Second Chance Child by LibraCourt

Chapter 1

Author Note: Wow it's been so long. Having a kid is a lot of work and I haven't been able to write as much as I wished, but I finally finished this story and it's ready. Enjoy the first chapter and let me know what you think.    


Chapter One

Walking along side a river in early afternoon, a young boy turned his head as he had spotted something in the water out of the corner of his eye “father” the boy spoke emotionlessly “there is something in the water”

“What is it?” the father questioned, voice void of emotion as well. 

Moving towards the edge of the water, the boy took a closer look “it appears to be a body” he turned back as his father joined him “the long hair makes me think it is a female” 

“Jaken” he called.

“Yes, milord?” the toad called as he joined the two. 

“Get that out of the water”

Jaken looked towards the river and saw the body floating. A human body and least 3 times his size and he paled “you want me to get that out myself?” 

The boy smirked “is this a problem, Jaken?”

The toad quickly recovered his composure and shook his head “no” and quickly went into the water. Using the staff of two heads he managed to use the old man side to hook on to the person’s arm. He then pulled the body towards him until he could grab it before grabbing up on the river edge. Turning the body over so the person was on their back the toad stumbled back in complete shock “My lord! Look!”

“It is a female father” the boy commented, “a miko from the looks of the clothes she wears” 

Taking a look the taiyoukai nodded “indeed” without another word he walked over and picked the female up “let us go”

Seeing his father’s behavior, the young body followed, curiously “do you know this miko?” 

“Many years ago before you were born and when your father and I traveled” Jaken spoke as he walked next to the kid.

“How did you meet her?” the boy wondered, “she’s a human” 

“Your father was after his half brother, Inuyasha, to get their father’s sword” the toad informed “she was with his brother”

The young boy looked over to his father and then the woman he was holding “is she alive?” 

“Barely” the taiyoukai replied.

“So she is from the stories you told me from how you met my mother?” he asked “the miko from the future?” 


The boy’s eyes widened “amazing! I’ve heard all these stories, but to actually see her! She’s real!” 

“You doubted my words?” The taiyoukai spoke, shooting his son a look.

“I know you do not lie father” the boy spoke calmly “but to hear of anyone knowing someone from the future seems a little farfetched, don’t you? But to see the person with my own two eyes, it’s amazing” he then frowned “however, it does lead me to wonder, why was she in the river?”

“That son, is a question only she can answer” his sire replied as he looked at the woman in his arms. 

The boy followed his father as they walked deep into the forest. During the walk, he recalled the stories his father and Jaken told him. Inuyasha was his father’s half brother and the two did not get along. Many years ago there was a half demon named Naraku that tried using their hate for each other to eliminate his uncle, however, his hanyou uncle had made some friends. The first friend was a miko that was later learned was from the future. He then made friends with a taijiya and afterwards a monk with a wind tunnel in his hand. It was Inuyasha that had cut his father’s arm off before he managed to gain more power and rejuvenate his arm.

Coming out of his thoughts he watched as his sire found a small area amongst the trees and set the woman down. Walking over, he knelt down and touched her face “she’s cold” 

“Jaken” the taiyoukai spoke “start a fire” he then looked to his son “go get Ah-Un”

Nodding the boy took off at great speed to where they had left the dragon about a 100miles away from where they made camp. His mind wondered back to the woman that was currently with his father. He hoped she lived cause he wanted to talk to her. He wanted to hear the stories from her perspective and learn more about his mother since his father never talked about her much. He barely even knew how they met only that when they met each other again his father had been in heat. Few months later he was born. 

Sighing, he stopped as he spotted the dragon “Ah-Un, let’s go” smiling when the dragon grunted in his direction. Wasting no time, he hopped on the dragon, taking hold of the reins and making the dragon fly back to the camp. The dragon was not as quick as him and it was early evening by the time he arrived where Jaken had started a fire and there was food being made over the top of it.

Dismounting from the dragon, the boy noticed that his sire was sitting against a tree with the woman in his arms and his fur pelt wrapped over the woman “is she alright?”

