in her wake, exposing taught tight muscles, every muscle she could have there was well defined, but not in a muscular or barbaric way, they were delicate, yet she had little fat on her body as most females did. Now he wondered what the rest of her looked like, he knew no matter what the out come he was going to find out.

Kagome stood in front of the youkai lord, she was no fool, not like her twin, Kikyo was fucking around on the one demon that would kill her for it, she might deserve what she got. Her older sister had always been the poorer of the two in miko skills, and natural talent, not to mention academically, and physically. Kagome herself had done many things in her short twenty four years of living, not only was she a retired gymnast, dancer, trained highly in war and combat, both in ancient methods of sword, bow, and handless, as well as modern methods of knife, and military combat, she also held a few titles of her own. She was 'the great miko' of Japan -- luckily that was a well kept secret even from her family--, guardian of the Shikon jewel which rested under her heart and rib cage, she had graduated from Tokyo U. with honors, and unlike her sister she had not needed to sleep her way into a wonderful job.

Yet for all her accomplishments in life, Kikyo had led the easier life, she had the friends and social life when Kagome had been at home or in numerous lessons to further her skills and training. In all her life she had but four true friends, who never saw her for what she could do, but whom she was, and they were all waiting for her at the dance club. Lining up her body with Sesshomaru's still standing form, she lightly took the camera from his hand and tossed it carelessly to the crimson sofa next to her coat. Taking his clawed hand on her lower back, he instinctively splayed his fingers over her skin, her left foot was placed back from their forms, her right between his shoulder with parted feet. Sending him a sultry glance she said low and sultry, "Try not to drop me." Flashing a 'mona lisa' smile she began.

He watched as her body moved to some unheard music, but easily he could tell it was a sinfully arousing dance, her own arousal was almost deafening to his scenes as it tainted the air, had he no will power, he'd have thrown her on the floor and fucked her raw right then, 'chew toy' be damned. In an instant though it was over, but not before that right leg was back in position, her thigh pressing hard against his growing stiff member, while her left leg had risen up and wrapped itself around his hip. Her lithe body was bent down, so that from his position he could see her stretched out torso, and the heave of her large round breasts. Pulled herself up he noticed now, that for a short woman, she had effectively met face to face with him, while releasing a breathy little moan that was almost inaudible. He had to bit his lower lip hard drawing blood not to take her, as he growled lightly in pleasure, she was right her dancing was like 'sex in motion.'

"As for what you can benefit from assisting me,..." she ground her thigh into his erection, kissed and licked his throat, --being a miko she had to know youkai low, body language, and protocol so as not to offend the easily offended creatures--, she knew very well that in body language of the Inu youkai she had just promised him pleasure. "I can make the night worth your wild. Also you'd get to see that pompous windbag of a half sibling watch as you get something he's wanted for years. I'm no fool Mr. Taishou, the sibling rivalry you share with that twit is legend. He's gotten the love of a mother and father while you were trained for war and to be a leader. His life has been leisurely and lackadaisical, while you have had to take care of everything, he was even given the legendary sword of destruction while you were given the sword of heaven." she paused as cool blue grey eyes locked with his own, "I know first hand what burden, duty, responsibility, and honor feels like, and how watching another live a carefree life can make you want to crush them. Now the only two questions I have are, do you want to help me, and if so, do you dance?"

Sesshomaru was at a lose for words, his brain was slowly processing all that the tiny slip of a female had offered him, he had been lost when she kissed his throat and licked him, the intimate sign that she wanted to either be pleasured by him or wanted to pleasure him, either way he wanted it. It took longer for all of her words to set in, what had she meant, that he could have something that the demandable half-breed wanted but never had, he intended to find out and ask her he did. "What could this Sesshomaru have that the hanyou has longed for?" he asked in a rather rough voice, that told her his beast was waking. Taking her hand, the tiny delicate fingers finding the thick silken fine silver tress, she pressed his face forward her as she bared her neck to him.

