His Miko by LadyoftheLemons

Chapter 1

Sesshomaru had been watching her for so long. First with his brother than by herself. She remained unattached even while all her friends and loved ones paired up and created families of their own.

He could see the longing in her eyes every time she gazed at the rounded bellies of the hanyou's mate or the slayer woman. But still, she took no lovers and entertained no suiters. The years wore on and the youngest member of his pack began to court. Still, she remained unattached. Still, she watched the couples and growing families with longing.

He would watch no more. He would not allow her to deny herself something she most wanted. He could give that to her and so much more.

He began leaving gifts. Practical things, tools, weapons she could use, food. Things that proved he could provide for her. She seemed to take it all in stride never overtly accepting or rejecting his suit. If she could use it she did if she couldn't she left it where it had been placed on her step.

His frustration mounted when one day he approached her.

"Why do you not start your own family, Miko?" He was genuinely curious as to why she never sought out a mate.

"I  don't really have very many options. The village men all village men wouldn't touch me with a pole. And Inuyasha and Kouga scared any demon who may have been interested. Who exactly am I going to start this lovely new family with Sesshomaru? Are you offering?"

"And if I am?" Sesshomaru invaded her personal space.

"I would laugh! You would never sully yourself to touch a human, your hanyou brother's miko." She nearly spit the words at him. 

"You would laugh?" His voice rose in a barely audible tremor. "I should teach you  your place woman." His eyes started to take on a red tint and his markings deepened in color.

"And where would that be,  Sesshomaru...sama?" Kagome didn't like people digging into her private life. Her break up with Inuyasha had been amicable but she was unable to find any other suitors that would stand the test of her two youkai "brothers".  Inuyasha and Kouga had taken it upon themselves to screen all the males that had wanted to start courting her. And absolutely none of them had passed. So now here she sat alone and seemingly unaging.

Kaguya had been right she was unaffected by time.  Somehow in her travels, she became unaging. She felt mentally older but she didn't look any different from the first time she had fallen down the well. 

He grabbed her arm and pulled her against his chest uncaring of his armor. "It is next to me. Beside me. Under me, moaning. You are mine."

Kagome slipped her hand out of his grasp and backed away quickly. "You don't mean that! You can't  mean it!" She bolted not expecting him to follow her. Inuyasha had always let her run when she was emotional. Sesshomaru however did not.

She barely got halfway to the forest when strong arms wrapped around her middle and yanked her back. Her head hit the metal of his armor and her ears rang and her mind swam. She felt his hand wrap around her throat and cut off her blood supply.

She woke up somewhere she had never seen before. She was completely naked on a huge pile of super-soft fur. She looked down at herself and saw Sesshomaru's mokomoko wrapped around her, keeping the chill of the air away from her skin.

She could hear water and feel the moisture in the air. Slowly she rose to her feet. She kept mokomoko wrapped around her. The air was cold and the fire pit wasn't lit.  She saw a large pile of firewood against the far wall. She would need clothes and food if she was going to get away from him. She searched the main cave and found nothing resembling clothing at all. She grabbed a couple of smallish furs and wrapped them around herself making a shirt and skirt as best as she could.

She ran toward the entrance of the cave and ran right into a glowing green barrier.

"Damn it!" Kagome swore.

She looked around the cave for something to channel her reiki into. Something she could use to take the barrier down with. When a closer inspection showed no weapons she decided to try using her hands. 

Just as she walked back up to the barrier it flickered and dropped. Sesshomaru stood on the other side with several dressed rabbits and firewood. Slowly Kagome began to back away.

He moved into the cave and the barrier went back up. 

"Why am I here?" Kagome hadn't been scared of Sesshomaru in many years, but this new predicament left her without any idea of how to proceed.

"You know why you are here." He put the wood down next to the pile against the wall and tossed the rabbits into a woven basket next to the firepit.

"You can't want me not that way. You're just doing this for pity or something!" Kagome crossed her arms over her chest and turned from him.

"This Sesshomaru  does not pity you, Miko." He came up behind her and put his hands on her shoulders. "You will make a fine Lady of the West."

"You don't mean that!" Kagome was starting to get angry. How dare he mock her this way.

Sesshomaru leaned down and kissed her neck. "Have you ever known me to lie, miko?" Her resistance was beginning to wear on him. What did he need to do to get her to see? "Must I show you where your rightful place is?"

Kagome shuddered at his words but refused to turn around. It was all so overwhelming so very new and frightening. Sesshomaru hadn't ever even been on any of her long lists of possible mates. Yet here he was practically begging her.

Slowly he kept raining tantalizingly kisses and small bites along her neck and shoulders. She could feel her body begin to betray her. 

She could feel herself growing wet and ready. It had been so long since any male had shown even the slightest bit of interest in her. She had all but given up hope. Could she let him do this? Could she live with herself if she gave in?

