Naraku’s Castle, a Vampire Game by RebaJean

Chapter 1

~ 1 ~

Blood dripped from Sesshoumaru’s fangs. His prey writhed under one gigantic paw. The aura of its fear only fed the insatiable bloodlust of the monster dog. He raised his paw. The wounded creature bleated and scampered away. The dog’s muscles quivered, ready to spring into action. He waited until the creature reached the other side of the clearing, then leapt into the air. He cleared the open space in one bound and was upon his prey. One bite was sufficient to consume the innocent deer, as it joined the rest of the herd in the belly of the beast.

His hunger sated, the white dog transformed to his humanoid guise. The youkai lord slipped silently through the forest as the sky above the trees lightened in the east. His boot toed the snoring, slobbering toad. “Break camp and settle Rin on Ah-Un. We leave at dawn.” He turned and moved toward the nearby clearing where Inuyasha’s pack camped.