Unexpected Twist of Fate by ladyg

The proposal

Three years after Kagame returned to the feudal era everything had changed. She found herself in the company of someone so unexpected she had to pinch herself to just check she wasn't dreaming.

She and Inu Yasha were no longer together. The two had tried their best but the years apart had elucidated their growing differences. The time apart had matured her while Inu Yasha had stayed in stasis. He wasn't at fault though he had no reason to be any different.

It was clear to her in the time they finally spent together free from the distraction of danger, fights, murderous half demons that in Inu Yasha's heart she could never hope to displace Kikyo's position. He would never be able to return her affections without a shadow of his lost love looming over them. He had spent three year pining over what ifs...whether she had crossed his mind from time to time she'll never know but what she did know was his mind always wandered towards Kikyo. She couldn't blame him… she didn't blame him... she only hoped to find that love with someone one day. Although it had been hard she had to face the truth and find the courage to walk away from her teenage love.

It was a year after she had passed through the well and returned to the feudal era. It rained harder today than any other day, it was almost as if the sky was conveying her internal thoughts externally, and because breaks up only occur on days like this. She knew it in her heart that she needed to end things with Inu Yasha, they were great friends and probably remain great friends until the end. However, she was tired of him not really being able to see her for her, in his eyes she would always a reminder of Kikyo. You can't entirely blame the guy when you are the reincarnation of the person in question. She needed to do this for him and for herself. He needed to move on with his life and find happiness he deserved. With unpermitted tears escaping down her cheek she kissed his forehead and promised to remain by his side as his friend.


She was in the midst of preparing mochi when she heard a rustling towards the door. "Rin, I hope that's you coming with more strawberries. I wasn't able to find enough yesterday."

"It is not Rin, Kagome."

She stopped humming her tune and turned to the demon lord standing before her. She flashed him a smile brighter than the sun, "Sesshomaru, what a pleasant surprise. I didn't think you be back for another week, since you are here I hope you are in the mood for mochi."

"Mochi?" he asked inquisitively. He had heard of Rin speak of such a thing but he had no prior knowledge of it other than that. The small colorful balls were foreign and had an odd texture from what he could tell.

"I see you brought a new kimono for Rin." she pointed and gracefully got up to wipe her hands.

Sesshomaru looked down at the clothing in question and for once he had the look of apprehension plastered on his aristocratic features.

"You are unusually quiet today Sesshomaru even for you. May I? she asked him for permission before reaching for the gorgeous kimono. A luxurious white silk kimono with magenta sakura flower prints matching his own lined with amber gold similar to shade of his iris. "It's stunning Sesshomaru she will be so pleased. Just don't get too upset at her when she can't keep the white as pristine as yours" she teased.

"its not for her Kagome. I brought it for you."

"Me? you brought a kimono for me? she had to say it out loud before she could believe what was actually happening. Sure the man had given her gifts before like herbs, books, exotic fruits but never something that seem so personal... her mind was reeling...too stunned...too overjoyed...too afraid...

"This Sesshomaru thought he made his intentions clear from his last visit." In the beginning he had been indifferent towards her presence but the more he learned about her the more he was fascinated by her. She was a remarkable woman with vast knowledge of all things. She intrigued him to no end and soon he found himself captivated by her no less. He already knew of her bravery and fighting spirit over the years and earned his respect many moons ago. It wasn't until that moment the two stood by the river and the moonlight kissed her skin he found himself unable to think of anything else but to capture her soft pink lips with his own.

Her cheeks were powdered with a red hue when she thought back to that soul-searing kiss they shared. He had nearly taken all the air out of her lungs with that kiss alone leaving her breathless and panting, illuminating the area with her appetency. Both the demon lord nor her had said anything else afterwards. He merely smirked at her before making his exit.

Yes, it was true there were times she had fantasized what it would feel like to kiss him, to discover if his lips were as soft as hers but never in a million years could of she prepared herself for it happening in real life. Initially it was due to Rin the two had spent an increasing amount of time together even before Inu Yasha and her decided to remain as friends. However after their split, the frequency of his visit started increasing tremendously until he was there nearly every week and staying longer each time. The two had started a friendship that had slowly blossomed into something, something she didn't dare to verbalize, something she had tried to vehemently deny. He had slowly and effortlessly become an integral part of her daily life that she could barely recall a time he wasn't.


He closed the distance between them and took hold of her hand "This is meant for my mate. The Lady of the West."

She gasped and stared into his amber orbs did she hear him correctly? Did he really say what she thought she just heard? "The Lady of the West" she said in disbelief. Her mind could still not process what was going on.

"It is you Kagome that I chose to be my lady. To rule the west by my side. You have taught this Sesshomaru the importance of your presence. You illuminate even the rainy days and I find myself in need of your brilliant company."

"Sesshomaru" she said as she placed her hand on his face and her fingers lightly grazing against his magenta stripes "I would be honored."