How much worth the distance! by weirdlykagome

The well is but just a medium

He had been born and so had been she. Their souls were but apart. Apart by the time rift of their destinies.

He suffered from being incomplete and so did she.

Their souls burned to meet with its other half.

He had brushed off the burn in his heart saying that it must have just been the side effects of his powers expanding and she had dismissed it thinking that it might have been just a bad case of acidity.

So the first time when she had looked down the endless darkness of the well behind her house, her eyes had filled with involuntary tears. She had been shocked. She was just 5 afterall. She was scared, the pain in her chest made her scared. 

The first time when the woman named Kikyo had released her final breathe, his heart had done a sudden leap, a twisting. He was unsure so he had decided upon ignoring it all at once. 

The day she had turned 13, she had sneaked her way into the library of ancient ruins and when her hands had brushed across the hilt of an unknown sword, her heart had burnt so bad that she had blacked out. 

The day when there had been a low thrumming in the Inuyasha's forest, he had rushed to it all at once, being seduced to the brilliant blue light that swirled in its depths. He had been naive, perhaps too ignorant, he had ignored the tug at his heart and had left the clearing.

The day she had turned 15, she had been pulled to the well behind her house once again. Buyo's dissapearance had just been a farce, she had felt the tug long ago.

The day when he had been at his library, he had skimmed through the legend of the great souls, his heart had done that unusual flip-flop once again, like the rest of the times, he had just ignored it.

The time when a mysterious centipede-demon had pulled her into the well, she had strangely felt home in another time. She had never felt so safe before.

The day when he had heard about a new human fascination of his half-breed brother, he had strangely reacted with a low growl and a snarling howl.

The days when she had spent with Inuyasha, she had been giddy, feeling safe and infatuated. But she had been incomplete, still her chest had burnt with the thirst of an unknown.

The day he had ascended from the sky on an oni, prepared for taking the life of the half-breed, his eyes had landed on his human companion. That was the first day in ages when Sesshomaru had felt so relieved that it had almost lulled him into a sleep. He had felt like a hole had been mended in his heart, but then he had realized he had no heart and it did not definitely beat for a human.

The first time when she had seen the angel like creature on a massive oni, the air had been knocked out of her lungs. All at once her mouth had felt dry and she had felt it finally, the euphoria of being complete. But then she had been reminded, he was a ruthless demon with nothing even akin to remorse. So she had turned to Inuyasha and had decided to assist him.