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Watermelon x Honey by Mekilicious

Newcomer, New Arrangements

INUYASHA © Rumiko Takahashi/Shogakukan • Yomiuri TV • Sunrise 2000.

A/N: Hi everyone! Welcome to my new high school romcom, Watermelon x Honey! Please enjoy and do review! =)

 Some notes to take care of:

-gyaru: Japanese transliteration of the English word gal, refers to the fashion stereotype of super tanned Japanese girls sporting dyed hair and contact lenses

-hummie: derogatory slang of “human”, in this AU

-tsundere: alternating between ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ personalities

-yandere: love-struck, potentially destructive

-Ginta’s bad grammar is intentional.

-¥50000 approx. USD$450


Chapter 1: Newcomer, New Arrangements

Guidance Counsellor Miroku, or "GC" as the students called him, was a young man in his late twenties, who had served in Fubuki High for four years and counting. Behind his easy-going charm and unassuming smile, held a sage-like soul wise beyond his years, that dispensed advice for troubled students from time to time. On a side note, he looked like the Japanese version of Tom Cruise, which was the prime reason Principal Naraku had recruited him.

"For the past few days Principal Naraku and I have been hashing things out and we've thought of a good way to deal with your punishment," GC Miroku was saying that day in the principal's office. "Kouga is already serving his 2-week suspension starting today, and you would have gotten the same fate as him, if we hadn't reflected on your outstanding conduct. Chairman or not, you do realise you're not exactly immune to the consequences, when you stage and take part in an epic school brawl?"

Sesshoumaru Anzai, or better known as Chairman with his peers, and Sub-Zero Prince to his fan club, continued to stand ramrod-straight, chin up, sharp eyes staring ahead at nothing in particular. It didn't matter if he was being scolded. He had always acted in a careful and calculated manner, including his decision to partake in that one-to-one fight with Kouga at the parade square, while the rest of the school watched and placed bets. Kouga had succumbed under Sesshoumaru's throwing technique Ippon Seoinage (One-Arm Shoulder Throw)—his black belt in Judo finally put to good use. His sun-lit eyes glinted from the memory, and his chin raised even higher. I live with no regrets!

GC Miroku gave a smile that concealed his thoughts. Sesshoumaru was one of the rarer students whose inner workings were a mystery—his head seemed to have been casted in stone, impenetrable. He turned to the principal sitting behind his desk. "Well then, should I deliver to him what we've discussed, or should you do the favour, Principal Naraku?"

Principal Naraku abruptly looked up from his mobile phone. He had been immersed in the world of 'Legend Conqueror' and was in the middle of unleashing a locust plague on enemy territory. He stuffed his phone in his pocket with a scowl, then pulled out a drawer, from which he retrieved a case file.

"We have a new student coming in on the second of May," he declared. "That's in two weeks, Mr Chairman. If it were solely to me I would have definitely sent your ass up for suspension, but, as our guidance counsellor has pointed out, your impeccable school performance has managed to save you." Principal Naraku didn't bother to put a PR smile like he usually did when he spoke—the truth was the sight of the boy was pissing him off. Apparently he had bet ¥50000 on Kouga to win the fight. Who knew geekface here had moves like Bruce Lee?

"Anyway the student transferring here is no ordinary kid," he continued as he opened the case file. He licked his finger and thumbed through the data. "Expelled from previous school due to recurring cases of misconduct, and acts of defiance. That's all they indicated here? The previous school must be trying hard to paint a pretty picture. Anyway. This sounds like a typical case. These kids aren't that hard to figure out; they're all simply lacking of mom and pop's affection. So, what we intend to do is, have this attention-deficit lil one under your watch. All you need to do is give round-the-clock care and attention. I don't care what you do, just make sure the kid stays on a leash. No funny business, okay?"

GC Miroku cleared his throat gently. "Let me explain further in case you don't get it. Basically we'll have this student report to you before and after school. And also, you will need to clock in at least 500 hours of supervision, so that is around 3 months almost. All within school hours of course. You will need a teacher's signature for every period spent as evidence."

A pinched expression settled on Sesshoumaru's face. His fist slowly gripped. "This… It sounds like community service, doesn't it?"

Principal Naraku smirked and folded his hands. "It's not like, it is. For the sake of the school's community of course. Obviously I didn't intend to make things easy for you." He bellowed a hearty, raucous laugh as if he had made a good joke. "Well then, do you have any questions?"

"What if he acts up beyond my control?" Sesshoumaru asked.

"This new student is now your responsibility, Sesshoumaru, so if anything goes wrong, you will be held accountable. This is the punishment we have set out for you," GC Miroku said. "Take care of this person, Chairman, like you would take care of yourself."

Sesshoumaru articulated the GC's words, rolling them over and over in his head like a rock. How was he supposed to take care of someone like himself, when that person could possibly be worlds apart from him? And a delinquent too?

Two weeks later

It was approximately 10AM when the tranquil neighbourhood of Saraba-cho was rudely shaken with the piercing cries of a young lady who had just awakened from sleep.

"Erm, boss, not tryna hustle you or anything but the Ayame girl has been staring at us ever since we came here," said Hakkaku.

"Not starin' at us, she only got eyes for our boss!" Ginta replied. "Ah damn, she comin'! And she holdin' somethin behind her back—Hakkaku I think she gonna do it, man!"

Kouga lit his cigarette and crashed his back against the fence. He took a deep drag before expelling it quickly in a big burst of smoke. "Whatcha guys yelling on about?" he said at last. The wolf-youkai boy and his inseparable two lackeys were having their usual smoking break at the school's back fence, 10.30AM sharp every single day and always at the same spot. It was a silent rule they made up in the group—a rambunctious trio nobody dared to interfere with, except for the pain-in-the-ass Chairman Anzai.

