Waking up to a nightmare by Natalia

Waking up to a nightmare

Hello! This is my first attempt at participating in a Dokuga challenge. The prompt : Battle.

One shot.

2947 words.


First of all I want to dedicate this to Philosophy Blue one of the best authors in my list! Reading her fics I took the courage to write more mature and darkish works. Her help and advice at this chapter was greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Warning, MA, for violence.

Hope you’ll enjoy it!


Day 1

Her head hurt. Or was it her entire body? She couldn’t tell. Her vision swam and bile threatened to fill her mouth but she gritted her teeth, forcing the nausea down. She often lost consciousness only to sluggishly wake up and then pass out again. She couldn’t say how long it has been or what time of the day it was. The air was heavy and damp, and the warm temperature of the room made the atmosphere hot and muggy.

She was on a bed, lying down but strapped to the frame. Her wrist and feet were secured with leather belts. Machines that were connected to her body beeped quietly beside her.

Sometimes she heard voices that seemed to be next to her. Her senses were trying to alert her and fight but even the blood in her system was sluggish. Her slow mind tried to make sense of the things seeing and her heart attempted to induce panic, but she was so tired. So tired... She closed her eyes.


Day 13.


She wasn't even sure if she could feel her body. She tried moving her fingers every time she woke up, but it was almost impossible. Her head felt heavy and she lost consciousness again.

She kept hearing voices... but they were distant and she couldn’t comprehend what they were telling. She was so sleepy again... so she stopped fighting and fell asleep again.


Day 28.


It continued to repeat many times. The same thing. Wake up, try to move, faint again, then wake up again only to repeat the process. She couldn’t even remember her name or who she was. She was inexplicably tired. She just wanted to rest...


Day 72.


She woke up again. Yes, she was still in the same room with white walls. But this time she felt somehow stronger. She attempted to open her eyes, but her lids only opened half way. A man was next to her was trying to insert something in the UV that was connected to her arm. A sudden thought in her mind told her not to react how her instinct kicked her to do, so she stayed quiet. She quickly closed her eyes and pretended to sleep. A second voice, a male then said:

She's pretty quiet, maybe we should lower the dosage?”

I don’t know," the one next to her bed answered. "She's a strong miko, you know how hard it was to capture her. Especially now that the experiment is fruitful, we can’t risk her regaining her strength."

She decided to keep quiet and play the proper doll. She didn’t show any reaction to their words. Whatever dosage they were talking about, an increase in the level didn't sound good.


Day 75.


It was the same voice from that day. He was talking to her.

I mean, I know how important you are and I know how the Master will treasure you when he’ll find out that the experiment had a positive result. But you are not just a simple girl. You will help us grow stronger so they should respect you more,” he rambled wiping her body with a wet rag. She fought the disgust at the thought that he touched her body in such an intimate way.

You are so beautiful, little miko. I want to see your eyes, but I will wait. I will lower your dosage. It will be our secret. You won't give me away, will you? Shhh,” he said and touched her cheek affectionately. She gritted her teeth but didn’t flinch at his touch. Let him think she was weak and compliant.


Day 80.


She woke up, and was jubilant to realize that she could remember her name. Kagome... Her name was Kagome!

She began to have dreams. Dreams of piercing golden eyes and long white hair... she didn’t know that person but she felt it was important.


Day 83.


Those voices again. They were talking about her. She kept her eyes closed and concentrated on hearing their voices.

Now that the batch is gone and her experiment is the only one positive, she is even more precious than before, we should be careful!” yelled one male only to be answered by the second one.

Why won’t they procure more? Surely it shouldn’t be that hard. He is male after all, even if he is the strongest one.”

Fool, it took the deaths of fifty of our elite to gather that, do you think he is stupid? Only by inducing his berserker blood rage we were able to procure the samples! The female died on the spot when he realized what she did!” argued the first voice.

How?” asked the male whose voice was higher and by de facto younger.

She drugged him with a highly potent aphrodisiac—airborne, of course, since the bastard never eats or drink anything unknown.”

The younger seemed to stay quiet so the older one continued in a rougher voice.

His instincts kicked in and she attempted to seduce him but he was strong and refused, so our elite attacked him to force him to totally lose control. We know that youkais are animals and they relieve tension through sex! He killed them all... and then... then he rutted her till she died,” he finished in a whisper.

Kagome heard the young one falling down and taking some instruments with him, since they clanged on the floor.

The samples... the samples are from...” he mumbled then she heard how he threw up in a corner. She wanted to do the same. She still didn't realize what her role was but she had an idea. She only prayed it wasn’t true.