"What do you smell?" she asked in a slightly husky voice. He took a deep breath and processed her scent, there were orange blossoms, tea, lunar flowers, and power, but beyond that was innocence. There was no other scent on her, not make-up, nor perfume, and certainly no male, she was a virgin. His eyes bled crimson as he licked roughly against the skin of her swanlike neck, closing her eyes lightly as she sucked in a slow breath, Kagome moaned.

"Woman your playing a dangerous game." he said as his hands began to roam her body, causing a moan again.

"Perhaps, but its possible that I just want someone stable, not to mention that I would love to see the look on his face when he sees me in your arms." she answered with amazing clarity she truly did not have.

"I could have you here and now, why go to the trouble of going out, the hanyou would know when he scented you." he stated with a rough edge to his voice his eyes still as crimson as ever.

"What would be the fun of that" she pouted as she held her breath a bit "... just him being hurt? She played an equal part, she deserves to be taught a lesson just as much. But I assure you I'm not the one to look the fool when everything is said and done, if I didn't get your help I still have my innocence. While you have a wayward bitch who sought the dick of another male, you half human half brother's to be exact, the slight would roll off me, and you would still be forced to deal with it." she chided as he threw her back against the wall his hand clinching dangerously around her neck. Seething with venom he replied.

"You dare insult this Sesshomaru, lesser beings have died for less, bitch." he spat. To his credit, she had to admit he took the verbal jab better then she would have thought, it was a low blow, but she was tired of both Inuyasha and Kikyo. Inuyasha because he had always pushed her to go farther then she wanted sexually, and when she refused he found what he wanted in another, casting her away like trash. Kikyo, because she had the easier life and had not had to endure such trials as Kagome had, because she had taken Inuyasha, not that Kagome wanted him now, and because she had actually been proud of herself for doing it. What would their mother think of them both she wondered, not paying attention to the angry inu male who's grip held her fast to the wall. Sighing she returned her thoughts to the male in front of her, as a scowl grew on her beautiful face, her powers were ready to defend her from this threat, it was only her control keeping them from destroying him.

Sesshomaru never saw or felt it coming, the small onna had been in his grasp, obviously not paying attention to him, when he saw conclusion draw in her eyes before her beautiful face drew into delicate scowl. The force of whatever hit him sent him flying across the room, when he next looked up he saw the onna glowing a fiery hot pink, her whole being looked as though she had literally been set on fire, and she looked glorious for it. His eyes went back to gold, as her eyes were now a fierce white, and burned his very soul to look upon, her plump lips set in a slight frown, and her scowl darkening as she looked upon him. "You can help me if you calm the fuck down and we can have a fun time doing it. I can leave and take of the situation at hand but that was not what I had in mind. Or I can kill you leaving nothing but a pile of ash in my wake before going to deal with the hanyou. As a miko I assure you I'll be breaking no laws by killing a youkai in self defense. What would you like to do, oh overly passionate one?" she greeted out through tightly clenched teeth.

Waiting to answer her in silence he watched her, the thrum of power he'd smelt below the surface was this, he hadn't even felt her aura, now though he could see it visible, a remarkable feat in it self he still could not feel it, were he not a taiyoukai he wouldn't know what a possible danger this female could be. "Something stable?" he finally said breaking the silence.

"It occurred to me some time ago that I need a strong male in my life, as husband, a lover, a mate, I'm not exactly like other human females. I can't just give myself to anyone, when I came of age I was told that I would have to seek out an honorable male, which in this day and time there aren't a lot. I thought I had finally found him, but it seems I was wrong, but I never fully set my sites on him alone, I have always kept an eye out for the perfect male. It just so happens you happen to fit the mold. Where as I'm not overly thrilled that I don't know you very well personally, I can feel my soul literally calm around you, my skin feels like its on fire from your touch, and sadly as strong as I am I find it hard to not throw myself at you as so many others have." she answered, as he thought over his feelings.

