Sad Tale of the Blue Eyed Beauty by Brittany

Chapter 2

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A carriage or a palanquin was too risky as transportation. Therefore, the Higurashi family took extreme measures of traveling by a horse-drawn cart. Camouflage by rice barrels and hay, the women and child rode in the cart hidden from plain sight. Kagome gazed at the night sky. Below her feet, Souta and her mother embraced each other from the chilly night sky. Guiding the hay wagon was her father,  disguised as a lowly merchant with modest clothes and a hat that hid his face from recognition. Behind the cart modestly disguised was a loyal vassal.

Only five warriors remained after the deadly ambush. The most loyal man to the House of Higurashi, Kenta, was the only man Lord Higurashi allowed to stay. He held his black hair in a simple high ponytail as he was but a mere servant. His skin was tan from the sun, but like the sun, his brown eyes were warm. Kenta was the son of the family stableman. When he was but a mere child, the Higurashi family’s patriarch took him under his wing after his father's passing. Before the birth of Souta, Lord Higurashi considered adopting Kenta to raise as his heir after believing that his beloved wife could bear no more children. However, after Lord Higurashi's heir was born, there was no need for an adoption. Nevertheless, Lord Higurashi would not let their close bond fade away in vain. He afforded a personal swordmaster to train Kenta as a samurai.

Lord Higurashi was not the only person who held Kenta in high esteem. As children, Kagome and Kenta had an affectionate bond. Around the same age as her, Kenta served as her playmate and her self-proclaimed protector. As the seasons changed, he began to regard her from an endearing childhood friend to a woman who captured his male interest. 

Her sweet feminine nature, unwavering kindness, and beautiful features made her an ideal Japanese maiden.

He would never forget that she was his first friend. Social class had nothing to do with how 

Kagome had beautiful, powered snow skin. Her visage was free from any imperfections. Her sweet lips were a natural blush red, full, and lovely. Her feminine silhouette made an assurance of healthy children in the future. Her unique and rare blue eyes accented her beauty.

Of course, Kenta knew that to regard Kagome in a romantic nature would probably be his death. She far outranked him in society. He was a lowly son of a stableman. She was a beautiful lady of good rank. that the Higurashi family were refugees, he had a better chance of making her his. At the thought, he ran his fingers through his black hair and quietly observed her with his dark brown eyes as he walked side by side the carriage.

Looking at the wondrous night sky, she was taken back to her childhood memories as a child. Higurashi’s had a deep connection with spiritual beings. Kagome had several tutors who taught her the history of how the Higurashi family became a well-respected family. The Higurashi family were once great astrologists who aided the Anointed Midoriko to understand the Gods. They read the stars to determine their will. Rumor has it, the first generation of the Higurashi family was responsible for creating the Sacred Jewel of Four Souls.

A jewel, so powerful that it could grant any wish of any immense and impossible power, was the product of such an alliance. However, no one in her immediate lifetime of her family had ever seen such an object. Kagome personally hoped that she would never behold such a relic. Based on her summations, the jewel was evil and would never be used for any charitable works or good deeds in the world.

Suddenly the horse came to a halt along with the wagon bringing Kagome out of her thoughts.

Kenta made his way to the end of the wagon that faced Kagome.  

"Lady Kagome, we have arrived at our first rest. You are free to stretch your legs but only for a short time. We are still not safe," he explained.

He regarded her discreetly. She was so beautiful and delicate, even covered with straw. She pushed herself up, modestly stretching her limbs. While she turned her head and admired her surroundings, he stole a couple of stolen glances in his awe of her beauty.

"Yes." She quietly whispered. "Thank you, Kenta."

He blushed at her comment. Heading over to the other side of the wagon, he informed Lady Higurashi and Souta of the same thing. Lord Higurashi also took the time to stretch his legs as he and Kenta accounted for the supplies that would last them for their journey.

For the first time, that day, Kagome and her family finally could get off the uncomfortable cart and stretch their legs. Looking around the new resting place, Lady Kagome spotted a refreshing site. Not five feet from her direction was a small freshwater stream. She headed toward the stream away from the others. Amid the commotion, she had forgotten how parched she was until she saw the stream. As she cupped the first gulps of water in her hand, she noticed something shining in her peripheral vision. 

After closer inspection, the object was some round stone she could not identify. She wondered if someone lost their precious jewel or was it a simple, yet beautiful rock. She could not resist her enamor with the beauty of the stone. With such intense shimmering brilliancy, the object seemed to call to her. She decided to bring the beautiful gem with her for her travels as a memento of her journey.

Kagome and her family heard the sound of other unwanted horses coming in their directions. A handful of samurai charged towards the Higurashi's direction. The Higurashi family, unprepared, looked ahead with panic-filled terror.

"They are here!!! The Higurashi traitors! Get them!" The leader of the herd cried to his men. The daimyo men found them!