He threw a careless glance at the redhead walking up towards them.

"Erm, K-Kouga-kun, can I speak to you for a minute?" Ayame murmured, shy, unable to meet his dark, cobalt eyes.

He snorted. "If you wanna speak with me, you'd be speaking to Ginta and Hakkaku as well," he said without looking at her.

"One for all, all for one!" Hakkaku backed.

"Naw, boss, for this I think it good we scram," Ginta mumbled, although their boss remained adamant.

Ayame's pale skin was flushed. She was a startling beauty with glassy-green eyes who bore a similar wolf lineage as Kouga. Something about his impertinent smirk, his slouching back and hands hidden in his pockets, as he made his rounds "guarding" the school while his two lackeys trailed behind him, had made her glassy eyes glassier, and her knees buckle.

"O-okay then. If you say so. I-I just wanted to give you this!" She quickly fished him a white perfumed envelope.

"Ginta, take it," he ordered, as he continued blowing smoke-rows in the air. Ginta did so reluctantly.

The girl ran back to her class. Hakkaku snatched the letter from Ginta, and they both scrambled to read it.

"Damn! Girls' handwriting are so cursive beyond reason! What is she, a doctor?" Hakkaku groaned.

Kouga flicked his dying stick to the ground and extinguished it with his shoe. Setting his sight on the clear morning sky, he folded his hands tightly and sighed. Why was it that all the girls in his school were of a particular kind? He didn't know what was wrong with them, but none of them had any qualities that attracted him. He pulled out a new cigarette stick. Ah what the hell was he talking about—he didn't even know what he was looking for.

Suddenly a high-pitched yelp appeared from the sky. The three of them witnessed in shock as a small human figure flew over the school wall in a spectacular arch, almost in slow-motion. It landed swiftly on its feet within the school grounds, unscathed and undeterred. Without a word the person scampered off into the school building in a blur, and the only thing that registered in Ginta and Hakkaku's heads was a red jacket.

It was more than a red jacket to Kouga. It was a girl. He had clearly seen her white panties underneath her school skirt when she made that jump.

His breath wavered. His cigarette stick slipped off his lips. Woah, what's up with that chick? he wondered.

And thus begins our story, a dizzying whirlwind of a high-school romance, as our protagonist finally makes her appearance, albeit a bit later than she should—

"Excuse me, mister!" The girl with the red jacket called out to the janitor, who was mopping the floor and narrating to himself. "I'm supposed to be at the principal's office, but I'm late as hell! Do you know which way is it?"

The janitor croaked. He was a hunched old man, his skin tinged with a greenish pallor, and he owned a pair of watery eyes that bulged a bit too much for anyone's comfort. These same eyes had seen everything that occurred with the school premises from the peculiar, to the downright questionable. 'JAKEN' spelled his employee badge. He pointed to her the direction, and the girl's legs took heel before she hollered a thanks.

"You?! You are Kagome Higurashi?" sputtered Principal Naraku, as he slammed his desk in disbelief. "That's impossible, I expected a gyaru at least, with dyed blonde hair, no eyebrows, and exceedingly tall! Wears a surgical mask over her face because of her halitosis." His eyes darted from the case file then back to the unassuming girl in her chair. Her previous school had not provided a photo, so he had let his imagination run wild a bit. And here she was. And what was she? He didn't know how to describe her—a typical Japanese teenage girl. Indigenous human, very likely. A plain hummie. He could easily lose her in a crowd. It also looked like she had skipped combing her hair that morning. The only thing that probably stood out was the oversized, worn-out fleece jacket she was wearing.

Kagome squinted, peevish. "You must fantasize a lot, old man."

"Principal Naraku!" he corrected her. "You better goddamn be on time tomorrow, kid—3 hours late for school on your first day. Well, well. You've certainly sealed my first impression of you, like candle wax on an envelope."

'Tardy,' he wrote on the case file. 'Called me old man. Potential motormouth.'

"Whatever," Kagome said, turning to look anywhere else but him. The room smelled of salted peanuts, and she hated peanuts. The principal frowned at her wordlessly, and wrote a bit more. 'Tsundere? Yandere? Update as required.'

Principal Naraku emerged from his seat and peered out through the venetian blinds over his office window. "I would like you to meet the guidance counsellor, but he's in a meeting right now. So I will speak in his stead. Let me be blunt—you were accepted here because Fubuki has a very high success rate for rehabilitating punks like you. We've seen all kinds of students here, so don't try to pull a fast one. Whatever you're thinking, I've been there. In fact I've done worse than you. I've died and I was inches from the light, and in that light I've seen some crazy things. But I managed to come back in one piece. Don't believe me? It's okay. I can show you hell anytime you're interested. My motto is very simple: Don't like here, you're very welcome to leave." He pulled the blinds shut abruptly, cutting off the sunlight into the room. Principal Naraku uttered these lines every time there was a new kid, and at the end of it he would shut the blinds—he believed it gave himself an edge. "Why don't you skip off to class now, missy? Your homeroom teacher is waiting for you. The guidance counsellor will see you when he's free."

Kagome rolled her eyes. The old man sure talked too much. And he had these long hairy fingers—like a spider. Yucks! She cringed inwardly and stood up, and picked her bag beside her chair. Maybe he has spider blood in him. That's totally gross.

Yandere, Principal Naraku told himself as he leaned back in his chair. He was going to bet with GC Miroku she was a yandere, and she better well be one.

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