What she said was true for himself as well. Inu could tell by scent alone if a female or male was right for them, her scent was beyond pleasing, not to mention it had his beast stirring, something that had not happened in a very long time. Could this onna be his intended, the bitch designed for him by the kami's and the great inu of the past for him and him alone? There was a possibility that she was, he would surely not take a weak bitch as his mate... weak she was not, especially because he couldn't even feel her aura which had to be massive if he could literally see it. Her scent literally had his eyes bleeding crimson, not to mention just by the slight feel of her pressed against him, his body had reacted. It wasn't that he had lacked in the rutting department, no he had had a willing 'chew toy' for months now, and the rutting had been decent enough for him to keep her, so that was not the case. He needed to taste her blood, that would be a true test to see if she was indeed made for him.

"Dancing?" he asked as he sat up and raised a brow to her, he noted that unlike other females her arousal was pleasing, not over powering, that she had control over herself and had yet to openly throw her body at him. She was modest to a point, he knew that from having spent little time with her, then there was her obvious lack of fear. A female should never fear her mate out right or without warrant, which she didn't and even his 'chew toy' feared him most of the time. This female was defiant, and willful, not submissive as all other bitches before her had been, she was refreshing and he wanted her, his beast wanted her. Could he make that commitment? To bind her life to his, to protect her, to sire her hanyou children? He did not hate humans, or hanyous for that matter, he hated Inuyasha because he was the proof that his father had broken his vows and his mother's heart to have the human woman and allow his birth to occur. Inuyasha was simply proof of the insult to his mother.

If nothing else his father would be at least a little pleased if he finally settled down, the old man had been hounding him literally to mate and produce an heir. The old lord would rest easy knowing that the West would be taken care of, he would be pleased with this spitfire of a woman as a 'daughter-n-law.' He was reminded of his sire's reaction when he met his 'chew toy' for the first and only time, Inutaishou had literally said he was disappointed, even as a plaything his 'chew toy' was loose, his father had asked him only one thing, "Your using protection correct? I don't want grand-pups from that female." he stated coldly, causing Sesshomaru to chuckle at the thought as he had then. His response was quick, "This Sesshomaru would not allow her the pleasure, and yes of course." he answered his sire.

"Mmhmm, dancing. Look I'd like to get there before its too late," she said planting her tiny fists upon her seductively wide hips and looking at him fiercely still, "... if you don't want to help me I'm sure I can find Kouga, he and Inuyasha hate each other too, though I don't think I could be with Kouga.." she murmured the last bit to herself, not noticing the slight pink edge into the whites of Sesshomaru's eyes.

"How do you know the mangy wolf?" he all but growled, causing Kagome to look at him and smile.

"He was always hitting on me, even with Inuyasha around, not to mention I've had to work with him on a few accounts at work before. Nice guy once you get past the whole 'blockhead' thing." she said waving the idea of Kouga from her mind. "Hmm, I don't think I could stand to be around Naraku enough for this to happen and well he sure as hell isn't getting close enough to dance with me, but Inuyasha does indeed loath him, though. But I'm not sure there were rumors that he's a possible rapist." she said still ignoring the slightly enraged inu. He knew Naraku, he'd worked for Taishou corp. before getting fired due to sexual harassment, he'd cost the company millions in a lawsuit with some female named 'Kagura.' Deciding he didn't like other males names running off her lips he made up his mind, though he knew how, he didn't often do it, he would be dancing tonight, both vertically and horizontally.

"You will wait while I change into something more suitable, this Sesshomaru will not allow you to be the only one to seek revenge tonight. And your offer is accepted." he stated while leaving her to get changed and showered. He smiled to himself once out of site, he would have his mate by mornings first light, and Inuyasha would be able to do nothing. He made mental notes that they would have to burn everything that the other's ex had touched, he didn't want anything she owned to smell like his half brother, and he certainly didn't want to smell the 'chew toy' now that he had his Kagome.

"Offer?" she asked aloud and still silently wondering what he was talking about, never of coarse thinking she had blatantly promised pleasure, and that he was her desired male, which in the language of inu's meant she wanted him for a mate.[color=#000080][/color]