Day 100.

Her body felt stronger. She could curl her fingers and move her feet. The young male it seemed kept decreasing the dosage of her drug. She didn’t know what type they used, but prayed it wasn't addictive. Her memory was still fuzzy. She remembered bits and pieces of her life. The face of her mother. Her brother and grandpa and her cat Buyo. She knew her age, and most basic things in rest.. she kept seeing a blurry face of a male with yellow eyes, but considered it a hallucination. She knew humans couldn't have gold eyes. She wasn’t going to become like those fanatics who were holding her and start believing in youkai! Ha, they should get some lessons from her grandpa.

Day 103.


Those two were back again. This time they kept poking at her and taking her blood. How elated she felt when she felt pain and prickling of skin at their attention. But she heard next killed her happiness.

Subject 113.The pregnancy is progressing normally. The fetus is strong and healthy, and the mother is in good condition as well,” the elder one said calmly into a recording device. At least she thought it was one since she heard the buttons pushed, but she continued to keep her eyes closed.

The master will be very happy when he’ll find out we have succeeded! I will let him know soon!he continued talking, this time to himself, continuing how he will get a higher position and will serve directly under the Master.

Everything is fine, the baby is healthy?” asked the younger one approaching and the elder snapped.

Don’t call that abomination a baby! He is a hanyou and I will be glad when the master will decide what to do with it, to absorb it and gather his strength, or experiment on it further. But I personally would like him to raise him as a weapon of mass destruction...the youkai destruction!” His raised voice was steeped in passionate hatred, and Kagome’s hand jerked, but thank God, he didn’t even realise it.

No, no, NO! her mind kept repeating and she tried in vain to keep her heart beat steady. It seems she couldn't, since the monitor started beating a signal and both males reacted.

She’s awake, she’s awake, call the guards!” snapped the elder and Kagome opened her eyes and finally looked at him. He was ugly and wrinkled with ash hair and a pair of glasses on his crouched nose. The white robe he wore only increased his paleness.

How is that possible? We used the herbs the dark miko provided to create the drug!” he howled but quickly looked at the young one who was was cowering next to the door. He was tall and so thin that the weakest wind could take him down. Kagome felt a sort of pity lined with digust for him. How could he work for such a monster?

It was you! You did something!” he yelled but Kagome had had enough. With a snap of her restrained hand, something pink rushed forth from her palm and sent the old man flying into the wall. He slumped down under the force of the hit and when he attempted to rise, he couldn't. He coughed blood from his chest and covered his face with a trembling hand.

You bitch," he spat the words acidly. "Your only worth was being a miko, but it's worth nothing now. We will keep you drugged and under surveillance and then we will take the monster out and kill you!”

Kagome paled, but knew he was right. Frantically she started tearing on her restraints.

You have to help me! Please!” she pleaded with the thin boy and saw the reluctance in his eyes.

Please you heard him, they will kill me!”

The young boy closed the distance between them and with trembling hands undid her straps. A siren started howling and Kagome paled further. She didn’t have time to ascertain her body or the fact that she was indeed pregnant. On trembling legs she attempted to get up but fell down in a heap. She didn’t use her legs in a long while. The young male helped her to her feet and she saw the old man smiling at her with cruelty. Even hurt, he had sounded the alarm.

Don’t worry miko bitch, your sacrifice will help the humanity get rid of those abominations! Your name will be remembered,” he laughed hysterically. Without thinking twice, Kagome threw a chair at him. She was sure this wasn’t her reaction, so she put her hand on her enlarged stomach.

You did this?” she asked quietly only to receive a pulse of something warm. Suddenly the same warmt travelled through her body, concentrating on her limbs. Her legs felt stronger in the next second. She didn’t know what caused this but it was welcome!


The door opened with a bang and a dozen armed men clothed in black entered the room.

Don’t hurt her too much, we need her and the project alive!” spoke the hurt doctor still crouched on the floor.

Project? A child is a project?” she yelled and sent a wave of what she realized was called reiki combined with jyaki toward them.

Human are too weak for her! Send the experiments!” yelled one of the men from his prone position on the floor. "Better to kill her than let her escape. Fire at will!"

After much struggle one man ran toward the exit, only to be blocked by Kagome. She raised her right leg and hit him in his crotch. He fell down not to rise again. Her hit was imbued with the same miko jyaki energy. She knew she couldn’t let them call for reinforcements.

It seems she forgot about other contemporary methods of communication. Within the next second the radio and the phone was smacked under her feet, but it was too late.

