Shadow clone chaos by GomeMaru



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She noticed ‘it’ the moment she arrived at school. What she did not understand was why ‘it’ was following her. Could it possibly be because of the seemingly harmless shards around her neck? And if it was, why was the owner of ‘it’ not coming after her? However, with the feeling of worry also came elation.She was elated ‘it’ could be felt. Her feeling of ‘it’ teetered between worry and hope as she thought about the possible outcomes of if and when ‘it’ would decide to stop hiding and show it self. Kagome kept walking until she stood in front of her high school and with untrained blue eyes scanned the yard in front of her to see if she could pinpoint the location ‘it’ was coming from. However, no matter how hard she tried she came up empty handed.

Kagome scanned the area again and while doing so noticed the multiple teenage cliches that were trying to stay away from the others while they snickered and talked about them in loud hushed tones. She shook her head and looked down at the chain around her neck “Sometimes I wish I could be like them and be carefree and not worry about this stupid jewel,” Kagome whispered to herself. Looking back up, she  continued on toward the front doors of the building.

While Kagome was turning away to head into the building for her first class something streaked crossed her senses. Coming out of her shocked state, she looked around the yard to see what it was but didn't catch it. she mentally huffed ‘ ugh, kagome your a priestess, use you rieke’. After her mental chastising, She tried to reach out with her powers towards the different groups surrounding her to find what she had sensed. When suddenly she felt a suppressed flicker coming from the location of the jocks, she struggled to get her powers to cooperate with her as she tried to feel around.

‘ Inuyasha is right I am weak, I bet Kikyo could do this without even having to bat an eyelash. Kagome thought dejectedly. ‘ I really need to talk to Keade maybe she could train me’. She wondered. As Kagome struggled to catch the flicker she noticed the object of her attention seemed familiar like she had come across them before . ‘ almost there...just a little…’. “Aahhhhhh”, and just like that Kagome's concentration was disrupted. “Now what?” She wondered frustratedly. Kagome casted her gaze towards the freaked out clique of girls. Students that were once scattered across the front of the school were all congregating around the screaming females trying to see what happened. from the information gathered from the growing crowd, the group of girls who she now had identified as the cheerleaders. Apparently they disturbed a large hill and the red ants who lived there. With the way they were screaming, one would think the girls were all being attacked by demons the way they were flailing about trying to dislodge the angry ants from their skirts.

  Tuning out the distracting commotion, she once again tried looking for ‘it’ hoping with the distraction that was provided she would be able locate what she couldnt before. However, ‘it’ was gone and she could not feel anything. not even that flicker she felt before. With a dejected sigh Kagome decided to just ignore ‘it’ until the thing made the decision to stop hiding. she hefted her trusty yellow bag on her back that’s been with her for the past year and a half and entered through the front door to officially start what she thought was going to be a stress free day of school. However, she couldn't be more wrong. The whole school day was nothing but stressful, and  All that stress was directed at ‘it'. ‘it' had been an aggravating thorn in her side since the very first bell.

Her feelings of ‘it’ traveled from paranoid to hope to exhaustion to finally pure annoyance and agitation. Throughout the entire course of the day ‘it’ came and went. She felt ‘it’  during physical education and lost it. ‘it’ came to her during english class and then it was gone agian. She was now in her home room period and she was once again trying to use her reike to surround ‘it’. but just like all the other attempts she lost it. She thought back over all her failed attempts today, and gave out a frustrated  huff while staring out the window.

