Stay-cation by Shastuhh

Chapter 1

It had been a long week. Kagome was tired and worn out from work and just wanted to get home right now a glass of white was calling her name. All she just wanted to take her bra off getting into her pajamas and get her favorite book and curl into herself and pass her weekend away lost away in fantasy with the sweet taste of peaches and passion fruit, she was going to forget this work week ever happened she was starting her stay-cation and she had two weeks to just relax. She just wanted to make one stop on the way to the store. She prepared her mental checklist: Ice cream, Cheesecake, Quarter of salami, ham, and roast beef. I also need to get some cheddar and crackers. She nodded to herself 'alright plan made now to execute it.'

Arriving at the store she went straight to the deli and got her meats and cheese then picked up crackers on the way to the dairy aisle and got her favorite cookie dough. She was a woman on a mission. She knew she had two bottles of wine at home and figured it would be safe to go and pick up some more since she was at the store already there would be nothing getting her out of her home this weekend.

Sliding over to the wine aisle he breath caught when her eyes landed on a tall male figure standing in the aisle with an air of perplexion She could only see his profile but what she could see of him he was all lean muscle his silvery blonde hair slightly covered his face so she couldn't make out his facial features but something about him seemed very familiar. She took in his profile he wore black slacks and a dark red long sleeve shirt with the sleeves rolled up showing off the lean muscles of his forearms. 'Mmm those arms' was her only thought before the object of her attention stiffened minutely and then cocked his head to the side a little and took a delicate sniff of the air. That alone brought so many memories from her past rushing to the front of her head that hit with the force of a mac truck. 

For a moment she stood there trying to gather her bearings as she remembered her first love with golden eyes and dog ears on top of his head with silvery-white hair. She remembered the good time with fondness then remembered the bad with sorrow and hurt. She remembered him taking her hands in his with an apologetic frown on his handsome face when he told her that he was in love with someone else and that he wanted to end things with her. She remembered it clearly how she went home and in a storm of hurt and rage, she remembered the nights out that her friends drug her too to get her out of her self-imposed solitary confidence. At this moment she closed her eyes and sent up her prayer to whatever deity that may be listening ' please, please, please do not let this be Inuyasha. It's been six months since I have seen him and this has been a really bad week. Please let this be some other handsome profile I am looking at and not Inuyasha.' She took a deep breath and prepared for the worst honestly because with how this week went she was sure that it could still get worse it would be just her luck. 

Opening her eyes to see a set of golden eyes looking back at her she inwardly cussed 'fuck! why! Why me!? Why today!? ' 

She prepared to speak the formalities and grab her wine and get out of the store and home as quickly as possible. Her thought process was cut off as she opened her mouth to speak when the male standing in front of her spoke first. 

"How have you been Kagome? It has been a while since I last saw you."

Kagome was dumbstruck for a moment, wait a second! "Sesshomaru..?" She hesitantly asked if she saw amusement light in his eyes and a small smirk play on his lips. 

"Please, tell me you did not mistake me for my half-brother. That is a grave insult to my pride." Sesshomaru shook his head slightly as if disappointed.  

Able to now breathe a little easier she gave a sheepish smile. "Guilty, I am glad that it is you and not him though. I have been as good as can be. Work has been grueling lately and I was just picking up some stuff and preparing to go home and unwind. I am officially on vacation for two weeks. How have you been Sesshomaru? How long will you be home? How was Europe?"

Sesshomaru smiled slightly as if considering his words and glanced at the shopping basket in her hand.

"I would hate to keep you from getting to your Ice cream if we continue to stand here surely it will be a mess by the time you get home to enjoy it. Looks like you are getting ready for a shut-in, not a vacation."

He showed a genuine smile remembering all the times she would show up at the mantel for the monthly shut in a study group with Inuyasha and their friends when they were in college. He had always admired her from afar; he knew his half-brother was ignorant but Sesshomaru underestimated how ignorant he would be to have to let go of this woman before him. 

"I am back, for now, there are no foreseeable plans for me to have to go back to Europe at the moment. I actually just got back today. I'm early and no one is expecting me at the manner so I was going to get a room for the time being and take a small reprieve before having to deal with the chaos that is sure to be awaiting me at the manner and office. I will have the next two weeks free. Do you have plans for your vacation?" 

Sesshomaru watched as Kagome shuffled her feet and a light blush dusted her face before she spoke again. 

"No..." She gave a halfhearted laugh. "Actually it is a stay-cation and I planned on staying home, for the most part, a check out from reality it is lame I know but after all the last six months graduation from college, the break up with HIM, buying a house, the funeral for grandpa a couple of months ago and between all the work and overtime I have clocked to assist in paying for said house. I just want a change of pace and to sit for a little while ya know? Two weeks for me to just rest, reset, and relax" Kagome gave a little shrug and chose her favorite wines and put them in the basket she held. She looked up to Sesshomaru who was looking at her with an unreadable expression. 

