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Knight and Shining armor- A tale as old as time by LightoftheWest

A Tale as Old as Time

She roamed the lands searching for something but she could not figure out why she was always being pulled in the directions she was heading to. Time was a funny thing after the well closed she decided that her fate was like her predecessor before her always protecting and serving others. She healed the injured and killed demons that would not reason. For many a century, she watched as friends grew old and died but they lived happy lives. Unlike her.

She never grew old and she knew only a few that would surpass time but she figured with all the time that she had that she would make alliances with those from the East, South, North and West and occasionally she would visit Sesshomaru they had pleasant conversation now and then. Rumors about them as a couple was something to snort at yes, they were both intellectually inclined and shared their stories with each other. She would often find herself in the library drinking the latest teas and reading until she could no longer keep her eyes open.

She would then find herself in one of the rooms in the castle that she dubbed as her since she would always wake up to the same lavender walls with paintings of giant dogs and swirls of cloud. She had seen Rin grow up and become a lady she was found to have spiritual powers and had decided to train under Kaede when she was of age. She left a while ago leaving the castle quiet and she missed her tiny footsteps hitting the ground with excitement. She grew old and died but married her adopted son Shippou who completed his training and after Rin died and his sons were grown he had left to only be seen occasionally visiting Inuyasha’s grave.

Kagome cried for a while when she heard the news of Inuyasha’s death, he was her best friend and ex-lover. Sesshomaru was there to properly bury his half- brother in respects of his father and was buried alongside his mother. Kikyo died a year later in child birth and Inuyasha swore he would never take another mate and death followed him when a demon attached her grave site. The child was then adopted by Kaede she lived to see almost 150 and the child took over after her demise. Sango and Miroku too lived long lives and sought to rebuild the slayer village and gave birth to follow into the next generation of monks and slayers.

Kohaku led the slayers village when Miroku and Sango grew too old to take care of the village and retired. Kagome visited them once in a while but she couldn’t stay for long or else the villagers would question her about why she never seemed to age. Once Kagome made the final wish on the jewel she was granted immortality and somehow the jewel ended up back into her body. She figured since it was from her body that it was a temple to house the immense power the jewel carried.

She quietly moved from place to place never staying for too long and made her way around the world she learned many things and she decided that she would stay in the western castle. She felt that it was more of a home to her than any other place. Koga had offered her a home but rejected him and he had mated Ayame and they were now pregnant with a litter of their own. She had always imagined she would marry Inuyasha and someday have a family with him. She then grew up and realized that it was just a childish crush and so she wanted to be with someone who shared her burden of being immortal and who could handle her.

Sesshomaru was her Knight and shining armor.


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