Seven Deadly Sins by Nile


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Kagome sighed, as she read her English language workbook. Inu Yasha had been exceedingly impatient and explosive with his temper lately. After a time, she became numb to his bitching about her not being like Kikyo. What was more irritating is when he'd complain when she needed to go home, even for a couple days each month, just to stock up on supplies and hugs from her family. He always complained about her being lazy and not doing her duty to collect the shards. It was like a broken record, throughout their shard hunting journey.

'I'm living two friggin' lives here, buddy,' she muttered angrily to herself, before slamming her workbook closed.

Of course, there was no half demon around to nag at her because she was causing noise. Kagome saw the soul catching demons, so she knew Inu Yasha was off with Kikyo.

"Hey Sango, I'm a bit sweaty from today's adventure in jewel shard finding. I'm going to go get cleaned off in the nearby stream," Kagome informed the demon slayer.

"Okay, Kagome. Make sure to take your weapon with you, and if there's trouble, scream out so we can hear you," Sango replied.

Kagome gathered a towel, her pajamas, and other toiletries, and then ventured off to cool off, both her anger and temper. The stream was cool enough to enjoy, as the day had been scorching, but not chilly to make Kagome want to leave. As she stood in the middle of the stream, she enjoyed the early night's stars ahead, her bottom half obscured by the dark water. The moon was full and bright, casting her lovely silhouette over the water. Kagome sadly sighed out loud, "If only he appreciated that I've been doing my best instead of accusing me of being lazy and not wanting to find those damn shards. I wish he'd stop making me out to be some failure."

"Clearly, my little brother is an idiot," a familiar voice called out from behind her.