His sharp claws cut away her fur coving and she was suddenly picked up and put back on the large pile of furs. 

Slowly he stalked to the pallet of furs. Removing his clothing as he went. She would not doubt herself with him. He would show her just what he could and would give her. She wouldn't be leaving this den unmated and unpupped.

Once he removed all his clothing he crawled up her long tan legs. He hooked her knees over his shoulders, and ran a hand up her quivering belly. He used his yokai to control MokoMoko and made it wrap around her wrists and gently bring them above her head.

His hands spread her to his gaze. She glistened with the proof of her arousal. He could hear her heartbeat like a bird trapped in her chest. Her breath came in ever-quickening pants.

He took in her scent he would be happy to cover himself in it. It intoxicated him. He leaned down and ran his nose along the folds of her sex. 

She gasped, and arched into his touch. Her body begged for more. He licked her opening letting the flavor of her coat his tongue. She writhed. 

His eyes went to her flushed red face and he smirked.

"You are mine, Miko." He sucked her clit into his mouth hard and fast. She screamed for him. He relished in the sound. 

The fingers of his hand not on her belly found her entrance. He teased her with the pad of one finger. He softened his mouth letting her clit fall from his lips. He lapped at it as his finger circled her. The hand on her belly pulled her closer to his mouth.

Sesshomaru gave her no time to think about what was happening. He used her body's responses against her. She couldn't think couldn't focus on anything but his wicked mouth on her. She had wanted his connection for so long she couldn't deny herself. She came softly the first time gasping and stiffening against him. 

His mouth and hand never stopped. He let his finger sink into her wet heat to his first knuckle. Slowly he fucked her with it. Leisurely sucking on her clit as if he had all the time in the world. He would wreck this female, his female for anyone else. 

She arched into him. Words tumbled from her mouth. She didn't know if she was begging him to stop or keep going, all she knew was he was relentless in his pursuit of her orgasm. Over and over he brought her to completion until she was a panting sweating mess. Still, he kept going.

He loosened MokoMoko's grip on her wrists and allowed her to lower her hands, they found his long silver hair and fisted in it. She pulled him closer and then pushed him away. He growled at her and her grip tightened again.

He scraped his fang against her swollen engorged clit in punishment, she screamed again for him. He licked her with the flat of his tongue to make up for the pain. 

His cock was hot and heavy against his stomach, precum dribbled from the narrow tip his knot had already started to grow he was so aroused. He could take no more he would claim his female and make her irrevocably his.

Gently he lowered her badly shaking legs from his shoulders, and climbed up her body raining licks along the supple flesh of her stomach. He nuzzled his face into her flesh, she would be the only female to bear his young. 

Her leg went up between his and her thigh rubbed against his balls. He hissed, her soft thigh felt like silk against his heated flesh. He continued his journey up. He came to her heaving breasts, he could not resist taking the pink tip of one breast into his mouth. He suckled on her as if nursing. He worked his tongue against her nipple,  her hands once again buried in his hair, she held him to her. 

"Just fuck me already!" Kagome couldn't believe the words that had been playing over and over in her head had come out of her mouth. Her hand went to her mouth and she closed her eyes.

"If that is what you wish." His hands went to her hips and he flipped her over mokomoko wrapped around her waist and upper body. He propped her on her knees with her head on the furs. He took his dripping cock in hand and rubbed it against her. "Brace yourself."

That was the only warning he gave her before slamming into her. Her walls convulsed against him. He hadn't gotten all the way in the still had yet to make her take his knot. He grabbed the dangling ends of Mokomoko and used it to forcefully bring her back into each thrust. 

She was so wrung out from all the orgasms, she could do little more than take whatever he gave her. She could feel him pound against her cervix with every thrust her tilted her ass up changing the angle slightly finally allowing his knot to slip into her. He kept his thrust deep and swallow.

His knot rubbing against her entrance hitting that spot that made the world dim around her. The feel of his pelt rubbing against her breasts just heightened her arousal. The difference between the tight bonds and the soft long fur made her arch against him seeking more. She needed more but she wasn't sure what.

"You will take me Miko all of me." He ground his hips against her ass. He felt the tip of his cock slip into the entrance of her cervix.

Kagome cried out, it hurt so good. That's exactly what she had needed to send her over the precipice one last time. She screamed into the furs and pushed as hard back into him as she could.

His cock engaged fully as she pushed back into him.  His knot swelled to its full size and he howled out his release. He thrust against her as he pumped her full of his cum. 

His knot would keep them from separating for several minutes as his seed coated the inside of her womb. He continued to empty himself into her as he gathered her worn-out body in his arms. 

He arranged them so they were on their sides. He would take her several more times before he would allow her out of his presence.