Jasmine and Sumo Oranges by LightoftheWest

Lingering Scent

Definition of Soul Mates : a person ideally suited to another as a close friend or romantic partner.

Rated: MA

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Sesshomaru's golden eyes widened as he scented the air it was that smell again.

Jasmine and Sumo oranges.

Sesshomaru was sitting at his desk his windows open so he could feel the summer's breeze.

It was the smell of his mate.

Sesshomaru closed his eyes and took in the familiar scent.

It was all-consuming.

The scent haunted him he was beginning to think it was his imagination.

A demon could tell straightway just from the scent of the female that it was their mate.

His beast snarled and jumped at the thought of finally finding its life mate.

"We will find her and make her ours," Sesshomaru said to its beast.

Sesshomaru was an adult by demon standards and still had no mate.

Usually, males find their mates when they turn 600 years of age but Sesshomaru was a different story.

He was now 1000 years of age when a demon gets to be this age he would never find his life mate it would be too late.

He owned his own company no longer a lord he was still considered royalty.

He took over his father's company at the tender age of 800 one of the youngest demons to do so.

The business itself was developing a way for technology to help demons blend in with society. 

"I told you not to touch me you hentai!, " Sesshomaru rolled his eyes as his secretary began to yell at his accountant.

Sango was one of the best secretaries he had she was nice and did all of the work that he handed to her perfectly. The thing was soon she would have to take maternity leave.

Sango was close to her due date.

Miroku and Sango were husband and wife they married quickly after they had dated for 2 years. Sesshomaru was Miroku's best man at his wedding.

Sesshomaru was jealous of Miroku's growing family and wanted one for himself.

As soon as he scented his mate's unique smell he had already began to plan for the mating rite.

With his sensitive ears, Sesshomaru picked up Sangos phone conversation.

"Kagome! I can't believe you didn't tell me you were coming home," Sango excited to finally hear back from her best friend since high school.

Sesshomaru knew of Kagome through his little half-brother they dated for some time in high school until he found out that he cheated on her with her cousin.

Sesshomaru shook his head he remembered the girl she was petite and loud.

Sesshomaru was there when Kagome found out the truth about his half-brothers cheating.

Sesshomaru's eyes widened he practically ran to Sango's desk he needed to hear her voice if his beast recognized her voice it would match the scent!

"Kagome?," Sesshomaru said as he yanked the phone from Sango.

"Sesshomaru?" his beast howled.

Kagome stilled she felt her body stiffen from the familiar voice. 

"I have to go," Kagome hung up on him. 

Sesshomaru slammed the phone onto the reciever. 

Sesshomaru couldn't believe he had forgotten her soothing scent. 

When Kagome was in high school she would always come to his home to visit Inuyasha while they were dating. 

His beast always excited when she was around she presented a challenge with her personality.

Although her personality was challenging her scent relaxed him every girl he had ever dated smelled foul as they drowned themselves in perfumes 

He face palmed. 

Her scent had always relaxed him. 

She smelt of jasmine and sumo oranges. 

Why didn't he realize sooner that his mate was right in front of him?