“Bring the blanket from Ah-Un’s saddle pouch” was the taiyoukai’s response. 

Giving a nod he turned and grabbed the blanket that was made out of a black youkai ape his father had killed a few months back. Making sure he had the whole thing he brought it over to his father “should I lay it over top?”

Not saying a word, the taiyoukai stood up, carried the woman closer to the fire, and set her down “cover her, I will be back later” 

“Yes father” the boy replied and did as he was told. Walking over to the female he placed the blanket over her and then took a seat next to the fire as Jaken passed him a finished fish to eat. What an interesting day the day was turning out to be.

It was late into the night when he first noticed movement from the blanket. Hearing a groan, he held back a smile “you’re awake” he spoke, emotionally.

Groaning again the woman rolled over towards the voice “am I dead?” 

“No, you stupid woman” Jaken squawked “my lord plucked you out of the river”

“Jaken” the taiyoukai called “leave us and return to the fort, leave Ah-Un here”

“B-but” The toad stuttered, a stern look told the youkai not to argue and without much word he left. 

Moving slowly, she sat up and took a close look at the boy. He had silver hair a little past his shoulder and wore white pants and shirt. He looked to be only 7 or 8 and had two magenta strips on his cheeks and a blue crescent moon on his forehead. His face didn’t show any emotion and it made her think that he looked exactly like a miniature Sesshoumaru except this boy had red eyes “who are you?”

“My name is Katai” he replied “and your name?” 

 She answered “Kagome”

“What were you doing in the river?” a cool voice questioned. 

Tensing she quickly moved to stand up, ignoring her sore muscles. Her eyes widened when she saw the familiar figure of the taiyoukai come out from the trees “S-Sesshoumaru?”

His eyes narrowed “answer” 

“It’s nothing,” she said as she looked away from him “stupid really. I got careless and fell in and I tried to reach the shore, but the current was strong and carried me under and then I passed out from lack of oxygen”

The taiyoukai didn’t reply right away. Something didn’t seem right. She was avoiding eye contact and he was sure if he didn’t have youkai hearing he would have missed the slight trimmer in her voice. 8 Years had changed the miko. Before she had been a determined, brave, strong willed and resourceful, however, this woman before him was not that woman. This woman appeared… docile. What had happened to her? 

“Where are your companions?” he asked.

“In the village at the edge of Inuyasha’s forest” he replied. 

Sesshoumaru raised an eyebrow. He knew that area and knew there were no rivers for a few miles. Close to that village there was a stream and a pond. What had she been doing so far from the village and without her companions? Gazing at her it seemed already she would be reluctant to give up the information he desired to know. He would let it slide for the time being.

“Do you know which way the river is?” Kagome asked as she looked around at her surroundings. She took a glance at the boy before looking elsewhere. So Inuyasha’s brother had a son now.  Guess she shouldn’t be shocked it had been 8yrs since the defeat of Naraku; plenty changes in that amount of time. Sango and Miroku already had 6 kids with another on the way and Koga had mated Ayame and together they had 6 kids. So really shouldn’t be a shock that even the western lord would have a few kids, but from the looks of it he had just the one.

“It is that way,” Katai said, bringing her from her thoughts, pointed east.

She gave a nod “thank you…umm”

“Katai” he repeated his name “it is late and the forest is very dangerous at night. It would be safer to stay with us” 

“I couldn’t intrude anymore than I have” she exclaimed as she began to back away from them “I’ll be fine on my own” turning around she came to a fast halt when she nearly walked into the taiyoukai.

“Nonsense miko” Sesshoumaru spoke as he looked down at her “what would my brother think if he learned we had seen each other and I did nothing to help his precious female” he noticed how she had winced at the mention of her being with his brother and it struck him as unusual. It seemed as though she did not like that he insinuated her and his brother were together. However, he acted like he didn’t notice, “what would he do if he learned I let you leave here at night and you got killed by a youkai?” He narrowed his eyes “he would be a larger thorn in my side, that’s what would happen”

“But-” she started, but stopped when the taiyoukai’s stare turned deadly. Sighing, it would be better if she didn’t provoke him “alright, if you really don’t mind my presence here”

“The invitation would not have been extended if that were the case” he stated.