The numbers that entered the room next weren't totally human. How did she know that? She felt the corrupted dark energy inside them that twisted and screamed at her.


One of them jumped at her and she blocked him with her elbow, hitting him in the nose with a powered punch. The one that jumped on her back was splattered on the wall when she pushed her body backwards. Taking the pole that still had the drug attached to it, she started wielding it with the same deadliness as if it were a naginata. She imbued the power in it and smelled burnt skin on impact. Punch, swish, the abominations were flying around in a frenzy. The room was full of ashes that remained from the ones purified. She saw rat like arms, spider like legs and part so twisted of bodies that she was sure she would have nightmares for her whole life. Their faces with animal parts fused in them were twisted in rage. She knew they were not sane. Those were chimeras with parts of lower youkai. They were driven by the instinct to kill. She felt sick!

How is that she has her powers! she’s pregnant for God’s sake!” yelled one of the humans, trying to approach her only to be sent flying again by her power.


Slowly but surely, Kagome made her way toward the exit. But for every abomination she slew, two rushed forth to take its place, and gradually she felt her powers starting to drain. She sent another pair of chimeras flying. When a spider type jumped on her back, her pace faltered but she pushed the reiki out of her body in a wave and the abomination was disintegrated with a screech.


The big EXIT sign was beckoning her like the infamous light at the end of the tunnel. She felt weak and her powers were almost drained but she kept pushing. She couldn't give up now; it wasn't just herself she was fighting for. She glanced down at her stomach with a small smile that quickly faded as she faced her opponents again.

Of course the damn door was blocked by a dozen of chimeras and of course said door had a code! Pinning the one in charge with a cold glare she approached him and sent a wave of jyaki toward him, confusing and weakening him at the same time. She erected a dome of reiki combined with the energy she suspected belonged to her baby around them. She didn’t even know she could do that! It could have saved her a lot of trouble. Grabbing him by his neck, an action that reminded her of someone, she ordered him in a voice that sent shivers down even her own spine:

Open the door.”

I’d rather die, you unnatural miko bitch!”

I said open the door. Death would be too kind for someone like you!” She pushed her fingers further inside his neck and the tips of her nails prickled the tender skin. She felt something hot oozing from the nails and entering the injuries. Poison!

The man started screaming in agony and finally relented. With a card and a code the door was open.

The sun made her head spin and she missed a step. The chimeras kept coming but were repelled and burned by the dome. Jerking the prisoner toward another chimera she increased her pace toward the now visible gate, With her periferial vision she realized that there was a comotion at the gates. She kept going, but after a particularly powerful strike on her defences, the dome disappeared with a pop and she fell to her knees.

I can’t believe this is the way I’ll die,” she mumbled to herself only to feel a pair of strong hands catching her before she tumbled to the ground.

You priestess, saved us the time to force-open the facility, but who are you and why are you doing here? Why are they attacking you?an authoritative voice asked next to her ear. The male must’ve seen that the abominations were more concentrated on exterminating her then attacking the new arrived warriors. It had to be that way, otherwise he wouldn’t have saved her, she mused to herself. She felt him sniff her neck and promptly proceed to curse like a sailor.

It doesn’t matter. We will talk later and you will explain,” he added and Kagome nodded reluctantly.

The young woman fought to stay awake and took a few deep breaths to gather her strength.

Kill them all, leave no one alive, destroy the facility, so no more abominations are created!” the same voice ordered after a few seconds and she heard battle war cries in the air. Kagome couldn't find in herself to feel sorry for them, even is she knew this was wrong for her morals.

Can you stay awake a while longer? I can’t fight and protect you at the same time,” he asked her, interrupting her musings and she nodded opening her eyes and meeting a pair of green green eyes staring at her intently. He had beautiful fey features, angular jaws and a pair of green strips on his cheeks. Everything in him starting with his claws and ending with pointed ears yelled youkai. He released her and leapt into the heat of the battle, his dark hair flying like a banner behind him. With practised moves that were too fast for mortal eyes, he decapitated everyone who dared face him.

Having gotten a few moments' rest, Kagome summoned her dome again to protect herself. She wasn’t sure if those were helping her or only fighting a common enemy, but she didn’t want to take any risks. The soldiers that obviously were youkai too, followed his lead and soon the yard was covered in blood and gore. Now that her sense of smell was increased she could scent the death and blood in the air and felt sick. The dome shivered out of existence again. Before she lost consciousness she felt herself being transferred into another pair of hands and heard the youkai speak:

Take her to Lord Sesshoumaru. He's in for a big surprise.”