Mistress of Many Colors by Miayami


The characters of course, are not my original work of art.

Disclaimer: There is some OCC in this story particularly with Kagome. I will reply to all comments that I receive and give my gratitude in advance for any suggestions.

This is not my first fan fiction, but it is my first in over a decade lol, so hopefully I'm not too rusty.

I hope you enjoy the read.


He had heard the rumors – of the human woman-child traveling across the country with his disgrace of a brother. ‘Only befitting,’ he thinks. ‘That a half breed travels with its lesser kind.’

He scowls at the mere thought of him and his rickshaw batch of companions. And yet, the reoccurring throb at the back of his head rears forth at the memory of seeing the woman-child traveling with his brother.

“Why?” he inquires to the empty air.

“Why, what my Lord Sesshoumaru?”

Upon hearing the voice of his servant, Sesshoumaru slightly turns in the general direction. His hair shifts in soft ripples over his shoulder down his back.

“Did you need something Jaken?”

Cool and monotonous – that is the standard of his tone.

“Ah no, I mean yes.” The toad-like demons stammers as he meddles with the staff which towers almost two feet above him. The throbbing continues and grows stronger as the imagery of the woman-child presses itself to the forefront of his mind. Unconsciously, he begins to rub his brow, while closing his eyes.

“My lord, is there something the matter?”

            The toad was genuinely concerned for his master, yet it made no difference to Sesshoumaru. He was still in his presence yammering away and the thing he increasingly desire was a human, a lesser species. She could not improve his status nor could she produce him a legitimate heir. He scoffs. The most she could ever be to him was a slave that relinquish his desires whenever they arose.

            “Interesting,” he mutters at the dawning realization.

            “What is my lord?”

            He slants his eyes as he peers at Jaken.

            “Prepare to leave Jaken; we must pay a visit to my brother.”


            A few miles from the main village where the well resides in the woods, Kagome sits pondering over her current situation. Having to collect shards in hopes of returning home was becoming a pain. She couldn’t deny that she had met some amazing people. But no matter how amazing these people were, they couldn’t beat the comforts of her era and her home.

            “I never should have said I wanted to come here.” She sighs exasperatedly as she leans up against the well and rests her head.  It had been two weeks and it still wouldn’t let her return home. To make matters worse, her past self, Kikiyo was constantly luring Inuyasha and inconsequently trying to kill her.  

            “What a bitch,” she mutters.

            “What’s a bitch?”

            She raises her head as Shippo hops to her. Smiling warmly, she opens her arm for him. Seeing the invitation, he practically nose dives into her, snuggling into her arms and bosom. He was the only thing that gave her comfort next to Sango.

            “You didn’t answer my question.” He peeks up at her.

            “It’s something you don’t need to know.” She looks down at him.

            She watches as he mentally debates with himself, until she feels someone watching them. Rising to a sitting position, she peers at her surroundings. She didn’t know what it was, but she knew it was powerful. Bundling Shippo into her arms, she rises to her feet and begins to quickly walk back towards the village.        

            “Kagome, what’s wrong?” Shippo asks from his nestle position.

            “Do you sense anything?”

            She glances left and right as she power walks back to the village only to catch a glimpse of white in the woods. Her heart begins to slam into her ears as she ups her step to a jog. At this point, Shippo manages to wiggle out of her grasp to a half standing – half sitting position on the top of her forearms. Her mouth moves to shout at him until she notices his ears turning in every direction.

            “It’s powerful, but I don’t feel like it wants to harm us.”

            ‘Bullshit,’ she snaps mentally. She recognized this type of danger. Perhaps it was because Shippo was still a child and male that he didn’t pick up what she was picking up. And that was what was confusing her. Who and what would want her in such a way. Possibilities flash through her mind. She grimaces at the poor aspects. Enamored by her thoughts, Kagome barely hears Shippo shouting at her or the sight of the huge mud brown demon crashing through the forest. She inhales sharply, lunges and rolls to the right as the demon slams its fist into the grounding creating a violent fall out.

            “Shards,” the beast curdles out.

            Though the impact knocks her down, she is already on her feet bow and arrow aimed and ready.

            “Shippo, go get Inuyasha and the others,” she breathes out.

            “I won’t leave you,” he cries as he stays close to her leg.

