A Costume Contest by Xenoky

Chapter 1

Kagome knew it would be a struggle when she thought about it, planned it out, and put her plan into action. She expected blowback, and refusal. However, she was determined to get her way, and Sesshomaru would eventually get worn down and accept. 

“Kagome, how many more times will I have to say the words no before it goes in through your ears and registers into your thick small skull, that I’m not doing it.” Sesshomaru said, annoyingly looking beautiful in the coffeeshop lighting, while sipping some tea. 

“Oh come on Sesshomaru! It’s such a cute idea, we’d look so cute!” Kagome pouted, while waiting for her hot chocolate to come.

Kagome had spent at least half an hour, meeting Sesshomaru at his place, traveling to the coffee shop, and sitting down at the coffee shop, begging Sesshomaru to dress up with her in a couples costume competition. She wasn’t asking Sesshomaru to get into a relationship with her, she just wanted to enter in the competition and win the prize. 

“Why do you even want to enter this stupid contest anyway Kagome?” Kagome rejoices, finally, he asked the question that let’s her know she’s beginning to bring him to her side. 

Kagome shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t know, I thought it would be fun, but I don’t have anyone else to go with me! Who would I take? My nonexistent boyfriend? Besides I have you anyway as my friend why can’t you do it” Kagome said, whining as her hot chocolate finally arrived. 

Sesshomaru nodded slightly, still looking confused, but slightly understood what Kagome meant. “Why didn’t you just ask Sango though? Isn’t she usually all about things like this?”

Kagome sighed and took a sip. “Sango already told me she wouldn’t do it. She said that her and Miroku already had plans, and that I needed someone else to be my life partner for the night.” 


And that was how Sesshomaru found himself on the stage, in a red cape and a dress, as he watched people walk by and vote on their favorite costume. 

Well, this way, it’s still a normal couples costume, but since it’s gender bent, people might like it more! Plus, you’ve got killer leg muscles so the dress will make them look good!” Kagome had told him, a smile beaming on her face. Sesshomaru was confused as to how Kagome was able to pull a swift one on him so fast, but more so on why he was willing to commit to it anyway.

Kagome, however, looked excited to be on stage, and was acting more like a big golden retriever, than the big bad wolf. Grabbing a hold of Sesshomaru’s hand, she had to get onto her tip toes to whisper into his ear. “I think people actually like our costumes!” 

Sesshomaru whipped his head around to face her. “Are you telling me that you were going to make me wear this ridiculous costume even if you think we weren’t going to win?”

Kagome burst out laughing and took a hold of her stomach. “Don’t make me laugh I can’t pee in this costume!” 

Sesshomaru sighed, and turned back to the front, waiting for the contest to be over that way he could get off stage, and maybe go home early. 

After they announced the first place winner, they didn’t get it, and first runner up, Kagome was beginning to look dejected. However, their names were called for third place. 

“Hurry Sesshomaru let’s get our trophy!” Kagome said, pushing Sesshomaru from behind towards the stage, so they could take their picture with the trophy. Looking around, Sesshomaru chuckled to be included in a group with two well done Na’vi, and with Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus.

As they were getting off stage, Sesshomaru led the way towards a less crowded corner, as Kagome fawned over their trophy. “So are you satisfied?” He asked, leaning on the edge of the wall.

Kagome shook her head. “Hm no not really. I feel like we could do better next year and win it all.” 

Sesshomaru sighed and ruffled her hair. “Well, I guess we have no choice then. We need to win at least once right?”

Kagome laughed and hugged Sesshomaru. “Yeah we absolutely do.”


This was a short little story I've had for a while, and I figured I should just upload it and get it out there. I don't think anyone will particularyl love this story, but it's still cute nonetheless!