Every attempt ended the same. ‘it’ would show up right outside her senses and when she was really close to catching the annoying thing something around her would destroy her concentration completely. During  P.E. a horde of dogs came speeding down the track course colliding into surprised students. In her English class ‘it’ popped up during her test when all of a sudden she had spiders crawling over her hand and test paper. She jumped up and out of her seat with a surprised scream, but when she looked back down they were gone. Kagome's professor had looked at her with concern and asked if she would like to see the nurse. Kagome had politely declined and reassured him that she was probably just exhausted. Truth was she  actually was exhausted, because she had pretty much used up all her reike from playing hide and seek with ‘it’ all morning. While returning to her seat she glanced around for anymore eight legged insects. When she didn't see any she tried to calm herself down so she could resume her test. Her agitation didn't surface until her last period of the day, home room. This time ‘it’ felt really close, like directly behind her close. She tried to ignore the temptation of turning around, she really did. ‘What's the point of checking when ‘it’ was just going to disappear again, she mentally argued. ‘ although, i really want to check and see, who knows maybe my luck will change and i will catch ‘it’ this time.’ After her little pep talk kagome whipped around as fast as she could, close to giving herself whiplash, to hopefully catch a glimpse of ‘it’. As she half expected there was nothing there. The only thing she saw were two twin boys staring back at her, both with startled looks on their faces.

She quickly apologized “Um sorry about that i thought something was behind me.” as she looked at the both of them she realized that she had never seen them in school before. ’They must be new,’ She concluded. ‘ they look and felt familiar.’ They both  started to chuckle. “what's so funny?” She questioned them.

“It's nothing” one of them said

The other chimed in “ yup nothing”

“ooookay then” kagome said unsure.

While kagome was pondering where she knew the twin boys from, she didn't realize she had been staring at them for so long until a flash of movement came from behind them. Coming out of her self made trance she went to focus.


   “Hey kagome”

   “Can you hear me kagome?”

    “Hello, Earth to kagome!”

    “Huh” ,kagome stammered. As she turned around she came face to face with her three friends staring at her with concern. She stared at them straight back with a very confused blank stare waiting for them to speak.

‘ I wonder what it is I saw behind those boys’ kagome thought, ‘ it was so fast I couldn't see, maybe it was a mou’...

“Oww!!, Eri , why did you hit me!”

Eri  looked at her with a scolded look“ I wouldn't have had to hit you kagome  if you would just quite day dreaming and listen”

 “We asked why are you staring at the wall for so long, what are you looking for?” Yuka, taking the lead as always.

 “ I'm not staring at the wall I was talking to the twin brothers, I think they are new here.”kagome answered.

All three girls looked behind kagome and then back at their friend with rising concern then looked at each other. Eri decided to take over. “ Are you feeling okay kagome? Maybe we should take you home.”

“No no i'm fine just tired i guess”

Yuka looked between Eri and Ayumi who just shrugged her shoulders in response. “Anyways..”, she sighed “ Ayumi suggested we go to the library after school today to get in some extra study for the algebra test tomorrow.”

Oh, that sounds great. I really haven't had the time to study with all that's been going on.”

“Yeah , we heard from your mom that you had  pneumonia these past few weeks, are you sure you should even be on school?” Eri exclaimed with concern.

“Eh,eh,eh well…” kagome thought about all the other outlandish sicknesses and diseases her mom and Grandpa cooked up over the past two years and compared to this one it actually sounded more believable. “ Well the doctor said it was ok as long as I don't over exert myself.”

Ayumi Looked at her with deep concern. “I wish they knew what was causing you to catch all these illnesses kagome.”

“Im sure the doctors will figure it out” kagome sighed wistfully ‘I have to get stronger so that I can finish my mission and become a normal teenager again.’

Noticing the emptiness of the classroom around them Yuka suggested they go to WacDonalds before going to the public library.

Kagome jumped up and ran out the room with excitement. Her three friends giggled while walking out behind her, “I guess with being sick you can't eat out like you want.” Yuka and Eri just nodded their heads in agreement.

None of the four girls noticed the two pairs of emerld gold eyes that followed behind them as they exited the classroom.

“Do you think she noticed us ” one questioned., He didn't fully believe following this girl would give them the answers they were looking for.

“I do not believe so,” the other answered “ but if we get caught father and mother will be furious.”

They both shivered in fear.

“ I don't think we should continue.”

“We have to, we've come this far already.”

They both looked out the window of the classroom watching as the girl they were tailing leave school grounds.