“Thank you” she said with a raised eyebrow and mumbled to herself “I think”

Katai grabbed a left over fish from the fire and gave it to the woman “you have to be hungry, you should eat something”

“Oh I’m fine” she insisted, but her stomach chose that moment to make itself known.

“Your stomach says otherwise” the pup said as he re-offered the fish, smirking when she took it this time.

Sesshoumaru looked over to his pup “go sleep”

Nodding the pup turned and walked over to the two headed dragon. Taking a seat between its’ stomach and hind leg, he curled up and yawned “night” he said. Shifting him self to make himself more comfortable he yawned again and slowly fell asleep.

The taiyoukai waited for the woman to finish her meal and looked over to his pup to make sure he was really sleeping. Once assured and seeing the woman finished, he started his questioning, “Now explain to me how you ended up in the river”

“I already told you,” she answered.

He growled, “you are hiding something”

“No offence, but it’s none of your business if I’m hiding anything or not” she retorted, her tone having a bit of a painful bite to it.

“It is my business when I’m pulling you from the river” he shot back.

She stood up, furious “I didn’t ask you to save me!” she said in a hushed anger so she wouldn’t wake the child.

“What are you hiding miko?” he asked, calmly.

She glared at him “nothing that concerns you” she then laid back down and pulled the blanket over her head. She couldn’t believe the nerve of him, thinking she owed him answers. However, the reason why she was in the river brought tears to her eyes. No, no one was to know anything. She would take it to her grave.

The next morning Kagome awoke, not really remembering when she fell asleep.  Feeling a little groggy she slowly sat up and looked around only to be surprised to see the taiyoukai gone and his son staring at her “uum, where is your father?”

“He is out hunting breakfast” he stated, “I’ve been ordered to watch you”

“Ordered to watch me?” she rolled her eyes “sounds like Sesshoumaru” she looked at him “so what was your name again?”

Katai narrowed his eyes and growled “for the last time Katai, ask me again and I won’t answer you so I suggest you remember it”

“Sorry” she apologized.

“Since I’ve answered your question 3 times, you will answer one of mine” he stated “what are you doing so far from your friends?”

She raised an eyebrow “I was by the river and fell in, obviously I got dragged down the river” 

“You’re hiding something” he said, bluntly “tell me what it is”

Kagome gave him a soft smile, her eyes holding some sadness “you are so much like your father”

“Tell me” he insisted.

Turning her head, she looked into the forest and her expression turned distant “it’s been 8 years since Naraku’s defeat” giving a sigh she looked up into the trees where birds were chirping “so much has changed since then” 

“Something that has made you different from 8 years ago”” he guessed “something to do with your friends”

She smiled sadly “maybe” coming out of her thoughts she stood up, blanket in hand and she walked over to the dragon. Placing the blanket on top of the dragon she looked to where the boy had pointed the night before “thank you for letting me camp with you last night and make sure you give Sesshoumaru my thanks for pulling me out of the water”

“Can you not tell him that yourself?” Katai asked.

“I really should be going” she answered him “I’m sure I’ve over stayed my welcome”

He watched her as she began making her way back towards the river “you have not eaten yet”

She looked back at him “I’ll be fine” she assured him “thanks again” and she ran off before the young boy could call her back or ask her any more questions.

“Interesting woman” Katai murmured, “I think I can understand why people back then saw her so intriguing”

“Where is she?”

Turning his head, he saw his father entering the camp with a few dead birds “she just took off. She said to thank you for rescuing her though”

His sire narrowed his eyes “you didn’t keep her here?”

“I’m 6, how’d you expect me to do that?” Katai asked, “tie her up?”

“Do not back talk me,” he growled “were you able to get any info out of her?” 

