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Seven Days of Droubbles by Drosselmeyer

Day 2 - Fairy Tale

“This is such crap.”

Lips pinched and back stiff, Kagome hacked her way through thorns with Sango’s wakizashi, the metal wavering with each jerky slash. Tangles of foliage reluctantly fell. “I never asked for this!”

She slashed again, determined to beat the sun before it dipped below the horizon.

In the future she was going to be much more careful about where her modern-day books disappeared to. She didn’t know who, but someone had disappeared with a book of fairytales, and she had only found it after a witch—an unoriginal witch, she might add—had put some of the more famous curses to use.

She had saved Inuyasha from a feathery existence. Shippou from a house made from sweets. Rin—well, she supposed wolves really could wear pajamas. The monk had temporarily been a frog. And Sango…it was best not to think on that one.

Shoving sweat drenched hair back from her brow, Kagome cut through the last of the thorns and came face-to-face with a castle.

A-Un sat out front standing guard.

Her face went flat. “Really?”  

Muttering curses under her breath, she pushed forward, patting A-Un on her way in.

“He better not bite my face off.”


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