            She leers down at him. Shippo stares at her in awe, before tearing up. He was ready to defy her, she needed him. She was the closest and only thing he had as a mother and he would not lose her. If she died, he wouldn’t know what to do. Shaking his head, he looks up again and spies Kagome’s warm smile. Then he knew. She is depending on him. Nodding to her, he takes off towards the village. The demon noticing the small fox begins to run towards him, until a powerful wave strikes him in the shoulder.  A gurgling roar slices the air as the huge demon’s body turns from the blow.


From the shadows of the forest, Sesshoumaru watch the turns of event from a branch. He is impressed with Kagome’s sensitivity to his presence. Something he recalls most humans were lacking. Even more so, it pleased him at her decision to send the kit back to the village. He could tell from the distance that the kit saw her as a maternal figure. And her stern reprimand at his disobedience increases respect for her.  But that isn’t what has him enraptured.  It was the wave of power that obviously came from within her and not from the shards she was hiding in her clothes.

“Very interesting...”

“Why are we watching this inferior human woman, my lord?”

“It pleases me to do so.”

Jaken quiets at the looming edge of his master’s voice. He isn’t sure why they are watching the woman-child that travels with his master’s half-brother, but whatever the reason, he would not dare question him again.


Shippo ran with all his might to reach the village. Seeing Kaede, he leaps at her. Kaede sensing Shippo turns just in time to catch him in her arms.

“Shippo, whatever is the matter?”

“Kagome,” he breathes. “She’s in trouble!”

Kaede looks in the direction of the well and calls out for Inuyasha and the others and inform them of the news. Shippo seeing them race to the scene tries to join them, but Kaede tightens her grip on him.

“Best you stay here and rest,” She suggests. “We don’t want Kagome worrying over you.”



            Kagome glances in the direction of the village wondering if Shippo made it before pulling another arrow back aimed at the demon’s head.  Fortunately for her, the beast has yet to learn how to utilize much of the shard’s power; making him manageable until the others arrived.

            “Shards!!” It shrieks.

            Much to Kagome’s horror, the glow of the shard embedded in his head brightens. Without thinking, she lets the arrow fly to the center of his forehead.  Before it hits true to its mark, the demon now more like a beast deflects it with a swipe of the arm and immediately charges at her.

            Silently cursing, Kagome rapidly releases three arrows back to back pooling more of her energy into each one more than the last one. Though it strikes the beast, the most it does is cause a pause in his charge. The shard had not only made his stronger but even larger. Her chances of escape were minute. If Inuyasha didn’t come soon, she would have no choice but to use the shards in her pocket on herself. She wasn’t sure of the consequences, but she be damn if she would allow her only resort to be some knight in shining armor. 

            Just as she reaches in her pocket, something makes contact with the beast releasing a gush of wind. Shielding her eyes with her arms, she turns her body away from the violent wind. Feeling it subside, she turns back ready to reel into Inuyasha for being so careless with his attack only to see Sesshoumaru standing a ways from her; staring at her with an intensity that leaves her feeling as though her stomach had dropped to her feet.

            She watches him pick up the shards and study it. Her hands tighten on the shards in her pocket as she mentally wills Inuyasha to appear.  The beast was one thing, but she’s almost certain with or without the shards, she would still lose to a full fledge demon prince. 

            Her entirely body steels as he closes his fist over the shards and slowing makes his way to her. Her body begins to quake with a familiar desire as he stands barely a foot away. She looks at him as he peers down at her with molten amber eyes. Lifting his hand, he dangles the shard from his fingers. She obediently raises her hand to receive it. Dropping it, he inhales her scent, instantly picking up her growing desire.

            “Hmm, do you want me human?”

            “It’s Kagome.”

            “Answer my question.” His voice rumbles as he takes one step closer to her.

            Before she could say anything else, Inuyasha’s scream of her name pulls her attention from the looming prince. Shaking her head, she turns back to Sesshoumaru only to find him gone. She didn’t bother to look around. She could still feel him from a distance – him and his desire. Closing her eyes, she slowly exhales as her body sings in protest.

            “Be quiet will you?” She mumbles to herself. “We have enough problems without him.”

            Shaking off the urge, she guards herself and trots to where she hears the calls of her friends.