“She was very assured she wasn’t going to give any information up” he informed “however, it does seem that whatever it was it still affects her to this day”

The taiyoukai merely handed the birds over to his son “take the feathers off and prepare it to cook, after breakfast we will be traveling to visit my half brother”

“What are we going to do with Ah-Un?” the boy asked “he’ll only slow us down right now”

“He will stay in this area” Sesshoumaru spoke and looked at the dragon “go feed yourself”

The dragon grunted and groaned before standing up and taking off to leave into the sky. Meanwhile the two inu youkai prepared their breakfast, ate it, and then took off towards Inuyasha forest. Katai looked over at his father “why have I never met my uncle before?”

“Because he is a fool” was the quick reply “you do not need to know fools”

Katai raised an eyebrow “how come if he is a fool, did that woman travel with him?”

“She was the reincarnation of his former lover” he informed, “I assumed it made her have the same feelings towards him”

“Love seems complicated” Katai surmised

“Indeed” was the only reply he got.

Katai looked over at his sire as he stared at the well. Jaken had told him the story of the girl from the future and how she had used this bone eaters well to travel between this world and hers. They had arrived in his uncle’s forest by early afternoon, but upon arriving the noticed one thing was very clear. The miko’s scent was nowhere to be found in the area nor could they detect even an old scent of hers, which allowed them the information that she had not been in the village for quite some time.

“Where should we start looking for information father?” the boy asked. 

“We shall find her friends” he stated and together to two took off through the trees. Of course it didn’t take them long to find two of her friends walking a path in the woods with about six children with them.

Keeping his voice low so they wouldn’t be found out, Katai looked to his father “who are they?”

“They are the monk and taijiya” narrowing his eyes when he heard the pregnant female ask her husband if he had seen the hanyou.

“I’m sure he’s just running late” Miroku soothed his angered wife.

“But you guys were suppose to be gone this morning so you could be back by nightfall” she declared. 

He chuckled “I’m sure we can still be back by nightfall”

“Sango, Miroku!”

“Ah, speak of the devil” the monk chuckled “what took you my friend?”

“A girl in the village had me do a favor for her” he replied “I didn’t think it was going to take me that long, so let’s get going so we can make up for lost time”

Miroku gave a nod before turning to kiss his wife “wish us well”

“Be safe” she warned.

“I won’t let anything happen to your perverted husband” the hanyou promised.

From the bushes, Katai looked at his father then this hanyou with the silver hair “that is my uncle?”


Listening to them say their long good-bye talk, the young youkai noticed how not once was the girl mentioned. They did not ask where she was, what she was doing, if she was joining them. Nothing. This confused the boy “why have they not asked of the miko?”

“A very good question” the taiyoukai spoke, his eyes narrowed when it sounded like the group was going to leave “go ask them” 

Giving a nod the boy stood up. He knew from previous stories that if his father went to ask, he would get no answers, but strangely if a complete stranger came to ask they would often leak out information. Giving a sigh, he walked out from the bushes and walked close to the group till they noticed his presence.

Inuyasha growled as he looked at the mysterious boy “who are you?”

“My name is Katai” he answered “tell me, where is the miko?” 

Sango frowned as she stared at the boy “what do you want with Kaede? She passed away a few years ago”

His eyes narrowed “are you stupid? You have a miko companion that travels with you, where is she?”

Inuyasha snarled and quickly whipped out the tetsusaiga, pointing it at the boy “what do you want with her?”

“Calm down Inuyasha” stated the monk as he quickly placed a hand on his friend’s shoulder “he’s just a little boy”

“Ya and Kanna and Hakudoshi were just kids, you remember how that went?!” he snapped back as he glared at the boy “state your purpose right now unless you want to die”

“I have already stated my purpose, where you not listening?” Katai questioned with a raised eyebrow “I’m here to inquire about the miko’s where abouts”

“We ain’t telling you jack shit!” Inuyasha growled, “get out of here”

“You are her companions, are you not?” he asked.

Miroku gave a nod “I assume you are asking about Kagome, yes we are her friends, what is it you want from her?”

“My business is with her, not you” he replied.