"Kagome, It is only natural to want to get away sometimes. Those are a lot of life changes you went through. You and Inuyasha had been together for about 4 years. The loss of a family member would be tough on anyone. My condolences for your loss. It truly has been good to see you if you ever need to talk. I am good at listening and I will never judge you." Sesshomaru took a moment to reach in his pocket to get his wallet and withdrew a business card from it, looked at the back and nodded once when he saw the information on it he wished to leave with her. "Here is my business card however on the back it has my personal cell number on it. Please reach out if you need to at any time." 

Kagome reaches out to take the proffered card with a smile. "Thanks, Sesshomaru, I know we did not get to talk much in the past but when we did it was always pleasant. I'm not going to lie. I really miss you, your family, and the family dinners. For those years you all were like a second family to me." 

Kagome turned to leave with her last-minute shopping done as she walked to the checkout. Sesshomaru watched her. Looking back to the wine he was debating on before he noticed her. He made his selection and went to make his purchase hoping he would hear from Kagome soon. 

As Kagome was finalizing her purchase she caught Sesshomaru's eyes as he was walking up with a couple of bottles of wine. She took in his lean form once more and then made the rashest decision she had ever made in her life. She made her way to the door and turned to see he was almost finished with his and waited for him. As he made his way to where she was waiting he lifted a brow in question and tilted his head slightly to the left. 

"Hey, Sesshomaru, I was thinking I'm free for two weeks and you mentioned you are as well. I hope I will not be crossing any lines or being too forward but if you want you can stay at my place for your own stay-cation if you have not already booked your room. I have a spare bedroom with an en suite you can stay with me." 

Kagome felt like an idiot. 'Great Kagome way to go, girl, did you even think about this before you invited him over' she berated herself and answered herself 'no I didn't think, and now here I am standing here looking like a fool rambling on probably thinks I'm crazy or something. Did he just lift his eyebrow higher! Well, this is embarrassing.' She continued on, "I'm sorry I just thought it might be nice to talk and catch up a little and hotels are kinda lonely in my opinion and we have known each other for a while and I wouldn't mind having company if you are interested." She was nervous now and continued rambling as she couldn't seem to control her word vomit anymore. 

Sesshomaru watched as she floundered in front of him. It was kind of like watching a car crash in slow motion. Inwardly he smiled; she always did get a little nervous around him; he found it charming. No doubt about it he wanted to take her up on her offer hotels were lonely for extended stays and he would not mind at all being close to her and getting reacquainted again. He expected to start out small with a couple text here, maybe a few calls there and then slowly build into the relationship he wanted with her. He would not be stupid like his brother Kagome was one to hold on to and if he was honest he had longed to get to know her more and see if they could be more for a long time. There was no way that once he got his claws in her he would let her go. She would be his. He could smell her discomfort and desperation to get out of this situation and felt he should put her out of her misery. He could always cancel his room. It was no consequence to him and this could only help his future plans that he wanted to include her in. This was a golden opportunity unexpected as it may be. Sesshomaru was an opportunist; he would not squander this. 

"Kagome." He waited until she stopped talking and took a relieved sigh. " I would not mind staying with you if you are okay with it. I would hate to intrude on your vacation or be a hindrance to your relaxation. Are you sure you are okay with it?"

'He's giving me an out' Kagome thought silently she thanked him for it he knew she was rambling and he always did make her slightly nervous. He was just so damn gorgeous and intimidating she praised and blamed his demonic blood at the same time. She felt his aura reach out to her in soothing waves that calmed her frayed nerves. 

"Sesshomaru honestly I do not mind one bit. I would be happy to have you come stay so we can rest, relax, and recharge together." She gave him a warm smile as he walked with her to her car. "Did you drive or use a car service to get here with all your stuff?" She looked around. 

"I used a car service if you want. I can dismiss them and ride with you to your place. I have two suitcases and a carry-on that I brought with me. Most of my stuff has already been shipped to the manner and I have been looking for a more permanent residence in my spare time."

It was a quiet ride to her home and she was grateful that she had the foresight to do a deep clean before her vacation she had no worries as she opened the door to let Sesshomaru into her humble abode of course it was nothing like the luxury living he was accustomed to but it was hers and she was proud of it.  She considered herself lucky she did have a lot of help along the way her mom had helped her with finding her house and her family had started trust funds for her and Sota at a young age. Without the smart investments and foresight from her parents and grandparents beforehand, she wasn't sure where she would be right now.

Kagome had shown him to the room he would be staying in and made sure the bathroom was stocked with all the necessary items and with a smile she left him to do what he needed. She sent him a text with the wifi password and the keycode to the alarm in case he might need it. I turned and asked if she wanted dinner when she politely refused. He said that he would be ordering food for himself and he would still get her something to show his gratitude for opening her home to him. Kagome laughed and eventually agreed but told him she would not be dictating what they ate so it was up to him. 

Both had shown before dinner arrived and they ate together talking about his time spent in Europe checking in on the family business Yokai Heritage Financial and services (Y.H.F.S.) He told her of his favorite places to visit there and of his flat that he had in Ipswich and how it had a field of poppy flowers that grew nearby and how he enjoyed going there. Once dinner was finished Sesshomaru helped clean up and opened a bottle of wine for them and they now sat on the couch in companionable silence watching tv while indulging her favorite dessert cream cheese with hot fudge topping. It may have been a bad week for her but it was certainly starting off as a good stay-cation.