Across the counter by Ina Szu

Dim lights

Across the counter

Chapter 1: Dim lights

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Carrying beer mugs were one thing. Concentrating on not letting a single fall was another. The bustling sound of the pub was almost frightening, cheers exploded and laughter unraveled through the smoke-thick air. A sweet smile grew on her face: this was her natural environment, the one place where she felt liberated from the gruesome grasp of her stressful everyday life.

"Higurashi!" A man called from the table, waving his hand at her. The 26 year old Kagome stiffled a laugh at the sight of her regular costumer happily swaying to the music with his friends.

"Another roll!"

"Coming!" She sang cheerfully as she moved her way to the bar, dropping all empty pints. Kagome brought her arm to her forehead and wiped it vigorousy, lightly tugging at her skin due to the humid and sticky film over it.

Her raven strands dangled from the high unruly bun on her head, making it look like a rather unappetizing donut. Her quick hands began wiping glasses and decapsulating rows of bottles to serve to the fervent crowd. Trays began to fill themselves with freshly opened beverages and as she pulled up the sleeves of her burgundy blouse, the old Kaede caught her shoulder from behind.

"Kagome, slow down. I'll have Miroku bring those out there." Her only eye smiling at the young waitress.

"You sure he won't mind?" Higurashi asked, tucking a humble mass of hair behind her ear. Kaede shook her head and nodded, reassuring her that it was time to take a small break. The old woman's heavy voice called out to her friend and colleague.

"Hey you lazy obnoxious monk, get your ass here!"

A displeased groan was heard from the kitchen behind the bar and brought an apologetic smile poking Kagome's cheeks.

"Of course your sagginess." Miroku blurted out politely to his boss who returned his words with a powerful smack behind the head. Kagome watched him wince in slight pain and began instructing him which tables needed attention.

"Before I go, care to bare my child?" He said winking suggestively at her. She simply laughed and pushed him away with the tips of her fingers.

Bloused tucked in her high-waisted cropped shorts and face glistening with fine beads of sweat, Kagome wiped the freshly washed pints and glasses. Her fully lashed brown eyes shone sensually under the warm, dim lighting of the counter.

Gasps were heard and laughter of silly women was amplified but much to her disinterest, it simply didn't any more of her attetion. Oblivious to everything except the glass items she rubbed endlessly with the washcloth, icy pale white-blond met the corner of her eye.

For a moment, she looked at the man who sat a couple of seats away from her at the counter. A lit cigarette between his lips made his sleek image casual. She did her best not to pay attention for the familiarity was too unnerving. The raven haired girl eye him above her shoulder as his hair bundled up to a ponytail revealing his light smooth skin and his perfect tall nose. Pale lashes caressed his cheeks as his lids covered his orbs fittingly.

She paused from wiping and pulled her shorts up in a goofy manner.

"Hn." The man said aloofly.

Shivers ran down her spine, "Hn." was too much of a coincidence. Before she had time to turn around a sheer cloud of smoke met the back of her neck.

"Looks like you've been doing better than he has." The glacial wave of his voice was a crisp.

Brown eyes met pale grey ones, a confused expression met a condescending smirk.

"Sesshomaru." Kagome mumured as the smoke agressed her senses.

"Long time no see, Kagome." The warm light greeted his chilling presence.