Sango quickly ran and gripped the hanyou when it looked like he was about to take a swing at the boy. Their friend was a very touchy subject for the hanyou “when a demon, child or not, comes asking for our friend it becomes our business”

He narrowed his eyes at them. They hadn’t spoke of the miko once, but yet they were so clearly defending her from anyone who could be out to kill her “I still will not give my reasons to you people, I must speak with the miko”

“She’s not here,” said a voice from behind.

Inuyasha turned his head and gave the body of the voice a deadly look “Shippo, I’d be quiet right now if I were you”

“I can see she is not here” Katai spoke, bring their attention back to him “but where is she?”

Shippo hopped onto Miroku’s shoulder “are you intending to hurt her?”

“I merely have to speak with her” the boy assured.

“Shippo aren’t you a little old to be sitting on my shoulder?” Miroku sighed. 

The kitsune looked at him “I’m practicing my size transformation abilities; besides I know I’m not heavy in this form” 

“So the fox is short, can we keep on topic people” Katai reminded “where is the miko?” 

Inuyasha growled quite darkly as the monk took a step forward “monk keep your mouth shut” 

“Shippo, immobilize him” The monk ordered and watched as Shippo used his fox magic paralyze the hanyou. Knowing they wouldn’t have long and sensing no evil in the boy, he sighed, “we don’t know where she is exactly. We haven’t seen Kagome in days” 

“Days?” Katai repeated, his curiosity over the situation growing “she is your friend yet you don’t seem concerned she is missing from your group” 

“Stop” Inuyasha mumbled from his now position on the ground with a stone statue on top of him, “stop telling that brat about Kagome, he could try to kill her!” 

“It’s alright Inuyasha” Sango insisted. If her husband was willing to talk with the boy, then she would as well “Kagome has been doing this for many years and only comes back to visit us. She left here a few days ago”

Katai remained silent a moment “when is the next time she will return?”

“We don’t know” answered Shippo “she comes and goes. We see her when we see her”

He couldn’t believe his ears. They would see her when they see her? She had been coming and going out of the village for years? He looked at his uncle “I know you two were close. How come she is not with you? It is obvious you are protective of her, why is she not with you?”

“Keh, you are one nosey brat” the hanyou snarled out as he glared at the boy “she’s old enough to take care of herself, how is it you know so much about us?”

Katai raised an eyebrow “that will be answered at a later date. I heard you loved her” he noticed his uncle flinch at the mention of love, but continued “it’s been quite a long time since Naraku’s defeat, many figured you’d be mated by now, why is that not the case? No children either or are they with her? One shouldn’t leave their mate unprotect-”

“That’s enough!” Miroku shouted, his eyes serious “she’s not here and we don’t know where she is. Now I’ll ask that you leave this village or we will be forced to get rid of you”

Sensing the change in atmosphere nearly instantly, Katai gave a nod “very well, it appears I have over stepped my bounds with my words” he gave a small bow “I shall see if I can find her else where” and without another word he left back the way he came.

“What was that about?” Sango wondered.

Shippo shrugged “I have no idea, but that kid seemed familiar”

The statue disappearing the hanyou quickly got to his feet and punched the kitsune in the head while giving his friends a sharp glare “that kid ever comes back here I’ll kill him and if you guys ever get in my way again, so help me, I will kill you too” he then started to storm off “forget going to the village, I’m not going”

Miroku sighed, “perhaps we did over step our bounds ourselves”

“I think we did” Sango agreed “I’ll have one of the women watch the kids and I’ll go with you to the village, we can’t leave those people for another day with a youkai problem just because of this”

“Yes I agree,” the monk nodded “I only hope that boy never comes back here again. He has opened some old wounds with our dear friend”

Author note: So what do you think? This story has 21 chapters that I'll try to post weekly. For now I'm off to work on a couple other ideas I've had rolling in my head for a long time now. Also I know there was a lot of request to have Prison Seduction be more that a one shot. I've heard, I agree, but it will be a long time before I get to it. I have two ideas I want to write first, but I will make Prison Seduction into a chapter story.